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My 18th Birthday

posted 3/17/2011 12:58:45 AM |
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tagged: fun, friends, memories

Growing up...I never had a lot of people making a big deal over my birthday. In fact...I turned 30 and 40 on the down low...without too many people ever even knowing.

Of course...when you're working in an office environment...there will eventually be some sort of birthday celebration. Luckily...most offices don't want to celebrate birthdays multiple times within the same week (something to do with office production) they will usually lump all the birthdays for one month into a single celebration at the end of the month. That's how I was able to slip under the radar and not attract too much attention on my special day.

Sometimes I've even been known to get a bit shy when someone fusses over me too much on a particular birthday. Of course...they will just look at me and laugh...and ask me why I'm being so shy about them making a fuss over me. I simply tell them that birthday celebrations were something I never had a lot of when I was growing up.

If my mom had the time to make a cake (we never had store bought cakes) I considered myself lucky...because her making a cake meant she didn't have to work overtime on my birthday. I considered myself extremely lucky if she let me pick the flavor of my cake. I can still remember a strawberry cake with a layer of sliced bananas. Yummy!

Of course...there were a few birthday dinners along the way where the wait staff would sing Happy Birthday as they presented me with some type of sweet desert topped with a candle. Oh I hated those dinners! I always knew how they were going to end...and my wish (for all the wait staff who were singing to become suddenly mute at the exact same moment) never came true.

As I got older...I was either at a basketball or volleyball rehearsal...or a job when my birthday evening would roll around. So it was not unusual for me to find a birthday card and a modest gift laying on my bed when I arrived home for the evening.

Oh sure...whenever I would hear about an amazing birthday party someone had experienced...I would sometimes feel a bit wistful for a moment...wishing that I would have a really cool party...or even just a really cool story to share someday. But I never really wasted my time thinking about this topic too much.

That's what makes my 18th birthday so special. It was a typical cold January day...and I came home from school that day thinking it would be just another quiet and uneventful birthday at home. Later that afternoon...I received a phone call from one of my best friends. Candie told me to be ready because she would be picking me up at 7:00 that evening...because she and another friend of mine (Trisha) were taking me out for a birthday dinner. I quickly told her she didn't have to go to any trouble on my account..,but she insisted and told me I'd better be ready because if I wasn't...I was going anyway because that was that. I laughed and promised to be ready before our conversation ended.

At 7:00...Candie and Trish arrived at my door and off we went. I didn't know where we were going...but I didn't care because I was loving the spontaneity of the moment. We headed down Meridian towards I-40 and then quite unexpectedly...turned into the parking lot of a McDonald's. WTF?! Candie quickly turned around and asked me what I wanted to eat...her treat of course. Well...I won't lie...I was completely speechless...and since we ate at McDonald's at least once a week anyway...IMHO there really wasn't anything special about having a dinner at McDonald's. All of a sudden...Candie and Trish started laughing...and asked me if I really thought this was where we were eating? I confessed that I didn't have any idea where we were going for dinner...and that I was just happy to be out with them for the evening.

Candie laughed and quickly pulled out of the McDonald's parking lot. Not more than a minute later...we pulled into the the understated parking lot of Molly Murphy's House of Fine Repute.

Molly Murphy's House of Fine Repute

Molly Murphy's

My friends asked me if I'd ever been to Molly Murphy's and I told them no. I saw them exchange animated looks with each other and then Trish turned to me and said I was in for a very exciting evening. Her statement would prove to be spot on...because that's exactly what happened that evening.

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Mar 17 @ 1:01AM  
Candie had made dinner we were seated upon our arrival by a waiter dressed up as Groucho Marx. I know it's not nice to stare...but that's all I could do for the first few minutes. It was a complete sensory overload. It was like being dumped into the middle of a really loud and outrageous Halloween party. There were people singing and dancing...and all the restaurant employees were in costume. Off the top of my head...I saw a cat...a cheerleader...a doctor...Marilyn Monroe...Groucho Marx...Elvis...a safari guy...Tarzan...and General Custer.

Yanno...I also seem to remember an Indian...a construction worker...a biker...and a cowboy. Oops...nevermind. I was thinking of The Village People. Funny thing is...the wait staff did dance to Y.M.C.A. sometime during the evening.

There was also dancing around a shiny Red Corvette Salad Bar to Working at the Car well as several Congo lines to the bathroom...because the wait staff would never tell you where the bathroom was located They would just line you up with other guests needing to use the bathroom...and then circle the main dining room before finally taking the entire line to the bathroom. Obviously...I only used the bathroom once that evening...and I dragged both of my girlfriends with me...because misery loves company...and I wasn't about to be embarrassed all by myself.

As it turns out...our waiter that evening was General Custer...and he was completely decked out in a very authentic looking uniform. I remember Groucho Marx and General Custer the most...simply because they both spent most of the evening flirting with us. Of course...I spent the evening trying to take it all in. I think this is why General Custer continued to flirt with me. He was trying to get me to flirt back...which I did a little...but not nearly as much as my girlfriends did. The sluts!

Anyway....our dinner and drinks (Shirley Temples of course) were wonderful...and when it was time for girlfriends had already taken the liberty of ordering my desert for me. When General Custer arrived at the table...he was carrying a cake with 18 candles on top...and although I saw the lighted cake was the crowd of characters flocking to our table that really got my attention. I swear...everyone working in that restaurant...along with all the other patrons...sang Happy Birthday to me very loudly. I distinctly remember feeling like someone had suddenly turned the heat all the way up on high...because I was blushing so much from embarrassment.

But doesn't stop there. After I blew out all my candles and made a birthday wish (for my girlfriends to be locked outside the school locker room in their underwear in front of the whole school) my friend Trish spoke up and told our waiter (General Custer) that I'd never been kissed before. WTF?! Of course...this was a total lie...but before I could say anything...General Custer quickly leaned down and kissed me. As far as kisses go...this was one for the memory books...because it started out all sweet and gentle (rated-G)...but quickly progressed to drawn out and hot (rated-PG13).

When he finally pulled away and excused himself...there was complete silence at the table. When I looked at Candie and Trish...their faces said it all. They were completely shocked. Trish quickly told me she was very sorry...and that she had only asked him to kiss me quickly on the lips. Then Candie asked me if I was okay. At that moment...I smiled the hugest smile ever ...and told them both that that was the best birthday present ever! When Trish asked me if he was that great of a kisser...I told her, “ he really knows how to French kiss.” They both just stared at me and said, “No!”...and I smiled smugly and said, “Yes!”

That night got even better when General Custer slipped me his phone number and asked for my number too while we were putting on our coats to leave. And yes...I did hear back from him...and even dated him for a while before meeting someone else I liked better.

Mar 17 @ 1:02AM  
My 18th birthday will always stand out as one of the best birthdays I've ever had...simply because it was so fun and exciting...and it was filled with new experiences and wonderful friends. Just the way a birthday celebration should be.

Feel free to comment...or tell me about one of your more memorable birthday celebrations.

Mar 17 @ 2:48AM  
Hope you got the message, but the morons like Brenna and the rest of the herd will probably prevent it. You have to believe and you can fly.


Mar 17 @ 2:57AM  
The link since the fools will probably delete the blog.



Mar 17 @ 3:07AM  
thanx for the read miss kitty

Mar 17 @ 4:30AM  
I'll be 65 on March 27th and I gets my Old Age Pension...

Plus Prime Minister Harper has promised to send me a Box O Panties from the Orient...all silk....

Life doesn't get much better than that....

Mar 17 @ 8:58AM  
Thanks for sharing this with us!

I guess mine will always be my 17th birthday. We had like a youth meeting that night at church. I remember it not lasting all that long before the youth leader brouth out a birthday cake that they had backed the previous night. They all sang Happy Birthday to me. We then had pizza and played flashlight tag throughout the whole church. This is like going past midnight with all of us, maybe around 15-20 of us. We had all the lights off in the church while we were playing the church's sound system with songs glaring really loud all throughout the church. We all finally called it a night around 1am.

The next day I had my family throw me a little something as far as a small get together with some of the family members.

Mar 17 @ 10:36AM  
Should have tried the Biker! Just saying!

Mar 17 @ 11:30AM  
My 18th was a party at "The Barrelhouse", a club in Watts in S.LA..
A great R&B group, The Robins were playing there..
Probably one of the few times in 1954 a white person entered the club

Mar 17 @ 1:53PM  
Thanks for sharing your special memory with us, Kat.
Definitely one you will remember for all of your birthdays to come.

Mar 17 @ 2:55PM  
Outside of some when I was quite young I really don't remember any of them being that big of a deal so as to result in a cherished memory.

Mar 17 @ 6:57PM  
That sounds like one awesome birthday!!!! Thank you for sharing Kit!

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My 18th Birthday