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Sexcapade Files #27: The Frenchman on the Flying Trapeze

posted 4/7/2011 6:57:34 PM |
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tagged: story

Well, just a disclaimer: we WEREN'T on a sex swing, if you think I was implying that. Although, I must admit, the “positions” he had me do were as if I were flying...with my legs in the air!

Earlier this year, I had met Pierre from an internet dating site, and we hit it off pretty well. I would have to admit, he was probably one of the more attractive guys I had gone out with, with his Mediterranean skin, close-cropped curly hair, his cute goatee, and his ADORABLE French accent – it was so sexy!! The best thing about him was the fact that he was slightly taller than me, which really helped with a few standing positions that I wanted to try out...but here's the deal that happened with him during Valentine's Day:

We had met up at a hookah bar we had gone to a few times, and since we had slept together a few times, we were getting a bit lovey-dovey – holding hands, the sexy eyes across the table in between hits of hookah, and footsies underneath the table – and we were heading out, when we started making out in the parking lot. Now, because he's European, I thought he would be into sucking tongues out in public, but strangely enough, he was not into the whole PDA deal – whenever someone would pass by, he would stop kissing me, and we'd stand there, with my hands cupping his hard dick over his pants, and his fingers pinching my nipples, pretending that we were cuddling and not making out in the parking lot, until the particular stranger passing by had either disappeared from sight. Then, we'd resume our make-out session, working our mouths and arms into a tangled frenzy, until we drove to my house for a little “night-cap”.

As we got to my door, we couldn't keep our hands off each other. Our breathing became shorter and sharper, my arm held akimbo from holding the door open, too distracted to drag our sex-starved bodies into the door to get ourselves started in our sex jamboree. Finally, for what felt like twenty minutes, we got ourselves into my room, closed the door, and started wrestling our tongues and hands all over each other's bodies.

I would have to say, he was probably the best kisser I've been with for a long while. With a touch of European class, he gently glided his tongue in and out of my mouth with the right amount of pressure that turned me on. I felt like a dirty Goldilocks who had found her tongue “just right”.

As we tossed our shirts and I had pulled off my pants, I had finally gone down to where his cock lay in his boxer briefs. At last, I can finally say that I've sucked European cock – and it was “just right” for me as well – uncut, about 7 inches in length, and thick. Probably not the most impressive cock I'd ever seen, but at the same time, I figured it would be interesting, as I wondered what kind of magic this cock would do for me tonight. I licked the tip of his cock, and he had a very refreshing taste for a cock – clean-smelling and shaved!! I enjoyed taking the whole length of his dick in my mouth, sucking it as he pulled his head back while I licked and sucked him back and forth, deep throating in my usual way, as he thrusted a little bit in my mouth, riding his cock in my mouth.

He the lifted me up, turned me around, bent my upper torso over a piano arm, and took me from behind, as I cradled a piano arm. His dick felt very full as I moaned while he rammed his dick into me, slightly swaying in unison as he fucked me from behind. I then raised my upper torso as he held my hips to his, fucking me from behind, both of us standing and riding the thrusts together. It was my first “real” standing position – another one to cross off my list of “Sex Positions To Do”. Unfortunately, because of all our foreplay, he cums pretty quickly after probably 5-10 minutes of fucking me standing up. I assume that the standing position gets him really hot and turned on.

After we finally strip all of our clothes, we end up on my bed. After some chitchat (I would have to admit, he's probably the most conversational lay I've had so far, and I enjoyed his conversations. Some things turn me off – the fact that he's afraid of “commitment” which, at this time, I was hoping to move beyond just “dating” into a stable “relationship”, and the fact that our schedules don't really mess very well to see each other on a regular basis, made me feel as if our little fling was destined to end pretty quickly, but I digress...), I ended up coaxing his cock out of its foreskin shell with my hands while licking his nipples and slightly hair chest (another big plus – I can't stand guys who are extremely hairy). He then decided to take control of me, slightly pushed me down on the bed, and began to lick and suck my breasts, not too hard, not too soft, but just right.

His hands wandered down to my already wet pussy, and I felt his fingers parting me as he worked his way to rubbing my clit. However, I noticed a few things – he didn't lube me very well with cum, and the pressure he used on my rubbing me was too hard and in the incorrect spot. Also, he only used one finger to rub my clit, when I usually prefer two fingers. However, his saving grace was definitely when he started to thrust his fingers into my pussy – definitely fun, but not as good as how Eric had done to me years ago.

The surprising part of the evening was definitely what he taught me. For the first time, I had a guy who taught me something. Pierre was an amateur gymnast back in France, so all of his positions were definitely different from the “usual”. His “signature position” was to have my legs propped over my head, the bottoms of my feet resting on the wall, my hips high in the air, while he sat on my hips, nailing me with his dick and thrusting angularly downward. I would honestly say, that was probably the most difficult position I had ever done, especially since I'm a thick girl...however, I did get a bit of a compliment, since he had mentioned to me that girls he had done this to who were thinner than I was couldn't even do it, and I did...big A+ for me...

Other positions he had done on me were a sideways position where I would be on my back, with one of my legs cradling his upper torso, while he lay on his side, perpendicular to me, and he thrust sideways while holding on to my leg, called a “lazy dog” (definitely my favorite, it was very satisfying); another was a sideways face-to-face fuck that I had always wanted to do, but never got to try until that night; and a few more that really escape my memory since it had been a few months go...although, I definitely remember him being very acrobatic, the first time I had dealt with someone of that nature.

Two things that really annoyed me about this particular lay was the fact that when he'd get his momentum going with thrusts, about 30 seconds later, he would end up stopping, and having me lose my orgasm buildup. It was difficult to cum when he kept on stopping, you know? Plus, the fact that he would NOT eat pussy, when I would suck his d

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Sexcapade Files #27: The Frenchman on the Flying Trapeze