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posted 1/16/2007 1:25:19 PM |
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Yea I know...this is an Adult site...but lets not get carried away here. I'm talking about the Black and Decker kind!
So, we all heard about my poor baby's mishap with the skil-saw. He'll have the scar to remind him to be more careful...or at least pay more attention to the project at hand than to GnR!
About 3 or 4 years ago I had a clogged drain in my kitchen. I tried various methods to unclog it...plunging, drano, no avail. I found out that the clog was in the main part of the drain under the I hiked on up to Home Depot and rented one of those power snakes. These things are HUGE! About 100 ft of metal coil attached to a motor...that you feed into the pipe and it spins around, demolishing anything in it's path.
Well, I had to get under the sink and take the cover off the clean-out vent to get this snake in there...and when I turned it on it proceeded to spin very fast and move thru the drain.
At the time I had pretty long hair...and while I was guiding this thing into the caught at my hair and twisted it around this metal coil...all the way to my scalp before I was able to turn it off!
Now...imagine if you will. I'm laying on the floor with my hair caught in this stupid snake...and because it's motorized I can't just turn it to unloose my hair. I have to turn the damn thing back on in reverse and hope it doesn't catch my hair the other way! And because there is no clutch on it to make it completely stop when you turn it keeps going for a couple more turns after it's turned off! OMG...what a nightmare!
Luckily, I didn't panic and I didn't loose any hair. I did end up with a very sore neck though! Moral of this story...if you have to use one of those things, put your hair back!!
Oh yea...and I did get the drain unclogged!

What's your worst experience with a power tool?

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Jan 16 @ 1:31PM  
Thats completely different from MY power tool experience You had me all excited for a minute !!!

Jan 16 @ 1:38PM  
all I can say is ouch.. I know that had to hurt. I am impressed though at the way you handles it and you finished the project great job. A lot of people couldn't use those powered snakes, men and women alike. I am reminded of this time I was helping my cousin install a new septic tank to his First Trailer house. I know redneck..... But here we are digging the big hole in the ground for the tank and taking turns in the hole. As I was digging and just Dropping the tip of the shovel into the ground to break it up. my cousin said something about a strange car in the driveway and I took a quick look just as I slammed that shovel right down onto my foot, cutting through the show cutting off the toenail of my big toe and putting a nice little gash in the toe. I learned to keep my eye on the shovel...

Jan 16 @ 1:52PM  
I remember the shop class rules very well. No ties. No jackets. No shirts untucked. No baggy clothes. Hair pulled back or in a hat. Work-gloves. Steel toed shoes. Oil proof soles. And above all, goggles. And it's not just for power tools.

Hey, thanks for the point-out, sunny. But it does have an adult POV...just like you wouldn't have sex with a stranger without a condom, you shouldn't be working without the right gear either.

Jan 16 @ 2:01PM  
OMG....sorry to laugh...but being in construction....had my share of problems...just glad to know both of you survived!

Jan 16 @ 2:03PM  
oh ps my worst tool problem was not a power tool but Falling while wearing Ten Foot stilts!....It kinda hurts both body and ego!

Jan 16 @ 2:25PM  
ten foot stilts, damn. I used to hang drywall and the only guys I ever see wearing stilts are the guys taping and bedding. Is there another use for them or is that what you do? any way have a laugh, I laugh about it now. and yes it does hurt the ego about when you do something like that.

Jan 16 @ 2:28PM  
I'll explain my lil oops

I ripped out a section of flooring in a Redneck Villa, it had gone soft due to a water leak. I scabbed the 2x6 fllor joists in place but was left with the problem of fitting plywood into non squared holes. I had to shave about a 16th of an inch off one end of a piece, I propped it on my knee and promptly ran the saw into my leg. That fucking hurt lol..... thin as my legs are too...

Jan 16 @ 2:39PM  

Jan 16 @ 2:46PM  
I was framing a wall with an air nailer with a dipshit holding it for me. Well, he jerked it right as the nail gun fired and I shot a 3" nail through my thumb. Luckily, it was just under the skin.
After chasing him off with my framing hammer, cussing as I went, I pulled it out and kept on working.
That freaking HURT !

Jan 16 @ 3:03PM  
cabl-guy did you get a new dipshit for holding the latter.

Jan 16 @ 3:15PM  
When I took shot in highschool I can honestly say that I thought I would do well in it and figured it was an easy class to get an "A" in. Well, I took it and I sucked so bad in that class, and I was lucky getting through it with a "C". The tools and building things weren't as nearly as bad as drafting was. That was awful and I can't draw and make the measurements lining it up in the draftings. lol

Jan 16 @ 4:49PM  
well, my only real injury was running into an F-4 and getting 10 stiches in my head, but I always had cuts and bruises on me somewhere. I am actually pretty good with power tools and never had any problems with those. My biggest problen has always been with razor baldes, I used to do new construction cleaning, and used 4inch wide razor blades to clean windows, well somehow I managed to cut my thumb right where my cuticle is, it cut so deep it went into the nail bed so that when my nail was growing out it had a cut in it.

Jan 16 @ 6:14PM  
I'm not allowed to use power tools. I fall off ladders all the time though, does that count? I've fallen off of 10 footers, 8 footers, 6 footers and even a lil 3 footer. I've yet to break a bone falling off, but have pretty much bruised and bashed most places on my body. I even managed to get a concussion from the 3 footer, fell straight back onto my head. Thank goodness my parents were on their way over when it happened, and found me we think about 15 minutes later, still out cold on the floor in the kitchen. My son was only about 3 at the time, and it would have been hours till my (ex now) husband came home! I'm a klutz! I need

Jan 16 @ 6:27PM  
I have to admit I’ve done the hair stuck in the power tool thing a few times myself. Other then that it’s just been close calls.

Jan 16 @ 6:37PM  
Another good one I just remembered about a close call. One was with a chainsaw. I was cutting wood and it was cold out. I had on Insulated Coveralls and while cutting the branch whe straight through an cut into my coveralls, my pants and my long johns. I freaked thinking I had seriously cut into my leg and when I checked it out there was only a small cut on my legg.


Jan 16 @ 7:40PM  
Have not had any mishaps with any power tools yet...although....surprised at the fact that I even OWN some! I feel pretty dam cool! But even better than that.....I must say I have fully enjoyed the pleasure of fixing a few of my own household items....

Last electricity went out for 3 days....I filled up two large coolers full of ice and loaded them up with all the junk from the refrigerator....the next day, my computer crashed......the next day.....when my electricity came back on....I dumped the melted ice in the kitchen sink.....and......suddenly...there was an inch of water underneath the sink gushing out onto the kitchen floor......I couldn't help but stand there and wonder if I should make that my "bath time" because my hot water heater would probably be the next thing to go!

So....I jumped in my car and headed up to Home Depot intent on fixing the broken pipes ALL BY MYSELF......not quite a snake job....thank goodness....but....having never even looked any further than the trash can under a sink.....I was ready for some fun! All in one night, I not only reapired the pipes under the sink but purchased a "memory card" and some kind of special cable jack for my computer and installed it all an my own! Even used my electric drill to open my computer!

Thanks for the opportunity to gloat a little hon! I finally actually had a legitamite reason for going to Home Depot!

Jan 16 @ 10:50PM  
I saw this porno once where these girls put dildos on the end of drills and when they turned the drills on, the dildos turned around and it looks like a pretty good time...sorry....i saw power tools and it sparked my memory. Sorry Canu...hope you get better.

I havent had a bad experience with a power tool... yet

Jan 16 @ 11:01PM  
People tell me that masterbation with power tools is fun and erotic, personally I have never tried it.

Jan 16 @ 11:51PM  

Seeing I have intimate carnal knowledge, my word best suffice! Please stop yelling now!

Jan 17 @ 12:17AM  
I once plugged in a power tool. It was best for all concerned that I stop there :)

Jan 18 @ 12:19AM  
Just call me :Tim the Toolman Taylor" that shoul say it all about me and powertools.

Jan 19 @ 12:52PM  
my only bad experience with "power tools" is when my 3 yr old son found mommy's toys and brought one in dining room where there was 10 people playing cards and wanted to know what it was lol does that count?

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Power Tools