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If You Could Learn A Musical Instrument...Which One Would You Choose?

posted 3/9/2011 10:55:22 PM |
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tagged: music, question, try new things

When I was growing up...I can recall the band forms I would bring home from school every year. I remember really wanting to participate in the school's band...but I simply didn't have enough free time left to dedicate to this particular endeavor since I was already so involved in sports and theatre.

As I've gotten older...this desire has never diminished...and I've often wondered if there are others out there who have the same desire to learn a musical instrument even in their adult years.

So peeps...if you could learn a musical instrument...which one would you choose?

Me? I simply adore the violin. It's such a versatile instrument...and one that makes such an incredible impact when used the right way in a song. I especially love rock songs that incorporate violins into the arrangement. Some of these songs actually give me chills.

Of course...I don't know of anyone would really enjoying living with another adult who was learning how to play the violin. It might be kind of painful for them. Can you say Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?

Your turn...

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Mar 10 @ 12:00AM  
IF is a very big word as dexterity is by far my weakest suit. But to answer your question in my my fantasies, guitar.

Mar 10 @ 12:15AM  
I was a band geek played the flute and alto sax

Mar 10 @ 12:58AM  
...I don't know of anyone would really enjoying living with another adult who was learning how to play the violin. It might be kind of painful for them.
It wouldn't have to be an adult for the experience to be painful.
I've always wanted to play the piano or the guitar. Had a friend who taught me some on guitar but I've forgotten everything I ever learned.

Mar 10 @ 1:33AM  
if you want to hear some REAL violin music, go to youtube and search for pickie jenkins he will give you a whole new outlook at a musical instrument usually given a bum wrap.

as for me I already have my chosen musical instrument.
i luv to play sweet music with my darlin wifey
now who can top that !!
apart from prolly ynot or doc wanting to know when its their turn

Mar 10 @ 1:47AM  
Well...I will trump you tassie...this is my bestest buddy 5 years ago playing a tune we all know...Tommy rocks the house... ...and I am not really into country style...but there is more I just have to find it. Tommy Burroughs ladies and gentleman...

Mar 10 @ 1:51AM  
...and on a different instrument...The guy in the center...Tommy...again...I wish I could play like he....

Mar 10 @ 1:53AM  
...One more time...

Mar 10 @ 1:58AM buddy Eric Lewis...pickin...the guy with the white hair...Don't stop now I play the piano, but I will never be a rock star!

Mar 10 @ 2:03AM  
...this cracks me lil buddy Jimmy...he still loves his hair...Help me Jesus!

Mar 10 @ 2:06AM  
...woooo....this is sultrey....way back in the day...Yo Memphis... ...ok...I will stop...all I ever wanted was what I did...I danced! instrument is my body and I could play it to a tune like no ones business....

Mar 10 @ 2:12AM  
I already play a few instruments I took 10 years of classical piano, under protest I might add. Since then I have played the drums, guitar and Native American Flute. (I had some very good and very patient teachers along the way)
I would like to just be physically able to still play them the way I could 10 years ago. As for a new instrument I think maybe bass guitar.

Mar 10 @ 4:07AM  
When I was a kid, both me and my sister took guitar lessons for a bit before moving on to other interests growing up.

So peeps...if you could learn a musical instrument...which one would you choose?
It would be the guitar of course. lol

Mar 10 @ 7:32AM  
I played Bass for a few years when I was a young'un Easy..Timing, rythm,learn 3 chords and about six bass runs and you can play with anybody

Seriously, Tommy Burroughs has backed some awesome bands..
Most notably The Eagles in the early century..2001-2003 Best Of albums..

Mar 10 @ 9:20AM  
I would like to learn how to play the 'gee tar'- then I could form my own 'rock' band and call it: 'The 67ers' where other members have to be 67! We could change the name each year to: The 68ers, The 69ers (my favorite) etc.


Mar 10 @ 9:38AM  
On a related note, I've always wondered what life was like for those whom don't know how to play an instrument.

I picked up the guitar at 7yo and then the banjo at 9. Piano/keyboard around 16. Fiddled with the violin a little but never really learned. Now, I have cello to learn. Been working with that for a while.

Cello, is prob'ly the last of the instruments that I care to pick up.

Mar 10 @ 10:36AM  
Granny tried to teach me to play the wash board. ....... Drums .... ... Is that musical or just a racket ?

Mar 10 @ 12:48PM  
...Yes rev you are in tune! Tommy is a great musician. I have seen him play many an instrument around town with his old buddies The River Bluff Clan that include Jimmy Davis, Tony Sneed, my favorite drummer Harry Peel and others that sit in. They all get together when Tommy gets off the road every late winter. He hangs in Florida early winter unless he is touring with the greats of rock n roll.
I have been lucky enough to be able to hang with fine musicians here in Memphis. I can't find any recent videos of Tommy, but the man is a legend on the violin as well as guitar pickin. He an Eric lewis make a great team too. Eric is a fabulous picker and they both are sweet and humble.
Ok check out our new cutie pattutie Amy Le Vere. he is a bomb diggitty bomb...maybe not my fav tune, but it is memphis...Watch and check her out often!

Mar 10 @ 1:00PM  
...and ya gotta check this out...On some late night show...Amy is memphis's newest friend and they will be many to follow...and probably my favorite...Susan Marshall, straight out of memphis and always playing with her memphis musicians...she is my soul sister...the nicest you could find and can throw it out any day of the week...Check her out often ...we don't fool around here in Mempho...

Mar 10 @ 1:08PM  
Hey Ms. Bunny. Thanks for all the fun links.

It looks like the popular instrument of choice is the guitar...or as Som put it...the gee-tar. It was cool to discover that we have a few musicians in Pervia. I envy you musical peeps. A lot of my family members play an instrument (piano & guitar) and I think it's such a worthwhile pursuit. Oh of these days I'll have to give the violin or some other instrument a try.

Mar 10 @ 2:17PM  
Your blog reminded me of one I did about a year and a half ago. I am thinking many of you may have never seen it. It involves my mortification with the clarinet. It was without a doubt the most embarrassing moment of my lfe It is pretty funny in hindsight.

Mar 10 @ 4:33PM  
You're right Murph..
It's kinda refreshing to see such a young lady dressing like a lady and playing a 'doghouse bass' so well
First time I tried the DH I was sitting in on a set with a friend's band..40 minutes later
my fingers were raw and bleeding
After that I stuck to my Precision or EB3 Gibson..that I could use a thumb pick on

Susan got some soul for a whitebread sista'

Mar 10 @ 7:57PM  
I've always liked the guitar. I had taken a guitar class when I was in 9th grade and got an A in it. My parents had even gotten me an acoustic guitar for Christmas. And of course, one of my cousin thought he "knew all" about guitars, and tightened one of the strings too tight...ripped the bridge right off the face of the guitar. My parents were actually considering paying for me to take guitar lessons, but after my guitar got broke, it was a no go.

Mar 10 @ 9:37PM  
the guitar...or as Som put it...the gee-tar.
AKA a "hunger box"

Mar 10 @ 10:48PM  
I have recently been contemplating taking up the guitar. My hands aren't really built for it really, but they weren't great for playing piano either, and I still did that.

It just seems like it would be a relaxing hobby.

Mar 11 @ 5:40AM  
Started out with the cello went to the violin after that every tried carry the cello to school everyday . Was forced into learning the piano hell I was 7 didn't have much choice . Later in high school the guitar . Just before my husband died he brought me a mandolin he knew I wanted to learn .

Mar 11 @ 10:14AM  
Musical fruit provides a musical instrument & you don't have to be good at it to sound like a professional.

Mar 11 @ 12:04PM  
guitar...I tried on and off for years...but with U TUBE LESSONS its ez and i can play several songs now and love plinking around in my spare time!

Sep 27 @ 6:18PM  
Leaning and playing the Scotish Highland Bag Pipes a 4 reed monster with a bag and you dont get to see your fingers LOL .
Have heard the easyiest way to play them is a burlap sacl with 3 kats in it and a irish tin whistles squeeze the bag of kats to get them to howl as your drones and play the tin whistle LOL

A bad Scotish Joke LOL

Long live the Pipers

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If You Could Learn A Musical Instrument...Which One Would You Choose?