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Remember when.........

posted 3/19/2011 9:28:34 PM |
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tagged: computer

Just sitting here cruising around on the net, looking at some video's on youtube and thinking about how far computers have come.

I remember taking a computer information class back in '87 or '88..and one of the things I remember is them talking about how a computer needed it's own room because of the sheer size of one computer. And they had those punch like cards...(I can't think of what they are called right now). Then along came the smaller, micro computers...they didn't take up a whole room to them selves. Then eventually came the PC, (personal computer) that we use in our homes. I remember the first pc I ever worked on, it was an Apple. Windows wasn't heard of yet. There were no "point and click" images...I remember the green letters/numbers on the screen, having to type in commands for DOS. Anyone out there remember how to "pause" when searching the directory?

I think it was 95 maybe when I first worked on a computer running first time to experience the "point and click" ease of Windows. I cannot even remember exactly how that first program was, just that I thought it was great not having to remember the DOS commands. Today, OMG...we can watch videos, movies, web cams, it's like a little television on the desk. And, it doesn't stop, when we go visiting, we can carry a computer with us...the lap top. And now there is the smaller cousin to the lap top, the net book.

I remember the very first computer my parents got...Mom had ordered it from Fingerhut. Are they even still around? Oh well. Mom had ordered an IBM. She got a postcard from Fingerhut about how the model she had ordered was "sold out" and they were sending her a similar model at a lower price. It wasn't too bad I guess. This was before the internet was available to the public. This computer, ran on DOS, Windows wasn't around yet. Dad was wanting to use it for storing records like bank balances and such. I remember it having a graphics card and being able to play video games on it, and a guy one of my sisters was seeing, downloaded a poker game on it. Yes, he had permission. And before we knew, Mom was on that thing playing that poker game!

My sister got a job as a delivery driver, and after about a year working, she financed a computer, and it ran Windows 98 on it. And had a modem to connect to the internet. Wow....remember how new and exciting the internet was? sister and I would be online all day and night just seeing what we could find. And we thought that was the greatest thing in the world. I look at computers today, and the internet today, and that too has come a long way. Of course, there are the road bumps....thieves out there trying to scam people out of their money, cowards who are suddenly brave because of the computer screen and miles of cable separating them from those they are antagonizing, aka trolls. But, through this wonderful invention, I've met, and made some wonderful friends who I may never have known if it weren't for this form of communication.

The computer has definitely come a long way from it's early days. It's amazing how we can actually do something like order a movie online from Netflix and sit at the computer and watch it. Something that couldn't have been done 20 years ago.

Wonder what's next for this amazing machine.

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Mar 19 @ 9:54PM  
Wonder what's next for this amazing machine.
We will see one week from tonight. *Twilight Zone music playing in the background*

On a serious note, you're right, technology has come far

Mar 19 @ 10:14PM  
Wow that really brought back some memories. This might give you some idea of where they are heading .... I saw this a while back. Talk about amazing !!

New Computer Technology

Mar 19 @ 10:22PM  
The thing I recall the most, beyond the processing speed, was limitations of RAM and hard drive space. I am Mac based and I still have one running from the nineties because it can run cool games and graphic programs the new on can't

Mar 19 @ 10:35PM  
Interesting...only 178 users online..and I've gotten 134 views so far.........

I really wish that troll would get a nasty case of carpal tunnel.

Mar 19 @ 10:44PM  
Interesting...only 178 users online..and I've gotten 134 views so far.........
Lucky you, I'm still stuck at 15 views. C'mon, slacker, get on the ball and run up my views again.

I really wish that troll would get a nasty case of carpal tunnel.
Here here!

Mar 20 @ 12:30AM  
I don't have a clue about the old computers. I didn't even see one until my daughter got one, probably in 2000 or '01. I can remember being so impressed with the inspirational sites (I was so sweet 'n innocent back then ) And I got my first one probably in 2002. I remember dial up being a real pain in the ass!

Computers are good...but....

They can be trouble too. Addiction to them is awful and it happens to more people than I think is realized. It's been a cause for a lot of divorces and aided a lot of child preditors and even murderers.

Of course a computer can't do a thing without an idiot behind it. Like a gun alone doesn't kill, it's people with guns.

I cannot speak for others but I know Zelda has been a wonderful companion and opened up an easier way for me to write. But she also became a tool for me to get into trouble with because it was so easy. It turned into an addiction for many years. Yet she brought me friends and taught me so much and I really think without my computer I wouldn't be the person I am today.

So....that's my slant

Mar 20 @ 8:08AM  
My computer is pretty much my social life..Movies, TV, news and online friends

Mar 20 @ 8:26AM  
They are also much less expensive than they were twenty years ago.

Mar 20 @ 9:10AM  
When I was growing up, the only cell phones, were on 'Star Trek', and
even Roddenberry did not dream of a Smart Phone


Mar 20 @ 11:32AM  
On a serious note, you're right, technology has come far

You ain't seen nut'n yet!


Mar 20 @ 11:53AM  
I remember operating the old DOS system in school in 1979 and in 1982 when I worked for a Associated Optical in Dallas. It seemed so advanced then! LOL Then I got away from office work and worked in construction for many years. When I applied for a job in 1996 at a local newspaper as a typesetter I sat there and struggled with working up an ad, wound up scrolling it off screen and nearly burst into tears when I couldn't find it again! The lady interviewing me came into the room, patted me on the shoulder and said "Honey, maybe this job just isn't for you afterall"! I was mortified! I had NEVER had anyone tell me that on any job I had ever applied for! I immediately signed up for a course. Since then I've "graduated" into becoming the office tech or geek if you will. I maintained our local server for years, and anytime anyone has problems they buzz me before they call the state. I'm amazed even at how far my own equipment has come, from huge monitors and large heavy cumbersome towers to a sleek shiny laptop that I use anywhere in my house or out on my deck! Or logging in on my phone from anywhere!

Mar 20 @ 11:54AM  
And a shiny green thingy to you just cos I can!

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