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Breast Feeding Babydoll Debate....

posted 3/27/2011 12:17:42 AM |
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Have you ever watched commercials for toys and wondered just what they will come up with next for kids?

I saw a preview of the news the other day and they were talking about a dollbaby for little girls that some parents are not happy about, while others think it is a wonderful learning experience for children.
It's a breast feeding doll...

Breast Feeding Babydoll

It's not in United States...yet. But if it were, would you buy it for your daughters/grand daughters, etc.?
If so, would she have to be a specific age, or would that matter?

What's your thoughts on this?

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Mar 27 @ 12:23AM  
I say NOT. Geez they are trying to make kids grow up way too soon anymore. Let kids just be kids while they can. JMHO

Mar 27 @ 12:24AM  
Next we'll create an artificial vagina for them to push a babydoll out of.

Mar 27 @ 4:23AM my hood they are pushin baby carts at 11.

Mar 27 @ 6:25AM  
This toy is better than some of the other toys on the market. I can still remember being over the moon when I was 6-years-old and I received a doll who could actually poop in it's diaper.

With people stepping forward and being so vocal about the right of nursing mom's to breastfeed in public...and with the increase of breastfeeding over the last couple of decades...this toy really doesn't surprise me or worry me for that matter. JMHO.

Mar 27 @ 8:44AM my hood they are pushin baby carts at 11.
Bunny, in your hood they have babies standing the corners selling crack, saying they got kids to feed.

I figure at some point, they will have a Cumming Ken Doll....

Mar 27 @ 10:02AM  
I received a doll who could actually poop in it's diaper.

Never heard of that one. But we thought it was hilarious when one of my friend's sister got a Betsy Wetsy doll. He peed in it on a dare one time to make it more realistic. He got one hell of an ass whuppin' for it. another kid got his little brother's GI Joe and his sister's Barbie and created a lurid scene. The result was the same for him also.

I don't think a breast feeding doll is necessary.

Mar 27 @ 10:24AM  
I saw this article the other day...... I have no words!

Mar 27 @ 3:14PM  
I think it's going a bit too far

Mar 27 @ 3:41PM  
I can see it as a useful tool in explaining breast feeding to children by expectant mothers who will be breastfeeding younger brothers or sisters. It is a natural part of life and I would prefer that over some of the so called fashion dolls now that resemble 42nd street hookers back in the 70s.

Mar 27 @ 5:47PM  
I don't find it surprising at all. Would I get it for a 7yr old? Most likely not. I know when I was 7..that was the last thing on my mind...I was more into riding my bike, climbing trees, etc.

I agree with RJ, would be a great learning tool for a soon to be older sister when she sees Mom breast feeding when the baby is born.

Guess it all boils down to how comfortable parents feel about their daughters having a toy like that.

Mar 27 @ 6:16PM  
I don't see anything wrong with it. Little girls like to pretend to be mothers. Mothers breastfeed. Like anything, parents just need to provide the proper perspective.

Mar 27 @ 6:41PM  
From my line of thinking, about the time a girl begins developing breasts is about the time she loses all interest in dolls. Also, why would you need a special doll to replicate breast feeding. Besides, what is a seven YO girl going to use for a tit, all she has is the nipples? I have seen where they use dolls for training expectant mothers in breast feeding.

Here is a related story about breast feeding I blogged about a few years ago:

Tit 4 Tat -Repost
From August 2007

When my daughter was fifteen, she looked older. She was Goth, pagan, and in love with mythology. At that time she was a large girl with probably “C” cups and she got a tat on the inside of the left titty. It was about three inches long and about an inch and a half wide. It was some gothic looking grim reaper thing, or so I thought.
By the time she was nineteen, she had grown considerably to “HH” cups (if there is such a thing). She came over one day wearing something revealing enough to show the cleavage that revealed the tat. It was now about six inches long and two inches wide. I moved closer and looked, and noted that the character’s face had changed and it sported a nose that almost looked like the character’s manhood was misplaced. Though mean, I couldn’t resist a Jimmy Durante “Ha cha cha cha cha” as the snazola was so pronounced. It looked like an obscure character called a a goon from Popeye cartoons and many folks called it “the goon” there after as the name of the tat stuck.
I had noticed previously a nose piercing, a stud actually. She had a special stud for work that flesh colored. I quipped that she could pass it off as a wart at work. Pissed her off. Never saw that again.
Anyway, a year ago, a few days after my grandson was born, she was upset because he wouldn’t breast feed. My son-in-law said in reference to the one breast, “Why don’t try the other one and cover that one up, maybe the goon is scaring him.” She gave him the dirtiest look I had ever seen. By then, the damned thing was close to eight inches long.
Later when catching a smoke outside, I told him I never knew what the goon was supposed to be. He told me it was a dragon and he didn’t know what it was until he asked. Now, at the age of 32, she admits to it being one of the biggest mistakes of her youth.

Mar 28 @ 3:05PM  
I'm hearting cotton candy's reply!

As for the doll, I wouldn't have one in my house, but to each their own I reckon.

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Breast Feeding Babydoll Debate....