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Older women-Younger men....

posted 3/6/2011 3:26:57 PM |
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What is it???? What do you like about that scenario? I'm talking at least a 10yr gap.....what works, doesn't work.....

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Mar 6 @ 3:36PM  
If they call me "momma"...and they ain't kidding...that's were I draw the line!

Generally...I don't like a guy to be more than 5 years younger than me. As far as them being older than me...I tend to be okay with a much bigger age gap. However...I think when it gets right down to's the person...not the age that really matters in the long run.

Mar 6 @ 3:55PM  
Somehow, at my age, I don't see the age gap thing between myself and an older woman, much of a problem!


Mar 6 @ 4:14PM's not how much younger they are than me, but how much more dumb they are...can't do stupid...not that younger is dumber, but not as experinced in handling life. Older has always been what I looked for, but then when I did that I was the younger dumber one! ...I do have a great guy friend that is 68. That is 15 years older than me. he won't go there with me, but I have known him since I was 21 and he was 39...he said it might have worked then...kinda too late for it now huh???!!!...I think he just doesn't want me to see him naked....i promised I wouldn't look....

Mar 6 @ 4:59PM  
When I was in my 40s I did date a musician in his 20s. We had a lot in common though. We liked the same music, hiking and rock climbing. There was no one around my age into those things. You tell most men in their 40s we are going to go rock climbing and the answer is not just no it is hell no. LOL We knew it would not be anything serious but we did have a lot of fun together while it lasted. I was coming out of a messy divorce and it was a fun reentry into the single world. He and I are still friends although he moved to LA some time ago. We stay in touch.

Mar 6 @ 5:03PM  
Well, interesting question my dear and a kudo for an interesting one. However it never applied to me. It was more the other way around, younger women when I was older, much to my daughter's dismay, especially if they were her friends. In that case, nothing was said to me from her, but she terminated the friendship once she got wind of the interlude. It pissed her mother off too.

Mar 6 @ 5:12PM  
Well, interesting question my dear and a kudo for an interesting one. However it never applied to me. It was more the other way around, younger women when I was older, much to my daughter's dismay, especially if they were her friends. In that case, nothing was said to me from her, but she terminated the friendship once she got wind of the interlude. It pissed her mother off too

Don't you think it was kind of in poor taste to go after your daughter's friends? Some things should just be off limits IMO Why would someone risk hurting their relationship with their kids by screwing their friends? I might have dated a younger guy but he was my friend not theirs. If he had been it would have been no way even though we really liked each other. Sorry Bruce but there is sleaze and then there is out of line.

Mar 6 @ 7:06PM  
I'm presently dating a woman 23 years older than myself. The age thing does bother me a little because she's the exact same age as my parents.

But I enjoy the fact that she no longer has 'monthly' emotional complications and for some reason she is extra sexual at her age. And what sealed the deal for me was the fact that she was a nudist. Life has been great ever since she came into my life.

Mar 6 @ 8:16PM  
Mick was 13 years older than me...I never really gave it much thought. He was always such a smart ass and prankster, sometimes it was a wonder he was actually older than me.

Mar 6 @ 8:24PM  
I believe age is just a number as far as relationships go!

Mar 6 @ 9:10PM  
Its the natural order of things. Older men date younger women and older women date younger men all the time each one gains experience and learns new things. But then it seems the majority in the middle having families and raising kids are usually closer together in age. My mom is married to a man that is 13 yrs older than her and they have been together for 17 yrs. Rob is 4 yrs younger than me and its been over 2 yrs now. If it works then who cares about age

Mar 6 @ 10:10PM  
My girlfriend is only 7 years older than me but it's a great relationship

Mar 6 @ 11:47PM  
I had a young man e-mail me off another site. He was 20 (I am 48) he wanted to meet..I said NO..I just can't go that young. He is not even old enough to take me out for a drink..

Mar 6 @ 11:55PM  
interesting topic...i've done BOTH ends of this specturm....10hyr give or take 2 OLDER and YOUNGER....matter of fact there are a few on THIS site in that older range that are just smoking hot!! take some time n you'll figure out who ................or not.........i think all in all as a general rule...i tend to preffer the older....i LIKE more experience...and its gona take a woman older then me to have that...and even then she might not......also talk to a woman i've neve met as of yet and who knows if i will but shes 17yrs youner.....but an ''old soul'' so to speak... i think someone n i'm too lazy to go look who...said it best ..its the way the 2 match up ....hey think this way....not often at my age i can be a 'boy toy'' lol but i have seen a few here i'd be wiling to bend my moral standings n try it for them..yano just to be nice guy lol.... and me done our share of agree's n ont agrees....gotta tell ya sport my kid had girls come over i'd have cut your arm off to fuck BUT ME that would have disrespecedd my i didnt say a word....was one thing to think it ...i'm honestly a bit shocked that you acted on it AND MORE SO that you see NOTHING wrong wiht it....nope ..dont expect ya to eat a bulllet ovver what i think..but hey you know me ....someone puts shit out here its an open you got my .02.....

Mar 7 @ 12:31AM  
I prefer older women but not opposed to younger depending on maturity.

Mar 7 @ 8:55AM  
i'm honestly a bit shocked that you acted on it AND MORE SO that you see NOTHING wrong wiht it

Let me clarify some things. It happened twice. Both women were in their mid/late twenties. They initiated it and I was discrete about it. They were the ones who talked.

Mar 7 @ 9:10AM  
Everyone says, "Age is just a number!", but I have never found this to be true. The few times I've dated younger men (6 years younger and 10 years younger) it has never worked for me. The reason things didn't go well was the gap in life experience- also we had nothing in common. After these two experiences I decided that dating younger men just doesn't work for me. I like a guy to be my age or older.

Mar 7 @ 3:27PM  
Even as recent as a few years back, I was okay with going as low as 15 years below me with dating women. Anymore I come to realize that not only is that a another generation, but I can't almost relate to a largest part of them in generation Y. I guess I also want someone a little closer to my age who grew up in the same era I grew up in. More to share our experience with each other about what was going on at the time, along with what we were doing during those fun years.

I don't think I would go more than 7-8 years below my age for being in a relationship with them.

Mar 7 @ 5:58PM  
I once dated a woman who was 7 years older than me, and once dated a woman who was 10 years younger. Neither worked out, but I don't think in either case it had to do with age.

However, my best relationships have been with women who were within a couple years of my age. Sharing a frame of reference is important in a relationship. Having experienced the cultural changes of each decade, and having done so while at roughly the same age, goes a long way toward providing a similar frame of reference. At least it seems that way to me.

Mar 9 @ 2:19PM  
What great comments! Thanks guys! I guess I have not figured it out yet.... Not sure if I ever will!

Jan 13 @ 7:04PM  
My 2 cents...young dudes are the reason I came to AMD in the first place. I'm 44 and recently separated. Since becoming "liberated" from my marriage my sex drive has gone into warp speed! So, I've been hooking up with a 27 year old guy that I know. Completely NSA. It's the hottest thing ever. So I wanted to meet more young guys. Their stamina, their tight young bodies, their desire to be with someone more experienced and less inhibited than their peers, that's what works in that scenario.

That said, what doesn't work for me would be an actual relationship, because I have young kids, and when I'm ready to take the plunge again I want someone stable, wise, experienced, maybe with kids of his own.

To recap: Works: it's effin HOT
Doesn't work: romance. lol


Jan 14 @ 5:16AM  
^^^What she said.

I've been carrying on with one guy since he was 19, we've known one another for awhile but never dated...sometimes things should stay the way they are. However, some young guys aren't always immature commitment-dodgers, there are some who can and will surprise you...

Jan 14 @ 5:25AM  
I see nothing wrong w/ older women dating younger men..before the wife passed she dated younger men,as long as they were 18 or seemed the strenghten our relationship...

Jan 14 @ 11:19PM  
im 19 does that work

Jan 15 @ 4:13AM  
Had a marine in my Company who's father used to change his wife dipers when she was little and he baby sat here he was about 24 years her senior LOL thats south Carolina for you LOL

Jan 16 @ 1:52PM  
Imagine growing old@40 and with your man@55...Nice one here,kudos.its a natural thing growing old maybe in ur 40s with some one younger,active and that can always do it better,what if you r separated?you will never want to go out looking for a man@his 60 that for money and not sex.@20,i'm dating a wman @41 and its a lot for me to tell.

Jan 21 @ 2:01PM  
I'm 20, but I've always been very mature for my age. So much so that the girls my age frequently get on my nerves because of their immaturities. For this reason I like older women a lot. I don't have a lot of life experience but I have my shit together and the older ladies also have their shit together. They also have more realistic understanding and expectations of relationships and the opposite sex. I don't know if it's just my generation or all girls are this way when they're in their teens/20's but most I know are hopelessly obsessed with fairy-tale love and The Notebook kinds of stories. They have impossible expectations for their men and sometimes don't even know what they want from us. Older women have already swallowed the Reality Pill and know what a realistic performance from a quality guy is/can be.
Older women also understand and enjoy sex as much as men do. Most girls my age are either in the "saving it/keeping it special" tyrant despite not knowing anything about that concept and grabbing theories out of thin air, OR they're club-going girls who "just want to have fun" ("heart-breakers" I call 'em)
What intimidates me about a long term relationship with someone like 20 years older (10yrs may get around this issue) is the concept of growing old together. When I'm 40 she'll be 60, and when I'm 60 she'll be 80. As we get up there in age we start getting into separate stages of life again similar to when very young. If I'm 60 and still active and eager to do stuff, just starting my retirement say, and my wife is already using/needing a walker that would be hard! But depending on each persons health and lifestyle, a 10yr difference might be able to side-skirt this.
BUT, I do think what other commenters are saying is very true! The older woman-younger man sexual relationship is top notch.
I have a saying: "If we're both in our prime, we're bound for a good time"

Feb 5 @ 3:42PM  
just always been a fantasy of mine to hook up with a freinds mom whos husband isnt's satisfying her, idk just always liked the idea.

Feb 9 @ 12:53PM  
In my 20's I was with a woman 13 years my senior fro a few years. I learned so much about mature relationships in our time together. Not just sex, but everything.

She was happy to have someone paying attention, her ex and previous lovers didnt' pay that close of attention to her.

I've always had a thing for women in that age bracket - now they are the younger ones, though.

Feb 10 @ 10:26AM  
I cannot understand why any woman older or young would waste their time on an old fart on disability unless they were desperate.Thats my personal opinion.

Feb 10 @ 4:19PM  

Feb 13 @ 6:22PM  
I actually wouldn't mind dating a lady who is 10 years older than me. Sides, age isn't important to me.

Feb 13 @ 10:41PM  
I've never been with a woman who was 10 years or more older than me, but I have definitely thought about it and dreamed about it, and would be very much open to it.

Feb 18 @ 12:17AM  
I have teachers at my school that turn me on so much I don't know why I try to fight my urges but it doesn't help. I guess im just turned on by there personality. Another reason why is maybe because i know their final state. If anyone in Ohio wants to hook up message me!

Feb 28 @ 9:18PM  
I really don't see anything wrong with it. I've dated both older and younger women. I can't say one is better than the other, due to the fact it depends on the person. I say if you are both happy, and it works, go for it. There is nothing wrong with it.

Mar 4 @ 8:29AM  

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Older women-Younger men....