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is this blogland?

posted 3/14/2011 9:36:40 PM |
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due to my own set of problems, my brother that will eventually die of lung cancer, his refusal to change anything about his life as it is, or do anything to make it better for himself, he wants the rest of the world to bow down and throw him a pity party, oh poor you, and i ain't part of it. tell him flat out he is a worthless piece of shit, and i ain't his slave, squaw or nigger, so get off your stupid lazy ass and do something for yourself. and that is the short of the last go round we had. much the same as the last one.

so with things like that in my world to deal with, i look in on the blogs from time to time to see if there is a piece of good news somewhere. not much it seems. see a spammer got her yahoo addy in a blog today, someone being completely stupid about reviving this place, with followers???????? the usual fool that just has to fill the space with garbage, and the normal flame throwing, name calling and worthless drivel.

the jokes could be appreciated, if i were in the mood for them. the troll(s) i ignore, the name calling and flaming i can do without and don't even read that shit.

is the overall mentality of this place taking a huge crap? what happend to the intelligencer that once roamed thru here? and the courtesy? it's like looking in a bunch of spoiled rotten self-centered 3 year olds most of the time. and this is an "adult" site????? i don't even want to see what it would be like if it were for anyone younger. the overall mental I.Q. would be in the minus range.

and for the one dear person that actually sent me a short e-mail and asked where i'd been, i've looked in and found nothing. RJ, again, glad to see your boy made it home. seems there was another home coming in the last week, but who, i don't recall right now. my bad. so yes i'm here, but usually in a worse than foul mood, so haven't said much of anything.

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Mar 14 @ 9:47PM  
No, this isn't blog land. At least, not the blog land most of us remember.

Wish I had something to offer that would help with the tension with your brother. It's got to be hard seeing a loved one just "give up". You don't think I've been there? I have. It's frustrating as all hell. The demands, the crying, and the "feel sorry for me"...yeah, I've seen it, lived it. And, you came here to "get away" from it, and found crap.


Mar 14 @ 9:48PM  
Goodbye then, best of luck.

Mar 14 @ 9:51PM  
Goodbye then, best of luck.[/QUOTE]Goodbye then, best of luck.[QUOTE]

who hell said i was leaving????? shit, i may just get in on the name calling and blasting.

Mar 14 @ 9:58PM  
Please feel free...maybe you can add something fresh. Now just to catch you up, I'm already gender biased, an alcoholic, gay, extremely intelligent and an asshole. Please pull a different card out of the deck because the sheep are rather boring and dimwitted. Anything new you can add? Maybe your artwork?

Mar 14 @ 10:20PM  
Come on dusty, you're always commenting when I'm away. Anything relevant to say while I'm here. Do you have the wit or the intelect? Or are you just a menial backwoods carpenter?

Mar 14 @ 10:27PM  
Hey guy sorry to hear you brother is still in the give up mode and dragging you down as well. I know it's hard to watch a loved one just give up. I hope you find peace in some way even though it's going to be hard until the end. The only thing I can say and it will sound heartless is that there want be alot grieving after he's gone. Hope you don't take offence just saying what i know to be the truth..
May peace be with you through all!

Mar 14 @ 10:33PM  
Nobody in this two faced fucking society of blog land has any fucking guts !!!! A master of words has no business in the real world but here you are still fucking cowards .... Dude You are a fool fuck with me not duster.

Mar 14 @ 10:36PM  
Come on dusty, you're always commenting when I'm away. Anything relevant to say while I'm here. Do you have the wit or the intelect? Or are you just a menial backwoods carpenter?

You coward! Leave Duster alone!

Mar 14 @ 10:40PM  
if what i've been informed of is the case, i see our favorite worthless scum is here. and as usual, for what ever intelligence they are supposed to have, it's a total waste. so, i guess it's ignore time. it isn't worth the effort to do more than block. but, pissed as i am, i still have a modicum of tolerance. but then anyone that wants to keep tearing others down, really does have mental problems. and to egg on a fight, stupid to boot. i won't waste time or effort on something not worthy of my thoughts, such as they may be. so call me a back woods carpenter, or what ever, at least i can hold my head up and be proud of who and what i am. sorry you can't honestly say the same thing.

Mar 14 @ 10:44PM  
kat, don't worry about not sending any messages, i know the folks here that care are thinking of me and the situation. that goes a long way toward helping my mental state, tho i need a six month vacation from his bullshit and lame excuses. really i'm ready to just let him have what he claims he wants. but as the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. and if he gets what he wants, it won't be pleasant for him.


Mar 14 @ 10:49PM  
hog, i do appreciate the thoughts, and i know the grieving process may not be an easy one, tho i will do it in my own way. i'll get thru it and come out the other side intact.

and flavor, let the fool do what it may, it only shows them up for what they are. no need to call any names, or try to one up them, it only feeds the flames. and this one is like a pyro maniac, the more fuel it's feed, the more it trys to burn.

Mar 14 @ 10:51PM  
BA in Psychology

The only BA you have is in being a B abbling A sshole

Mar 14 @ 10:55PM  
Duster and I are on the same page because he had the courage to confront me. You spicecrack are merely a chambermaid scrubbing toilets and changing cum stained sheets. At least Duster had the guts to confront me and him I will help if we can reach a business agreement. You will always be looking at shit flushing down the toilet.

Mar 14 @ 10:57PM  
The only BA you have is in being a B abbling A sshole

That was a good one Lil!

As for you least I work. What's your excuse?

Mar 14 @ 11:03PM  
Sorry about your brother, Duster. And sorry for what this place has become, for all I know I probably had a hand in it. I will admit that.

Cocktail, whomever you want to be, you have to be the lowest piece of selfish shit there is, really. If you have a shred of dignity, sweep around your own porch- don't bring your pompous hot air here on this man's blog.

Mar 14 @ 11:10PM  
ok folks, stop feeding it. here is a message i sent before all this got started.
probably nothing for ideas that haven't been flogged to death here, as for my art, or more accurately wood craft, i haven't been able to put two pieces of wood together for weeks and have them turn out worth anything.

but, if you know of anyone that wants to get into leather craft, i have a complete shop for sale. all the tools and equipment to make anything from wallets to saddles. that is what my brother was doing until he decided he just wasn't in good enough shape to do it any more. that was over 2 years ago, and once i put it all in a dry storage building here, he hasn't looked at any of it, won't, and if it don't go now, it will after he dies.

as for who, what and how you are, if you have a problem with it, then it will be a problem. the life you choose to live is yours, for good or bad. what happens to you in the future, will be what you decide to do on your own, and any consequences will be due to only your decisions.

and the leather shop stuff is probably what is being referred to. any one else want a leather shop?


Mar 14 @ 11:15PM  
hi ya man, been a while since we caught up.but I'm usually only in here for 5 or 10 minutes here and there these days. on a lighter note, i got a shed full of macrocarpa lumber for you to drool over now. hope it helps take your mind off things at home.

Mar 14 @ 11:31PM  
tass, if i had a way to get there i'd definitely be drooling over that lumber. then wanting to find a way to get a ship load of it home to play with. but right now, i can't concentrate on what i'm doing, and rather than take off a finger on the table saw, i pretty much keep away from it. the rest of the stuff is tame in comparison, but still, nothing out there that won't bite one way or another.

have a good one mate, no worries here.

Mar 14 @ 11:33PM  
As for you least I work.

Sorry chambermaid, I haven't worked in the last 5 years. How many flushed toilets does that translate. If you need a job, I can help you with a hotel in West Palm. I'm trying to get rid of the Mexicans.

Mar 14 @ 11:34PM  
luna, life is what it is, and we all have to live it. some to the best of our abilities, some give up and some just have to brag about nothing. we all have had a hand in the demise i guess, and at some point i may have too. wouldn't surprise me if i did. but, keep being you, even if not everyone likes it, other wise, you won't like yourself.

Mar 15 @ 12:19AM  
sawduster, her biggest problem is she's never liked herself...she's learning but she has a way to go yet. I've told her this before but she has to live it before she learns it.

Mar 15 @ 2:09AM  
I don't normally stoop to warranting such idiots with a response but....

Hey mouseprick... here is a pair of tweezers and a magnifying glass so you can find your tiny dick and fuck off into some obscure dusty corner and try to amuse your tiny little mind.

How about you go get your own life and leave decent people alone with their friends that actually give two flying fucks about them.

You are just a waste of space and not woth anymore keystrokes. That block button is looking mighty appeali ng about now!

On another note... I have been thinking about you Saw and have those books set aside and ready to ship now that I see you are back.

I will ask my neighbor about the leather stuff as he already does some leather tooling and makes amazing bags and shoes.

Hang in there, you have a lot of people who care about you.


Mar 15 @ 3:00AM  
Why did I ever go to Stanford when I could have been so priviliged to matriculate at the Alaskan School of LIfe.......:)

Mar 15 @ 3:05AM  
Sorry I paid for someone to type for

Mar 15 @ 5:27AM  
Sawduster, I don't know you, but I'm sorry for the trouble you're having.

Mar 15 @ 5:53AM  
Back when Cocktail had a profile (you know, the one showing his real ass, as opposed to his metaphorical ass) it said he was a realtor who had to supplement his income when things were slow by tending bar, and who occasionally captained chartered sailing trips in the Carribean. I suspect the realtor / bartender part was true, and the last item could probably be characterized as VERY occasionally, if at all.

He now seems to be describing himself as independently wealthy, owns a "hotel in West Palm" and "hasn't worked in five years." The facts he shares about himself get more grandiose as the night goes on.

The one thing you can know for sure is that he's a liar and a braggart. His description of his life changes and is embellished every time he comes back, and more and more as the night goes on. The only real question I have about him is why he's so obviously obsessed over what happens on AMD.

But hey, it's your life. Have another drink, Cocktail, and gather your legions for the great war to take over the blogs on an obscure adult dating website.

Mar 15 @ 7:50AM  
Why did I ever go to Stanford when I could have been so priviliged to matriculate at the Alaskan School of LIfe.......:)

On your original profile you listed your real estate license as an academic credential. Nobody who really graduated from Stanford would characterize a license to peddle real estate as an academic credential.

Give it up, man. The more you comment, the more pathetic you look.

Mar 15 @ 7:55AM  
Duster.. Sorry to hear that your bro. is bugging you..

Cockfail..Make sure you keep your Comcast bill paid up in Berlin..
Makes it a lot easier to pinpoint your hovel

I can help you with a hotel in West Palm.
You've obviously never been to West Palm Beach sparkyroxy..
It's nowhere near a beach and is pretty much of a slum town..

Sorry your blog turned out to be an asshole slammer Dusty,
but from what I know about Foxyfuckup, that's what he likes..
A big ol' ass slammer

Mar 15 @ 9:08AM  
drink A little tiger blood and get into winning

Mar 15 @ 11:16AM  
Hey Duster...I hope today starts out better than yesterday.

Mar 16 @ 10:53AM  
Cancer and dying is a fact of life...we all get to do it in our own way.

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is this blogland?