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In Like a Lion

posted 3/24/2011 7:38:57 PM |
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So, March, it came in a bit more like a Shamu show, didn't it? Wet and splashy. Round these parts, at least, it's going out a whole lot the same way.

You may have noticed and or not cared that I was absent for a bit. Yup, found a new therapy that I'm trying. It's interesting and traces the roots of your physical pain to the past traumas you have survived. PTSD sucks, and this therapy is supposed to help to integrate that portion of your history so it's no longer a stressor.

Anyway.. I am here for a few.. thought I'd pop in and see if anything was at all new.. I see that it's not. I see that our favorite douche nozzle and his assholeciate chickadee are still up to the same old shit. Doesn't that ever get old to you guys? Seriously? Always the same bullshit. Get a new routine k? I'm bored.. entertain me. If you hate the environment and the people around here.. why don't you find somewhere else to hang out? Hmm? Or is that far too intelligent an idea for you? I realize that would mean banging your two surviving brain cells together a few times to make a neuron fire. Meh, with your luck it will light your hair on fire. Either way, it would be entertaining. For me.

I have to admit that I miss the Week in Review postings, it sure saves me a lot of back tracking.. and I'm not fond of back tracking. Yeah, this is all about me.. I'm the one writing it!

Hmm.. so what you Pervs been up to since I took a short powder? Anything at all interesting? Any blogs I should read? If so gimme a linky... I'm too lazy to go search through pages of babble from the psychettes.

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Mar 24 @ 7:56PM  
Same ol' shit here

Mar 24 @ 8:25PM  
Same shit different day my lil skwirly girly!

Mar 24 @ 8:26PM  
pretty much the same as doc said. damn we needs our skwirly back. and a few others that actually made this a decent place to hang out at. but as you said, one or two hairballs have made a lot of people gag a bit too often and not much goes on they don't do their best to tear down.. hugs sammie, hope to see ya around more soon.

Mar 24 @ 8:26PM  
Here's a couple of blogs you might have missed Skwirly gurl. Enjoy!

Dating and the Single Career Mom

My 18th Birthday's great to see you.

Mar 24 @ 8:27PM  
Welcome Skwirl!!! And of course I noticed you weren't here. But, I've also discovered where I can find ya now if you're not here.

anyhoo....don't know if you'd be interested in this blog or not..but here's a link to it:

Thoughts and prayers

and this one was good for a giggle:


And then there is this one that kind of goes with the whole "March is a freakin lion" type theme.

damned weather!

A little news blog

Ok...I know...I've been lazy with the Review...been busy with both work and school Was hoping a certain sheep with red heels would stick around and help, but alas, she's more stubborn than I am.

Mar 24 @ 9:13PM  
I have to admit that I miss the Week in Review postings

Every interesting blog has been featured in the Week in Review...which explains why there hasn't been one since maybe last year Cockfail, rants about Cockfail, Whapper, jokes...wash, rinse, repeat. That's the Week in Review or 90 percent of it

Don't much give a shit if people like it or not. That's my POV and I'm sticking to it.

Mar 24 @ 9:29PM  
Don't much give a shit if people like it or not. That's my POV and I'm sticking to it.
Talk about wash, rinse, repeat.

Mar 24 @ 10:28PM  
^^^^^ that was funny!

Mar 24 @ 10:32PM  
LOL!!! I have to agree with Som!!! And Kat!!!


Mar 24 @ 10:39PM  

Mar 24 @ 10:43PM  
I haven't been around much either since I have so much work to do plus the other bits you mentioned. Hope the new therapy works for you. Miss having you around.

Mar 24 @ 11:12PM  
Good to see ya back even if it's just passing through, you need to pop in once in a while. I miss you blogs and you comments.

Mar 25 @ 2:08AM  
I have been masturbating visual ???? Javier Bardem....other than that...a lady told me about a serious brain issue... It is called Chiari. You can find out alot about it on Youtube. I can't find her video, but read about it. She was at my bar the other night and had me intigued because she was so forthright about her genetic problem. it gets confused with fibromialgy and some other ailments.
An older couple that comes in from Kentucky for business has dinner at my bar when they were in town and told me to take Vitamin D3. I had told them how exhausted i was lately. later they called me from their hotel room to make sure i wrote down the units I should take. i bought it today before work and do feel more energetic.
Life is mom is talulah is on her period and hates tampons...and i am leaving tuesday to pack my Moms house up to sell...hey...i get time off from work with is good.

Mar 25 @ 2:12AM  
...oh yeah...I am tired of hearing that everyone is tired of those that are left and you miss the others...ever thought of personally emailing them here and stirring up some good ol conversation? If ya can't fnd it in the blogs...then write a letter to a friend here...there are some people here that thought they mattered in the lives of other bloggers.

Mar 25 @ 6:06AM  

I missed ya. Miss reading your real to life blogs... they have some real meat in their sandwiches that you can apply to life. I lubs my Skwirl!

I have reading along but not posting too much as work and volunteering is stealing my time. Besides it's hard to type while I am multitasking pinning something together so I mostly read, laugh, roll my eyes and repeat.

So how are you doing really anyways. Is life up or down or flatlining since Christmas? Have you been able to stash any good nuts lately? Oh yea and is Borty hiding in one of your closets? Cause my pantie bushes are producing holy undies.... I had no idea he invented a swiss cheese pantie bush. And he still hasn't got any of those anti gravity space panties to me to test at the next rocket launch.


Mar 25 @ 11:37AM  
I have been hanging out with my yungest son while he is home from iraq. He has to go back on Monday.

The things on here and other websites? Same as usual I guess. I have not been online that much recently.

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