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Erotica, Journals not meant for all READERS. Title: What's in the Box Part 2

posted 3/3/2011 10:30:58 AM |
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tagged: fuck, sex, suck, master

This is not for everyone. If you are not into Master/Slave relationships do not read this. This is my story and my views. Do not copy my story.

You throw your leg up on the back of the couch. You slide your left hand underneath your ass and squeeze it. You start to slide your right hand down, spreading apart your pussy lips while you start to rub your asshole with the left. It is wet with pussy juice. When your right hand gets low enough you slide your two middle fingers into your pussy and at the same time you slide your middle finger of your left hand into your asshole.
You moan in ecstasy. You've reached the point of no return now and you know it. Slowly you finger your tight pussy and your tight ass. Faster and faster you move your hands. Your moaning loader and your rolling your hips up and down, side to side, in circles. Your tits are bouncing up and down. You start to feel the pressure building up inside again and you know you can’t stop.
You hear a car door outside but you still can't stop yourself. You go even harder. Then the door opens and I walk in. But you still can't stop. Your sliding your fingers in and out of your ass and pussy at the same time as you look at me walking towards you with a smile on my face. I sit down and put your head on my lap.
"You may cum for me now My Pet," I say.
"Oh yes!" you whisper. "Thank you Master"
You shove your finger all the way up in your ass hard and you finger that special spot in your pussy and rub it with both fingers hard and fast. Finally you let go of everything built up inside you as you scream, Cumming all over your fingers. Every ounce of energy you had drains from your body and you pull your fingers out and go limp.
You lie there with your head on my lap your body twitching, you legs shaking, your heart pounding. After a few moments you begin to feel it building up inside of you again. You’re going to cum again you scream as you reach up and grab my arms to brace yourself.
"Oh My God!" You scream, as you have another orgasm. Then you have another right after it.
Finally your finished and you relax back up against me and in between heavy breaths your glance up at the TV. The movie is over. Then you see the other package. You ask, "What's in it?"
"You'll find out soon enough..." I say.
You fell asleep soon after you multiple orgasm experience and so I let you rest awhile but soon I wake you up by picking you up off the couch and carrying you up the stairs into the bathroom. The lights are off but there are vanilla scented candles burning all over the room. You see that I've run a bath for you. The steam is rising up from the water and you see the droplets of the oil I put in floating in the water.
You notice something else as well. The package is sitting there on the edge of the sink. You wonder what is in it. Different thoughts race through your mind as I slowly lower you into the tub. You lay back and soak in the water realizing that it's your favorite bath oil I've put in. It's the scented one that arouses you so much.
You splash water up on to your tits and watch it run back down them. You like that. It always makes you think of when I cum all over them and you watch it run down before you lick it all up.
You begin to wonder what it is that I have planned for you. Am I going to give you my cock? At least let you suck on it? Despite all the satisfaction you've had today you are still hungry for it. You can taste it in your mouth, feel it filling up your tight little pussy.
And then you wonder what is in that package. Is it another video we'll watch together? Is it a new vibrator? Maybe it's a butt plug or anal beads? Maybe it's a set of handcuffs and a blindfold? Or maybe it’s some new wicked sex toy that I had made especially for your pleasure. They all sounds good to you. But what is it you wonder.
It's then that you realize that I'm sitting there watching you. You smile and I smile back. You know I know your trying to guess what's in the package. Then I stand up and walk over to it and start to open it. Your heart jumps. You sit up and try to see but you can’t.
I turn my head and smile saying, "Tend to your bath. You'll know what it is soon enough."
You do as I say and you begin to wash yourself, your mind racing. And the anticipation excites you.
You look up and you see that I've sat back down again and have been watching you once more. But now you see that I swinging something back and forth from my finger. It's a black silk blindfold. Your heart begins to race again as I walk to you and put it over your eyes, wrap it around your head, and tie it snugly. You can't see anything, you can't peek, and I've made sure of it. You begin to breathe hard in anticipation of what is coming next.... wondering.
You can't see me, but you know I'm still there because you can feel me watching you.
"Finish your bath," I say.
So you continue to wash yourself, making sure to clean all my special places. It's making you so hot knowing that I'm sitting there watching you bathe.
"That's enough. Now stand up," I say.
The water's dripping off you and running down all over you. The cool air blowing in from the other room hits you and sends shivers up and down your whole body; covering you from head to toe with goose bumps and making your nipples harden and stand out.
It's then that you feel the icy cold splash of baby oil all over your tits. You shiver and the goose bumps grow, your nipples stand out further and harder. It reminds you of when I cum all over them for you, like you love me to do.
"Rub it in for me," I tell you.
The oil is slick and you love the way your hands slide across your tits. It feels so good to you and I spray more on you as your rubbing it into your tits so much that it starts to run down your stomach and onto your thighs.
"Rub it in all over your body," I say. So you start to rub it into your legs; thighs, stomach, everywhere and you love it. And you love the fact that I'm watching you. It turns you on when I watch you like this.
Then you hear a thud on the floor, then another. I've taken off my boots. Then you hear my zipper going down on my jeans and you moan in excitement. Soon hear my clothes hitting the floor and you know that I'm standing there naked watching you and it makes you even hotter.
You continue to rub the baby oil all over your body but now even more sensually than before because you can hear my breathing getting faster and harder. You know I'm stroking my fat hard cock while I watch you and you want to get me hot so you start to do all those things you know I love watching you do.
You lick and suck your nipples for me and as you do you hear a click. You realize it must be my digital camera and that I've started taking pictures of you or maybe I have been for a while now and you just didn't know. Either way it just excites you even more because you love to have your picture taken while you’re doing wicked things like this.
You push them together and sque

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Mar 4 @ 12:52AM  
Oh now that was just fucking rude. If you don't live the lifestyle you wouldn't understand, but you don't have to be downright rude about it.

Mar 4 @ 1:04AM  

Mar 4 @ 1:23AM  
The only thing shit stained on me is my boots, from sticking them up bitchy little punks asses! I thought you were volunteering to be next since you're bending over and begging for it.

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Erotica, Journals not meant for all READERS. Title: What's in the Box Part 2