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Sexcapade Files #26: Tantric Touch and Squirt Marathon

posted 4/7/2011 6:49:23 PM |
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tagged: story

Don and I were at his place recently to watch a kungfu movie – it turned out that we barely could watch the movie at all. The opening credits were rolling and we couldn’t even get our hands off each other. I must say that this particular sexcapade is definitely my greatest sex achievement so far – not bad for the second date, right? :-)

He and I were sitting on the floor “trying” to watch a movie when he looked into my eyes and kissed me. I couldn’t resist those soft lips for even one second – they were so tantalizingly passionate that I could feel the heat rising from our bodies. You could tell that he wanted me – and I wanted him – and that we couldn’t resist ourselves. Our arms wrapped around each other, and our kisses became more urgent and passionate, our tongues sliding up against each other, our kisses becoming more firm and wanting.

As we kissed, I decided to take control and see what he was really about. I wanted to explore his body, to see what type of person he really was, to observe what he liked and didn’t like in sex, to find his erogenous zones and to basically show him that I know more about sex than just lying back and letting him do all the work. My mouth began to explore southward, and I tickled his chin with my lips, tracing it in a straight line in long strokes, then moving my tongue in circles as I went towards his neck and his shoulder. My hands began to wander under his shirt, and with a very slow and light touch, barely touching his skin, I moved my fingers in very slow circles all over his stomach, moving upward, moving an inch every few seconds, feeling his coarse skin on my fingertips. His eyes were closed, and he gasped and moaned with pleasure, as I watched his head lean back, his body trembled, and his cock was rising from underneath his pants.

“Ooh baby, you’re driving me crazy, I’d never had anyone touch me like this before,” he gasped. My mouth continued to trace the nape of his neck, painting him with up and down strokes across his neck, and I pulled off his shirt to explore his body in an inhibited way.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” I purred. The tips of my fingers didn’t miss a beat, moving around in slow, soft circles, barely touching his skin, and he gasped and moaned so more. My fingers touched his stomach muscles, then wandered in synchronization to his love handles, and he trembled so more. He tried to grab my breasts, but the moment I touched his spot, he was paralyzed by my touched, his head bent back, gasping with the shock and intensity of my touch.

“Baby, you’re torturing me,” he said.

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked, concerned. Maybe he wasn’t enjoying this…

“Oh no baby, torture me all you want, you’ve those magic hands,” he breathed.

My hands continued to moved upward, in very, very slow gestures, making sure my hands were still very lightly touching his skin. I circled his breast area, and not even reaching for the nipple, he arched backward, onto the seat of the couch, and breathed heavily. Teasing him so more, I purposely avoided his nipple. I moved my fingers higher, teasing him on the area under his collar bone, and again he shivered. He really must have a lot of erogenous zones that even he didn’t know about…

“Look at this, I still have my clothes on,” I teased him with my sultry voice.

“Oh, do you like torturing me this much?” he asked.

“Oh I do, baby, it’s time for me to show you what I’ve got. I have to return the favor,” I purred.

My deft hands began to knead his shoulder muscles, slowly and softly, while my lips kissed his back. “Take off your pants,” I whispered.

He obeyed without missing a beat, and there was his cock, hard as a rock and standing on attention. I rubbed my hand on his head, while through his underwear, and seeing that he should finally be relieved of this madness somewhat, I leaned down and began to lick his left nipple. He jerked in ecstasy, writhing with so much passion, moaning so much while I rubbed his hard dick that he couldn’t help himself.

“Please, I want to be in you,” he pleaded.

“No, not yet, I’m not done with you. I want you to lie face down on the ground.

He obeyed. His arms lying on his side, his head cocked to the side, I rode on his back and dragged my fingers across his back, making him shiver all over again. I explored his arms, the softness of his back, his butt, and down to his legs – all with my tongue. My tongue danced in various circles and flicks across his skin, while moaned and groaned all that while, for what felt like an hour. Playfully, I tickled the crack of his butt with my tongue, and he ended up jerking like crazy (maybe we’ll have to work on that area later on – one moment at a time).

He finally rolled over, and I was astride him. He lifted my shirt over my head and I quickly removed my pants, and while I was still on top of him, I rubbed his hard cock with my pussy while still wearing underwear. He reached over and began to suck my nipples, and I moaned with delight. However turned on I was feeling, he was making it worse! We finally rolled over, he was on top of me, and instinctively he scooted his head towards my legs and began to lick my clit in a frenzy.

What an adrenaline rush! His head bobbing in between my legs, the pressure and adrenaline built up inside of me, as he licked me over and over again, around the area of my clit, then down to my pussy, then up again, in long and short strokes, for what felt like half an hour. The fact that he could breathe down there was just crazy!! He ate pussy like a champ, sucking my swollen clit over and over again, as I writhed on his carpet, moaning my ecstasy away. He finally raised his head and rubbed his cock on my pussy, dipping himself in me to feel my wetness, and his fingers deftly played with my clit as he watched me wriggle on the carpet, feeling the pressure building inside of me. Finally, after all that pressure, something amazing happened – I gushed pussy juice all over his carpet.

He looked at me, stunned. “Wow, baby, that was hot!” he exclaimed.

“Oh my god, it’s been more than 3 years since I’ve done that!” I said, panting heavily.

“Baby, I want to see it again, can you cum on my cock?” he asked.

So as he fingered me again, massaging my clit over and over again with my cum, he had slid the head of his cock inside me while he jerked my clit senseless, over and over again, until I exploded again, feeling the rush of liquid flow out of my pussy and onto his dick, feeling a mini-Niagara falls exploding from me, as I screamed, letting out this wonderful feeling from inside of me. And not only did he do that twice – he repeated this process FIVE TIMES TOTAL – during this particular time.

After the fifth squirt, he stopped and said, “Oh baby, this is turning me on so much, I need to be inside you,” and he pulled me from the floor and went into the bedroom to continue our lovemaking…

EPILOGUE: I apologize for not writing the rest, as

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Sexcapade Files #26: Tantric Touch and Squirt Marathon