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Sexcapade Files #24: Champion Pussy-Eater Part II

posted 4/7/2011 6:46:31 PM |
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tagged: story

We arrived at his apartment 25 minutes later. As we entered, he gave me a 10-second tour of his place: “Here’s my living room, kitchen, and here’s the bedroom,” he said, then grabbed my hand, as we rushed into the bedroom, he said, “let’s go!”

A few seconds later, we were grabbing at each other’s clothes, taking them off and tossing them to the side. He leaned over me, and as he pushed me towards the head of the bed, his head went right between my legs, and he said, “I couldn’t wait to do this, you tasted so good in the car,” he whispered. And then came the deluge.

WOW, did he have technique! My mind was savoring the enjoyment of having my pussy licked so delicately and with such skill that my body felt as if it were flying over clouds. The tip of his tongue danced in circles on my clit, then it began to flicker, his saliva mixing with my wetness, and he made me go over the brink over and over, I couldn’t help myself from moaning and screaming in ecstasy. My body couldn’t control itself – my legs convulsed as I came repeatedly, and the longer I came, the harder my legs shook, and then my hips couldn’t stop rocking. I tried to grab onto the comforter, to give myself ground, but it was hopeless – I felt as if I was on a rocket ship, my clit exploding with such power that I felt as if I had succumbed to the wonderful sensations.

He went on, not just for a few minutes, but it seemed like more than 30 minutes had passed as he kept on licking my clit, rubbing the power into me, feeling the sensation as it jolted my body. However, I didn’t know that there was more to come, until he had inserted one finger into me, jabbing that finger into my very wet pussy, as he continued to tease my clit with his very powerful and skillful tongue. I felt like I went to heaven! My whole body convulsed, and as the orgasm kept building up, my eyes shut tight, I felt as if I had fallen off a very high cliff at 80 miles an hour! My pussy kept gyrating to the convulsions, feeling my pussy muscles clamp onto his finger as it pulsed its way from one orgasm to the next.

Soon enough, he stopped and laid down on the bed. Feeling that I should return the favor, I kneeled over his cock and began to suck it. My, it wasn’t bad at all. It was of average length, although I must say that the girth is definitely something a girl would enjoy. It was definitely more than average girth, a little larger than the size of an old half-dollar. His chocolate-brown cock wasn’t shaved (unfortunately), but the hairs felt as if they had been shaved some time ago, but it had grown to a considerable length – definitely not full-grown, but probably about ½ inch long, which isn’t bad, definitely something I could deal with.

I began to play with his head, sucking it a little bit with my tongue. A bit heady from that wonderful pussy play, I felt as if I couldn’t focus – I was drunk with my orgasm! My movements weren’t as focused, but I stuffed his cock into my throat like a champ, then began to play with his shaft, tracing it with my tongue.

Something began to worry me as I sucked his dick. He wouldn’t get hard! What was it about him that wouldn’t? Was it me, or was he just the type who couldn’t really get hard getting sucked? Well, regardless, I still played with him, trying hard not to feel like a complete failure. Although soon enough, I ventured to his balls and began to suck them, and he began to moan. Then, the idea came to mind to play with his prostrate gland – something that I had never done before (or rather, I’ve tried to, but never successfully). My fingers ventured under the area of his balls, and I gently pressed it. His legs quivered, and he moaned.

“What the hell was that?!” he gasped.

“Oh my god, sorry, was that a bad thing?” I pouted.

“No, it wasn’t, it was really different, wow,” he said.

So I gently played with his prostrate a little bit more, pushing a little bit into that area, stroking it with my fingers, and I grew excited watching his legs quiver and convulse, the soles of his feet pressed together as they shook with my touch.

My tongue began to explore further and I licked his chest. Once I got to his nipples, he began to moan so much, I discovered his cock became hard. So he gets hot over getting his nipples sucked! It was pretty hot, sucking his nipples, swirling my hot tongue around the hardening tips, then flicking them with the tip of my tongue. It just made him moan even more…

“I have to take you now!” he said.

I flipped onto my back, and while between my legs, his cock rested on the opening of my pussy. He rubbed the tip of his cock on my clit, dipped it into my pussy for a moment, then pulled out as he rubbed my clit some more. “Are you wet for me, baby?” he asked. “I want to feel your wetness.” He was making me want him so much more.

Soon, he slipped his hard cock into my pussy and started to thrust. His arms balancing his upper torso, and my legs around his waist, I had clear view of his nipples, and while he slid himself in and out of me, I reached up to his nipples and flicked it with my fingers.

“Oh baby, you’re making me even hotter for you,” and he started to pound faster into me.

As I continued to flick his nipples, his thrusting became faster and harder, and soon enough that another Big O came – the adrenaline rush, and the wonderful sensation building up in my pussy was too hard to ignore. He continued until he came – TWICE – then pulled out and immediately went back to eating my pussy.

“You taste so good, baby, like a sweet red wine,” he purred between my legs.

I was in heaven all over again. I have NEVER in my life so far, been eaten out so much before! It was amazing!! It was an orgasm that quickly faded then was rebuilt back again in a different way, as if the adrenaline rush was replaced with an arousing tickling sensation, as he continued on for so many long minutes more…

A while later, he stopped and lay next to me in bed. With his arm around me, we both fell asleep for a while until later on, where he ended up surprising me…

Part III in a few days!!

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Sexcapade Files #24: Champion Pussy-Eater Part II