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Erotica, Journals not meant for all READERS. Title: What's in the Box PART 3

posted 3/3/2011 10:45:00 AM |
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tagged: sex, pussy, slave, cock, suck

This is not for everyone. If you are not into Master/Slave relationships do not read this. This is my story and my views. Do not copy my story.

You push them together and squeeze them, but this time you pose for me and wait until you hear the camera click. You slowly run your hands down your body and start to rub your clit. Then you spread your pussy apart for me and show it to me holding it wide open until the camera clicks again. You turn around and bend all the way over and garb your ankles to show me your ass and hold the pose for me. Then you spread your ass apart and show me your asshole again holding the pose. Then you rub it for me.
You're getting so hot now. This is turning you on so much. Then suddenly you feel me grabbing your left hand. You hope desperately that I'm going to put in on my hard cock and have you to stroke it but I don't. The next thing you feel is the cold steel of a handcuff as it wraps around your wrist and locks. I check it to make sure it is snug. Then I grab your right hand and wrap the other cuff around it as well cuffing your hands together in front of you.
You can feel the juices from you pussy running all the way down your legs now. You're so wet and your clit begins throbbing. Your nipples stand out rock hard from your breasts.
You start to move your hands, testing the boundaries of your restraints but I grab the chain between the cuffs and start to guide you out of the tub. Gently I pull the chain and the cuffs pull at your wrists so you follow.
You're in the middle of the bathroom now and I tell you to stand where you are. You hear the camera click once again. Then you hear me pulling something out of the package. Soon you feel a new sensation of cold metal against your left nipple. I rub it against your nipple making sure it’s a hard as it can be while you begin to moan with pleasure because you have a good idea what it is. Something you know you like.
You are right. It's a nipple clip. You know the feel of it as I put it on your nipple and it sends a shiver down your back. Then you feel the cold metal on your right nipple as I get it ready for the clip and you can feel the cold chain that connects them together draping across your tits. And then I put the clip on your right nipple. I grab the chain between them and tug on softly then let it fall.
You hear the click of the camera once more and it sends shivers up and down your spine as you wonder how you look.
Now I tell you to hold out your hands. You reach out hoping maybe I'll put them on my cock and let you stroke it. But instead I place the package in them and tell you to hold it. So you stand there, your heart racing, anticipation burning inside you. You can touch it but you cannot see what's in it and it drives you crazy.
You feel me pulling something out of it and then you feel my hand on your ankle. You moan when you feel it. I pull it up off the floor slightly and then set it back down, then do the same with the other. Then you feel cold leather sliding up against your legs. Leather panties. I pull them up and you move to help me get them on you. You moan and shiver as my hands rub up against you touching you, but not where you want. They're crotch less and you love them, the feel of the leather, the coolness. Once they're on you I pull my hands away. And again you hear the camera click.
Then you feel me grabbing your nipple clip chain pulling at your nipples. You moan with pleasure. It feels so good and you feel hot juices running down your thighs. Then I tell you to come with me and I guide you into the bedroom by pulling you by your nipple clip chain. You carry the package with you.
Moving you into the bedroom I sit you the end of the bed and take the package away from you and tell you, "Sit there and wait."
You sit there waiting as I told you to. You try to see but there's nothing but darkness. You try to listen but there's nothing but the pounding of your heart. You try to smell any new aromas but there's only the vanilla. The only thing you can feel is the sheets of the bed your sitting on, the leather of your crotch-less panties, and the steel of your nipple clips and handcuffs.
The nipple clips are pinching tight and your nipples are so hard and tight against, they feel like they'll explode. You can feel the weight of the chain pulling down on them stretching them. Making them even tighter. Every time you shift your body you can feel the cold metal of the chain bounce against your tits and pull at your nipples giving you new sensations, sending shivers up your spine.
The leather of your crotch-less panties feels cold against your skin and tight across your hips and your blindfold is tight around your head. You can feel the juices dripping down from your pussy to your asshole making it wet and juicy.
How long will I make you wait? What is going to happen next? What wicked plans do I have for you? What else is in that package? What more can I do to you? How far am I going to take you this time? These questions race through your mind again and again as you sit and wait.
It feels like an eternity has passed. The anticipation is burning inside you. Driving you mad.
Then you hear the click of the camera, and finally, you hear my voice. Your wait is over. You have no idea how long I've made you wait, only that it felt like forever.
"Get off the bed and get down on your knees for me," I say. You stand up and take a step forward, then drop to your knees.
Then I say, "Lick your lips for me." And you slip your tongue out and slide it back and forth over your lips wetting them.
"Open your mouth wide," I say. "And stick out your tongue for me My Wicked Girl." You do as I say. Then you hear the click of the camera and your mouth waters in anticipation. Hoping that I'll let you suck my big hard cock.
You feel my hand as I run it through your hair stopping at the back of your head. I grab you by the hair and pull your head back. Then you feel the head of my cock as I lay it on your wet tongue. You moan in delight. You want to suck it so bad.
You try to take it in your mouth, but I pull your head back and I start to bounce my big hard cock on your tongue teasingly. Then I leave it lay there and soon you feel my other hand on the back of your head. And slowly I start to push it forward. As I do you take the head into your mouth. It feels so good to you that you moan and try to take more but I make you do it slow. Deeper and deeper my cock moves into your mouth as I push your head down farther and farther until you've taken every inch you can. Then the camera clicks once more.
You start to choke and I pull your head back just enough to keep from choking you. Slowly I start to pull your head back easing it off of my cock until your head is all the way back again and my hard cock has gone out of your reach. You lick your lips and open your mouth, sticking out your tongue. You hope for more as I start to bounce my cock off your tongue again.
You reach up wi

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Erotica, Journals not meant for all READERS. Title: What's in the Box PART 3