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Erotica, Journals not meant for all READERS. Title: What's in the Box PART 4

posted 3/3/2011 10:48:06 AM |
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tagged: fuck, pussy, suck, master, eat

This is not for everyone. If you are not into Master/Slave relationships do not read this. This is my story and my views. Do not copy my story.

You reach up with your cuffed hands and start to play with my balls but I quickly grab the chain of your cuffs and pull your hands back behind your head and holding them there. Then I tell you to open up and you open your mouth wide. I start to push your head down again, this time using your cuffed hands in mine. And again slowly I push your head down onto my cock making you take it slowly, an inch by inch. Then I hold your head still not allowing you to move it with your hands still held behind you and you hear the click again.
You feel me start to slide my hard cock back and forth inside your mouth slowly at first. You moan with pleasure as your mouth fills with water. I start to move it faster and you begin to use your tongue, licking all around it, and you open and close your mouth and use your lips and your teeth. The juices are overflowing. You can feel the strands dangling from your chin and then dropping onto your tits as I fuck your mouth.
Your pussy is so wet you can feel the juices running down your thighs. You want to touch it so bad. You want to rub your hard clit while I'm sliding my big hard cock back and forth inside your mouth but you can't. You want to reach down and rub the juices into your tits while I fuck your mouth but you can't.
It's all driving you so wild you can't stand it. You love the feel of my hard cock in your mouth. You can taste the pre-cum oozing out of the head and it tastes so good. You want more. You're moving your hips uncontrollably. It’s like your pussy is searching out a cock dying to slide down on it and ride it. You need to touch yourself so bad.
I slide my cock out of your mouth and take my hands off your head and I back away from you. You're still on your knees. Your hands are still behind your head. Your mouth hangs open as you take in long hard breaths. Strands of juice drip onto your tits. Your nipple clips are sending you so many sensations from your chest heaving. Your hips are still moving uncontrollably. Your pussy juice is running down your legs and you need more.............Then you hear the click of the camera once more.
"Stand." I tell you. You stand but you leave your hands on your head.
"Spin around for me Pet," I say. Slowly, you spin completely around for me.
"Now you may put your hands down," I say. Slowly, you bring them back over your head, over your tits, and down to your pussy.
Your hands are so close, it's too much temptation, and so you begin to rub your clit. You moan in pleasure and relief, finally touching it. It feels so good. You start to rub harder and faster. You need to cum. You need to so bad.
Then you feel my hand on yours. I push on your finger pressing it down even harder on your clit. You begin to moan louder. You can feel it building up inside you. As you get close I push down even harder on your finger then I pull our hands away. You exhale hard in frustration but you love it at the same time.
I turn you around so you're facing the bed and start to bend you over. I guide your hands and have you put them on the bed. Your feet are still on the floor, leaning over the bed, and you're holding yourself up with your hands.
You begin to wonder what I plan to do with you now. Will I slide my hard cock into your hungry pussy? You would love that so much right now. You'd love to cum all over my hard cock. Or maybe I'll slide it in to your tight ass. You would love that too. Right now you know you'll love anything I do to you. You only wonder what it will be.
You hear me walk away and them come back and you wonder what I gone and done. What have I brought back with me? You know the package is here. Did I go get yet another toy?
It's then that you feel my hands on both of your ankles, grabbing them. Then I start to pull them apart, spreading your pussy and your ass open wide. I slide my hands up the outside of your legs slowly, stopping when I reach your leather panties at your hips.
Then slowly I trace the edge of them moving my hands toward one another. When they meet, I start to move them down and apart again until I have the cheeks of your ass in my hands. I squeeze them and begin to spread them apart, exposing your asshole.
Then you feel my tongue. Licking your ass. Slowly moving up your right cheek, then the left. I stop and bite your ass. Not hard but enough to pinch it between my teeth. Then you feel my tongue sliding up the middle slowly moving toward your asshole. You shiver as it glides across the hole then stops and begins to make tiny circles over it.
Soon it is nice and wet and you begin to feel my tongue pushing harder on your asshole until it opens up and my tongue slides in. I run it around the inside then start to slide it in and out quickly several times. You moan in ecstasy as the pressure begins to build inside you once again.
Your body tenses and soon you've reached the point of no return and you scream as you begin to feel that hot cum flow through you like a raging river. I continue to slide my tongue in and out of your asshole until the floodgates open completely. You scream even louder as you spray your hot, sweet, and juicy cum all over yourself. You can feel it running down your legs.
Then I stop licking your asshole as you twitch uncontrollably and start to lick your hot cum off your legs and then your inner thighs, driving you even wilder. You're breathing hard and fast, trying to recover.
"Stay where you are," I say as I move away.
You begin to catch your breath. And slowly those thoughts and questions begin to race through your mind once again and you realize just how hot you are. How turned on you are. How much you love it. How bad you want more. Then you wonder am I going to do next...
So there you wait, bent over the bed in a total state of arousal. You've just had one the most amazing orgasms of your life, and you want more. Your mind is racing and your heart pounds in your chest with anticipation.
The chain of your nipple clips is swinging back and forth pulling down on your nipples sending a whole new set of sensations through them. Your blindfold still keeping you in darkness and you can feel the warm cum still dripping from your pussy, slowly running down your thighs.
Then you feel my hands on your ass once again. It sends a shiver up your spine and you let out a long soft moan. I spread it apart, exposing your asshole once again and then I take one hand and hold it wide open.
You moan again. You hope the next thing you feel is the head of my big hard cock pushing against your asshole. You want it so bad. You begin to quiver with excitement.
Then you feel something cold and hard rubbing against your asshole. It's not my finger. It's not the head of my cock. It begins to push and slowly spreading your asshole apart. You moan once more as your asshole closes up again and you realize that it a

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Mar 4 @ 12:44AM  

Mar 4 @ 12:54AM  
There you are again, being redundant and a rude asshole to boot. Hey Hiimjohn, does this forgetful girlfriend know you're on here looking????

Mar 4 @ 1:37AM  

Mar 4 @ 1:43AM  
You know if I couldn't be more creative than that with insults, I'd not even try. How embarrassing. No wonder you felt you couldn't type out the words bitches, aids or ass! You sound like you just came in from the gradeschool playground!
I mean if you're gonna insult someone, act like a man about it, not some little boi! Oh wait.........that's it isn't it?? You are a little boi! Just a little bitch boi needing some big dick to suck!! Well there's not alot of gay or bi guys on here, you might wanna try, but in the meantime keep bending over bitch and I'm sure someone will be happy to fill up your little fuckhole!

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Erotica, Journals not meant for all READERS. Title: What's in the Box PART 4