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Sexcapade Files #22: Bobbing for Cock - Halloween BJ

posted 4/7/2011 6:44:25 PM |
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tagged: story

Tonight was definitely something I wasn’t expecting, especially when I wasn’t in the frame of mine to get booty – yet it somewhat happened anyway. This is what happens when you’re in a situation where you’re constantly surrounded by pot, booze, and a lot of large cleavage action in a small space.

John, a co-worker of mine, invited me to his Halloween party. As I was hanging out, drinking and having a good time, John and my other friend Kathy had been hinting all night about sleeping with John’s roommate, Peter. He had told him that I was a nympho, and that I was one of the best to put Peter’s dry spell of no sex behind him tonight. Of course, I didn’t really want to believe him, since I wasn’t really in the mood to do so, especially since I was really tired from the pot, booze, and being up earlier that day helping a friend move, so I was exhausted. Plus, the fact that I hadn’t “broken up” with Norman, the “friend” I had been seeing in “Jamaican Rut”, and I felt a bit uncomfortable going at it with someone else when he had asked me specifically that he didn’t want me to go off and see other people while with him.

After having a few drinks and a few hits of pot, I had sobered enough to drive home. I had left my belongings in Peter’s room, so I had walked in, and he was lying on his bed, wearing a white T-shirt and some blue basketball shorts.

“Hey, I’m going to take off,” I said.

“Can I get a hug?” he asked slyly.

Naively, I leaned down and have him a hug. His arms wrapped around me, but he wouldn’t let go after a few moments, and I felt uncomfortable in that position, bent over his chest. Through my half-sober, half-high/drunk state, I found my lips on his, and he slid his tongue into my mouth, as the tip of our tongues slithered and teased each other. Our kisses still light, I felt his hand reaching between our chests and he pulled out my right breast from the very revealing cleavage-full top I was wearing, as he weighed my breast in his hand, pulling my nipple with his fingers. Our tongues continued to slide and dart into each other’s mouths, as he gently stroked my breast while it was hanging out from my shirt. He let my lips go, and he whispered, “close the door and turn off the lights, which I did very quickly. When I turned back to him in the dark he said, “suck my dick,” so urgently in his gentle and breathless way.

Not wanting to disappoint, I leaned down into his crotch as he pulled down a portion of his shorts. In the dark, my eyes adjusted to the lack of light and I saw what was in front of me: a pretty average-girthed dick, but it was very, very short. In reality, it looked about 5 inches long, which was not very impressive at all. For a white guy, he was pretty short, but then I thought, “what the hell, let me put him out of his misery, but I’m NOT sleeping with him”, I told myself over and over again.

I slipped his cock into my mouth, and I savored the flavor and smell of his cock. He probably had the cleanest smelling cock I had ever sucked. I didn’t smell any salty and acrid cock smell that I usually had to deal with when sucking cock. It was pretty smooth, working my mouth on his dick, licking his shaft up and down, then trailing my tongue back onto his head as I searched for his special vein spot. In the dark, I couldn’t tell if he was cut or uncut, his cock skin was stretched out to the max as I sucked his cock, swirling my tongue around his head, then slowly inching lower to deep throat him – and there wasn’t much to deep throat, his head barely reached the back of my mouth as I shoved myself down his cock.

I straddled myself around his legs as I sucked his balls, while sliding my fingers up and down his shaft. His balls were gently rolled in my mouth, feeling the balls slide underneath the sack, then I moved back to his dick, pulsing my mouth around where his special spot would be. He began to moan as I sucked his dick harder with my cheek muscles, keeping my teeth hidden with my lips.

Suddenly, I could hear the front door close and open a few times, then I heard and saw cameras flashing, taking pictures of me sucking Peter’s cock. I heard giggling from both John and Kathy, and the more pictures they took, the angrier I became. I yelled, “this better not be on Facebook!”

John yelled back, “Bitch, this isn’t just on Facebook, it’ll be on Youtube!”

At that point, I was very angry, but I kept it in. I kept on sucking his pitiful dick more as he moaned a little more. After a few minutes, I stopped – I was feeling both angry and a bit guilty at the same time. Angry that I was being made a spectacle in a bad way, a freak to be laughed at and mocked, and probably bribed if anything happened. And I didn’t want to be made a laughing stock, especially when I take having sex seriously. It was not something I appreciated, especially from friends. Peter looked at me with pleading eyes.

“Let’s fuck, please, even if it’s just 10 minutes,” he pleaded.

“No, I don’t want to fuck right now,” I said strongly.

“Come on, you know you want to,” he said.

“No, not tonight, I know you want me, but I want you wanting me more the next time, to look forward to next time,” I said slyly.

“Come on, please?” he pleaded again.

“Sorry, not tonight, I really have to go,” I answered. I got off from the bed and reached for my belongings.

When I turned around, I tried to kiss him back, but he wouldn’t kiss him back. I was assuming that he was either pretty hurt and disappointed that he wasn’t going to get ass. Indifferent, I said my goodbyes and walked out the door.

I can probably hear you all saying that Veronica’s cold, leaving a guy hanging while getting head, and I didn’t even let him come. I have to honestly say that it was a pity blowjob, especially when the dick wasn’t even large. But worse, it made me feel guilty since I’m not technically free in the relationship sense, and not technically with someone either. Was this a form of cheating? Will karma hit me? I thought on my drive home, feeling paranoid and angry at the same time.

I highly doubt that Peter will want to do anything to do with me now, but I may want to fuck him later on, once I’ve cut all ties with Norman once and for all. I feel bad since I’ve purposely not contacted him the past 3 weeks, maybe he’s still waiting for some hope that I’d call him back to see him, when all I want to do is break up with him and find someone else.

Maybe I should approach the idea of fucking him in a few weeks, once this “Nick” mess is all done and over with – and then I can fuck without a guilty conscience.

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Apr 7 @ 7:01PM  
JMHO, perhaps you have more class that you give yourself credit for.
As you said, 'Technically', you are kinda in a relationship. Might be
heading for the rocks, but it ain't broke yet.

Apr 7 @ 7:48PM  
Wow! You write some hot stories! Leaving a kudo.

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Sexcapade Files #22: Bobbing for Cock - Halloween BJ