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Trials of childhood

posted 3/29/2011 8:42:36 PM |
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tagged: memories

Was talking to my sister earlier. We got to talking about some of our childhood, and she brought up to me some of our more.....memorable antics.

There was the time I was little, I hadn't even started school yet. I was playing at the top of the stairs. The top 3 steps were triangular in shape, and had a little "curve" to them. Anyway, I was playing with some toys when I noticed this cool looking bug on my foot. Had these clear wings...and being a kid, I talked to it. Then went back to playing with my toys, forgetting this bug was on my foot. I moved, next thing I knew, there was this sharp, burning pain on the top of my foot..and I screamed bloody murder. Scared the daylights out of my younger sister who ran off crying. I ran down the stairs...Mom and Grandma met me at the foot of the stairs, showed Mom my foot. Mom grabbed a fly swatter, and Grandma took me to the kitchen and made up the baking soda and water mixture and put it on the sting. Stupid hornet!!!! And I was nice to it too!! Later on, I think the same summer actually, I'm out in the front yard playing when I notice this cool looking fly. It was big, black and yellow, and fuzzy looking. And it flew slow, bobbing up and down around flowers. I was fascinated by it..and had to have it. Yep, I caught it....and commenced with screaming bloody murder again, giving Mom and Grandma yet another heart attack. Isn't it any wonder I'm a coward when it comes to bees and hornets?

Then there was the time I was standing between 2 of the kitchen cabinets, and I put a hand on each one, lifted myself off the ground and swung back and forth. My younger sister saw this and thought it looked fun. She gave it a try. She failed to swing with her feet together. Instead, she kicked one out first, and did so with enough force that not only did it make her other leg kick out from under her, she did what I called the "Fred Flintstone Flop", and landed flat on her back. The laughter was about choking me, but I asked her if she was which she said "yeah", and I just howled. She told me it wasn't funny, I told her if she had seen it from my point of view...she would be laughing her ass off too. Speaking of her "Fred Flintstone Flop", I remember one morning both of us getting ready to head off to classes for college. We had started the same time, just I got side tracked by work, Mick, you Anyway, that year, I remember winter being brutally cold, and I was driving this crappy little '79 Dodge Omni. I hated that car! Every time I'd shut if off, that stupid little car would sputter on and on...I'd have to put the key back in the ignition, turn it on, try to turn it was a routine sometimes repeated a few times before the damn thing would finally shut off. It was a cute looking 2 door hatchback...just a pain in the ass to shut off. Anyway, anyone familiar with this type of car, (it was Dodge's version of the Chevette), would remember that it's windows didn't have a metal was just "free standing" basically. So...I'm getting ready to get in on the driver's side, my sister is getting ready to get in on the passenger side, she said something, I looked up just in time to see her do her "Fred Flintstone Flop", and, saw the cars window shatter. I quickly crawled over the drivers seat to the passenger seat to look out to make sure she was ok. There she was, laying there, look of total disgust on her choking back the laughter, squeaked it out to ask her if she was ok...and as soon as she said, "yes, dammit!!", I let loose and just laughed my ass off.


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Mar 29 @ 8:43PM  
Don't get me wrong, in my day, I gave my sister a few good chuckles too. Like the time I was being a pain, and got her mad enough to chase me. It was late winter, we were by the skating pond of the school, and to get away, I ran out on the ice. She stopped. I turned around to do the typical kid thing, "nah nah, you can't get me"..when I heard the unmistakable sound of ice cracking, and, splash!! Broke through the ice. It wasn't a deep pond, maybe waist deep. I remember it being very cold..and seeing my sister up on the bank laughing her ass off. And she still laughs about the time I got stuck in the willow tree, sitting up there, terrified, crying because I couldn't get down. And how Dad walked up to that tree and just lifted me out of it. That was my first tree climbing experience...I hadn't mastered how to get down just yet. And my sister was there laughing the whole time.

Last but not least, there was one of the many times we would argue. Mom had had enough of our bickering. She sent me to my room, and sent my sister to her room. Both of us stayed in our rooms for a bit, pouting, vowing to not give in and talk to each other. Yeah, didn't last long. We got bored. So we sat just inside the doorways of our rooms, and talked to each other, and eventually started rolling a ball back and forth in the hallway. Mom, heard the ball rolling, came over, picked it up, and told us our time out wasn't over yet. To which I popped off with, "But Mom, we're getting along now....doesn't that count?". I loved the look on Mom's face at that moment...we could tell she was torn between scolding me for being a smart ass and just laughing at the logic of the question. Didn't help, we had to finish the time out anyway.

Mom always likes to tell my sisters and I that her hair is so white right now because of all the times we scared the hell out of her.

Mar 29 @ 10:48PM  
About the only thing I can think of right now that I haven't posted before that is somewhat amusing happened when I was eleven or twelve. A new invention had become the rage, the skateboard. Everyone loved them, well everyone that was a guy. There was a lot of a riding and racing happening.

Our next door neighbors were a real cool young couple in their early twenties and they had a German short hair pointer named Hank who was almost a year old. I didn't have a dog at the time and Hank was my bud. I played ball with him and would take him on a walk. I got this idea to let him pull me on my skateboard and we both loved it. He and I would really fly down the sidewalk! One day he saw one of the kids riding a bike and he really put the pedal to the medal. It was a little frightening as the higher speed made the skateboard wobbly and unstable. A few days later we were out again and he saw a cat in somebody’s yard and put it into overdrive. So did the cat as Hank closed in. The cat turned, so did Hank, and so did I landing with a belly flop on the lawn. Everybody got a good laugh out of that, especially Tommy.

It wasn’t too long after that, that Glen had an idea. How about combining a bike and a cat together for Hank. We all agreed that it was a great idea or so we thought. Danny’s sister had a young cat, Fluffy. Essentially, the idea was Glen would get his older brother’s paper bike (the brother had a paper route), Danny would sit on the back facing Hank and I with Fluffy under his coast. They would then take off with us behind and when they began to pull a way, bring out Fluffy.
The next weekend we gathered, I had Hank, Glen had his brother’s bike, and Danny had Fluffy under his coat. We got ready and Glen and Danny took off with Hank and I behind. I think that the motion freaked out Fluffy as before long Danny was getting scratched and he pulled out Fluffy. Hank saw the cat and surged. We closed in faster than Glen could accelerate and Hank leapt for Fluffy. There was a loud crash followed by screams and yelping. Danny fractured his arm, Glen broke his wrist, I was all scraped up and Hank had to go to the vet. We were all in deep shit. The three of us had to do extra work to pay for Hank’s vet bill and I was never allowed to play with Hank again. Oh, and Fluffy had disappeared and was never seen again.

Mar 30 @ 1:05PM  
So,how old were ya when you decided that paint chips tasted yummy? 32??


Mar 30 @ 2:23PM  
So,how old were ya when you decided that paint chips tasted yummy? 32??

Never ate em smart azz!! Unlike you who can't seem to get enough of the red ones!

Mar 30 @ 4:44PM  
i just gived you a cookie..laughin too hard to think of anything to write.

Mar 30 @ 5:14PM  
I had a chidhood trial.
I was sentenced to life..

I do remember that a friend of my older brother had an old Model T Ford..
It had no top and no doors.
We uused to take it out on a frozen lake and do donuts with it..
If you'd complain about it, he'd take the steering wheel off
and hand it to you so you could drive..

Mar 31 @ 10:58PM  
Every time I'd shut if off, that stupid little car would sputter on and on...I'd have to put the key back in the ignition, turn it on, try to turn it was a routine sometimes repeated a few times before the damn thing would finally shut off.
A friend of mine had a car like that. I was amazed when she demonstrated this little trick to me one day. I always wondered if you could actually drive the car without the key in it...but I never asked.

If you can do the "Fred Flinestone Flop" on your tummy...I did a few of those back when I was 9 or 10 off the high dive at the community swimming pool. I was trying to perfect my dive...but I failed on my initial attempts. Those flops hurt like hell and knocked the wind out of me...which is probably why your sister wasn't laughing with you Sugar. She's was simply trying to catch her breath.

Kudos on a fun blog Ms. Sugar.

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Trials of childhood