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It's a new day

posted 3/15/2011 10:56:30 AM |
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tagged: rambling

For the first time in about 3 weeks, I actually slept in! And hey...9am is sleeping in for me. And I'm in a MUCH BETTER mood today than last night.

I think Spring is finally peeking into Michigan here. Temps in the mid to upper 40's with a couple of days in the 50's! The birds singing, daylight longer, yeah, I think Winter is almost over. Not going to say it's completely over, this is Michigan ya know. I'm going to be replacing the sliding screen door this year so hopefully this summer I can finally have it open and get a good cross breeze through the house. Just got to convince the dogs they can't go barreling through it when they see that squirrel taunting them on the deck.

I got an email from my sister the other day....she and her fiance' originally were going to wait until April to get married, but, they've moved the date up to March 25th. For my niece, having her father around, wow has she ever done a completer turn around. School, she didn't care, she didn't apply herself, she squeaked by on C's and D's...since her father has been back, wow...she's been getting all A's! Same with my nephew, his grades and attitude about school have done a complete about face also! My sister got a letter from the school telling her if her daughter keeps up with the A's like she has been, she will only have to go for the first semester of her senior year next year and graduate after that. How did she accomplish that? Apparently, she's been taking extra classes and it's raised up her GPA enough that she can graduate early. And she's talking about college, trying to decide what she would like to do. At first she wanted to be a vet, but, then she discovered that involves not only surgeries, but, euthanasia, and she can't do that. She also likes art, so she's looking into that too. Hell, she's 18, she has a little time to figure it all out. My nephew has been telling everyone he's going to study to be a game designer.

Ok, I'll say it. Last night. Yeah, got a bit out of hand. Fed the "you know what".... And I know better than that. Daylight savings can really throw a schedule out of whack! That's my excuse, and I'm sticking with it! I'm only human, and sometimes can only ignore stupidity for so long. Insults about my job, yeah, didn't work. First of all, the fool doesn't know what I do at work, so, his ASSumptions fall very, very, VERY, short. And, if I was "embarrassed" by my job, I sure as hell would never have brought it up here. Besides, where I work, it isn't those $30 a night flea bag dives he is apparently used to staying's a more classy place. I've shared the link to it with some here. I have to wonder about a person's mentality when they are so obsessed with a website as to threaten to take it over. Take it over from what? It's a web's not a nation for crying out loud! I've seen the comments about this person being a drunk, and I have to the brain so pickled he doesn't realize just how insane he sounds? I'm talking this one needs the proverbial straight jacket and padded room. The obsession is out of control. Even to the point of stalking another member onto her column and nosing around in it. Authorities should really take that boy into custody and get him some help before he hurts himself.

Yep, it's a new day here. Hopefully, it will be better than last nights fiasco. And, also, instead of us moaning and complaining about how it's "dying" here, we should really think up ways to liven it back up. I remember one complaint being "have nothing to bounce ideas off of"....and that's true. As to I cautious? Don't know about others..but, yeah, I'm usually a little cautious, held back when meeting new people. It's called a "comfort level". I like to know people before I open up completely. It has nothing to do with the joker who thinks he/she/it/whateverthefuckitis can "take over" a website.

Ok...I'm done rambling now.

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Mar 15 @ 11:08AM  

You can't do a battle of wits with someone who has none.

Mar 15 @ 1:05PM  
A kudo to Dawn and an AMEN to Chuck

Mar 15 @ 1:13PM  
I here you about being excited about spring. Ours came a bit early and even the 70's felt too hot for me this early in the year. it was welcomed since our winter was colder than usual. the trees are blooming and it excites everyone. People are getting out and the roof top at the htel is becoming a popular hang out again.
It has cooled off again and the rains came, but later this week we will see sun and the 70's again. Enjoy yours and I am going to enjoy mine. Glad you had a good sleep!

Mar 15 @ 1:30PM  
Nice read

I'm going to be replacing the sliding screen door this year so hopefully this summer I can finally have it open and get a good cross breeze through the house. Just got to convince the dogs they can't go barreling through it when they see that squirrel taunting them on the deck.

It isn't so funny when Bowser the bounder rips out the screen and you have to chase a dog Some friends of mine had this problem and figured out a way to solve it. Albeit, their solution does not add to the ambiance. What they did was mount some bars similar to burglar bars on the inside of the screen door. Then they lifted the screen to let the bow wows run into it a few times enough to know that they knew that they couldn't get through it. After that, the screen was put back down without the threat of a dog nose piercing it. The first time after the bars were put on, they didn't raise the screen and a dog snout ripped it so they had to replace it again.

Another idea would be to reverse the elements of the door so that the screen is on the top half of the door, not the bottom

Mar 15 @ 9:04PM  
It's going to make it up to about 70 and 72 here this week with the daytime highs, with lows in the mid to upper 40's at night. Good sleeping weather at night.

Mar 16 @ 6:09AM  
Or you could do like the door manufacters do, put an aluminum sheet across
the bottom of the door..Called a 'pet guard' , I believe

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It's a new day