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It's Been a While ...

posted 4/4/2011 8:59:29 PM |
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Since I turned the Mistress in me loose..

She was sitting at the computer when I came home from work, reading smut stories again. She knew how much that irritated me so I am pretty sure she was doing it on purpose. She never heard me cross the room to stand behind her.

I grabbed her hair with one hand and tilted her head back. As she reached back to try and get me to release it I grabbed her wrists with my other hand.. then releasing her hair I slipped the cuffs around her wrists. "You have been a very naughty girl!"

"Please Mistress", she cried, 'don't punish me! I promise I won't do it again!"

"That's exactly what you said last time and I was lenient with you, this time, no such luck Mine."

I pulled upwards on her beautifully and securely cuffed wrists forcing her to stand. She bowed her lovely head as low into her chest as she could. I walked her over to the standing tree and hooked the chain between the cuffs to the hook. "Turn around girl." I said. When her back was to me I untied the only clothing she was allowed to wear, a halter top and drawstring skirt and slid them down over her hips to the floor.

"You know the position Mine!", I said. And she obediently spread her legs wide apart for me, forcing her cuffed wrists into a somewhat uncomfortable stretch. I moved her heavy hair over her left shoulder baring her back to my view. Such lovely skin, all creamy and white, it was almost a shame to pinken it. But still a disobediant girl must be dealt with quickly.

I grabbed my leather paddle, with the rabbit fur on one side, and a crop, and my silken string braided flogger. I want to unnerve her, not harm her. SNAP! The crop connected with the tender underside of her bottom, forcing a low moan from her.
SNAP once again on the other cheek, just to be sure I had her complete attention.

"Please Mistress, Please, don't beat your girl, I will be a good girl, I promise you!"

"Do I need to get the ballgag girl?"

"No Mistress, shutting up now Mistress."

"That's my girl."

I allowed the soft silky strands of the flogger to carress her sweet flesh, I knew how soothing this would feel. Then, SNAP, it popped across the skin of her back right between her shoulder blades. Her body tensed, but she made no sound this time.

I continued down her spine and across her beautiful ass in this manner, barely pinking the flesh and then followed up with the leather paddle on her lovely globes. 7 times the paddle lit on each, now rosy, cheek. 7 times only.

By now she was sobbing, quietly so as not to irritate me. Her sobs make me feel slightly bad, as though I was mistreating her... but I know that she does these things in order to force me to punish her.

I move in closely now, and run my fingers along her spine, down into the cleft of her ass and lower yet to touch the silken petals hidden between her nice round thighs.

"Wet already my pet?", I ask. "Yes Mistress', she replies quietly, 'wet for you Ma'am." "Good girl!"

I crouch now, behind her, gently touching her soft pussy flesh, very gently, tickling and teasing the outer lips. Watching as the blood engorges them and they open for me, I love when they open for me. Her slightly spicy scent is wafting into my nostrils now, it makes me feel slightly crazy.

Ahh at last, her flower has opened. I can see the pink and milky pearl of her clit hiding inside it's fleshy hood. Beautiful. Her slit shines with moisture. Her hips move of their own volition. She is MINE!

I reach in and gently pinch her clit between my thumb and forefinger, stroking it as though it were a tiny penis, making sure that it is completely hard and engorged. A soft moan of pleasure, this time, comes from her pretty mouth. "Silence slut!"

I insert two fingers from my left hand into her tight quim, stopping about half way in to rub against her spongey G spot, the combination of this pressure and my fingers still stroking her clit causes a fresh gush of warm liquid to slide slowly down my hand. "Who's bitch are you girl?" I ask. "Yours Mistress, only your bitch, your little slut, you and only you own this girl!" "Good girl" I release her clit and slap lightly at it with my fingers. I want this girl writhing and begging for what is inevitable.

I withdraw from her completely and walk across the room to my locked cabinet. From this I take my strap-on dildo, and removing my pants I put it on, It's tight, a nice fit. I can feel the leather undergarment rubbing against my own clitoris as I walk back across the room to her.

I return to my position behind her. I can hear her breath coming hard and fast, she knows what is next. I know she knows.. so I will take my time.

I rub the head of my red rubber penis against her pussy lips. "Is this what you want whore?" "Yes, Mistress, oh please yes!"

"For your failure to obey my wishes you will lose your computer priveleges for three weeks. I hope it was worth it girl."

Finally at long last, the wait is over for both of us. I reach in and guide the head of my 8 inch rubber dong into her pussy. I can feel the resistance as it slowly glides in. I take a few long slow strokes and then lean forward, my nipples grazing her back, and pinch that tiny love bud once again.. and begin slamming my cock in and out of her now steaming hole. I hear moans and pleading from her. "You want to cum Mine?" "Oh, yes Mistress, please Mistress. Please Mistress, let this girl cum please." "Not yet girl. You don't sound very serious yet." The pressure from the base of my little tool is causing me to heat up almost to the point of explosion as well... but I will tease her a bit more. I reach around with my free hand and slap lightly at her breasts. "Now girl.. now you may come." She screams and her body begins to shudder. I can smell the heat coming off her flesh. It drives me completely over the edge. Now I am cumming too! "Oh Gawd, thank You Mistress, thank You. Oh Gawd!", she cries.

When her flesh has stopped bouncing so very hard. I release the cuffs, gather her in my arms and we sink down to the carpet. "Next time, no cum for you girl. So you had better behave." "Yes Mistress". she whispers as she covers my face in soft sweet kisses. "this girl promises to behave better. At least until next time."

Ahh what is a Mistress to do with such a willful girl?

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Apr 4 @ 9:19PM  

Ahh what is a Mistress to do with such a willful girl?

Love her.

Apr 4 @ 10:09PM  

Apr 5 @ 7:58PM  
WOW what a great story!

Apr 6 @ 7:11AM  
oooh,mistress, i need a home visit reeeeally bad

Mar 23 @ 4:55PM  
Damn Skwirl.

Thanks for sharing ..
Take me make me yours mistress

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It's Been a While ...