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FYI... Gas prices are about more than just oil

posted 3/8/2011 8:57:34 AM |
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In case you're perplexed about the crazy daily fluctuations in gas (and other petroleum related) prices and the reasons why, other than the price of oil- this article goes a long way to explain the inside reason(s) in an easy, understandable read! Like I said- don't scream at your local fill up station (or any station for that matter)- their profit is made inside the station, not outside!

Article link

To find the lowest gas prices in your area, I'm re-posting this link

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FYI... Gas prices are about more than just oil
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Mar 8 @ 9:08AM  
Good post, sliding you a greenie! That gas buddy link is very valuable.

Mar 8 @ 9:40AM  
I read this in a newspaper back when prices were flying up last time. Is it aggravating? Yes, it is. I hear people saying the government needs to do something, but, what? Slap OPEC on the hand and tell them they're naughty? Our government can't be dictating to the rest of the world on how to run their businesses...and speculators on the NYSE, they're doing what they do..speculate. Can't tell them to stop.

Now I'm hearing reports on the news about how Congress and the White House are thinking of tapping into the oil reserves. I'd be for it if it was a guarantee to lower prices..but, I have yet to hear that "guarantee".

I say it's time employers give employees a "cost of living" raise! Hey...if those politicians can vote them selves raises...why can't we?

Mar 8 @ 9:54AM  
Our government can't be dictating to the rest of the world on how to run their businesses

Especially since Unky Sam is sooooo GOOD at it............... sarcasm intended!


Mar 8 @ 11:06AM  
In case you're perplexed
Not exactly the word I would use......but ummm...okay, we'll use it.
On the news this mornning the analyst said the cost are going up because they "Might" have trouble getting crude in the future .... isn't that kind of like a dairy famer charging more for milk because his cow might have a heart attack and die? (do cows have heart attacks?)

But, all in all I get the point . It sucks...but I get it.

We'll keep complaining...
They'll keep raising prices...
We'll keep paying it....

Mar 8 @ 1:22PM  
It's $3.55 here.

Mar 8 @ 4:12PM  
My daughter-in-law just returned from staying with her family in Poland. My son was bitching about the price of gas and she said "You Americans are so spoiled with your low gas prices. Try living in Europe for a couple of months and see how you like those prices" When she left Poland it was about twice what we pay here.

We need alternative fuels so we can tell OPEC where to stick their oil and until we do have them we are going to be paying whatever they decide the price is. Did we learn nothing when all this happened back in the 70s? This is not the first time this has happeed and it won't be the last.

Mar 8 @ 4:29PM  
Before you know it everyone will have to set up a cot at their jobs. Maybe it will backfire on the government & they'll have to fork up money to build grocery stores & our necessities in our back yards or start delivering our needs to us because the regular working class can't afford the gas to get anywhere.

Mar 8 @ 6:32PM  
Yes, gas prices in the rest of the world are far beyond ours. As I recall, I'm not going to confirm it (correct me if I am wrong). some Scandinavian countries pay three times the amount that we do.

But what this is doing is stagnating the stock market which had been growing. It will increase prices in retailing and airline tickets. It is slowing, if not halting, the global economic recovery or at least putting it in remission.

There is a very real risk of a relapse into global recession, depending on how far the Arab uprisings extend and how disruptive it proves to be to global economies.

Mar 8 @ 7:03PM  
I remember reading an article, that when it was explained to G.W. Bush
that the 'Goldman Sucks' types of speculators were the ones to run
oil per barrel and gas prices up so bad, that really took the wind out of his
sails.....he was totally confused.....had no idea that's what happened.
And I'm not just relating this to please the Bush Haters. Or say that some of his
advisors were not so good at their jobs, as they had no clue, eitherl

What I'm trying to say, there REALLY are Evil forces at work to fek up your day.

Mar 8 @ 7:24PM  
I think that we will see intervention in Libya, globally. No not the UN, but led by the EEC.I anticipate that there will be a collation built much like what we saw in Gulf War I by George H. Bush This time it will be lead by Italy as they were the colonial power before WW II.

As far as bombing civilians in an uprising. I find that repugnant. Yes, I may be a center left democrat, but under these circumstances, if Gadhafi chooses to use aircraft on civilians, I have no problems with the US navy or USAF making things clear regarding air power in no uncertain terms.

If the mother fucker wants to act ugly with aircraft, our military can talk about being ugly in the skies over Libya...and it will be a very short conversation.

Mar 8 @ 7:43PM  
"Cheaper than pumping petroleum"

IMHO, not a single U.S. Military aid/soldier/sailor/marine needs to risk their
life for ANYTHING in Libya.

Not too long ago, someone said there was about 230 years of Coal Reserves
left in the United States.

I love to watch, what used to be called, "Wings", now it's mostly the Military Channel.
If you've seen any of the B-24 Liberator (Made in Foat Wurth, TX) documentaries,
there are some where they are going to bomb, synthetic fuel factories, in Germany.
Germany does not have many oil wells, but, they DO have lots of coal.
I'll give you three guesses what was used to cost effectivly make everything from
ME109 Aircraft grade high octane, to Panzer deisel.

Find it yourself, "Section 1, Page 8/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/Sunday, September 2, 1990"

Mar 9 @ 8:59PM  
Try living in Canada. We're paying around $1.25 a litre.

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FYI... Gas prices are about more than just oil