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Erotica, Journals not ment for all READERS. Title: What's in the Box

posted 3/2/2011 1:50:11 PM |
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tagged: erotica, slave, sexy, master, hot

This is not for everyone. If you are not into Master/Slave relationships do not read this. This is my story and my views. Do not copy my story.

You awake to the ringing of the phone. As you reach to answer it you glance at the clock through hazy eyes seeing that it's almost one thirty in the afternoon. You answer with a sleepy, "Hello?"

"It's Your Wicked Master," I say, "How's My Wicked Pet? You were still sleeping when I came home for lunch and I didn't try to wake you."

"Well, I'm still recovering! You were something else last night, but you should have woken me, Master. Why didn't you?" you ask.

"Because, I had something to do. Something I didn't want you to know about until now. A surprise," I say.

"Oh, what kind of surprise? "What is it?" you ask, the excitement and curiosity beginning to burn inside you.

"Walk downstairs to the living room and see for yourself," I say.

"O.K.," you say as you throw off the covers and crawl out of the bed.

You come down the stairs and into the living room and begin to look around the room. Finally you see it setting on top of the television. A small package wrapped in brown paper.

"Do you see it?" I ask.

"Yes, on top of the television," you say.

"Good," I say. "Now go ahead and open it sexy."

You open it and see that inside there is another package, only a bit smaller, and wrapped the same way. On top of it is a DVD movie.

"You can't touch the other package but pick up the DVD," I tell you.

You pick it up and it's an adult video called "Erotic Delights" and your aroused by the title.

"Oh, you are such a wicked Master," you say. "And what's in the other package?"

"You'll find out soon enough," I say. "I have plans for you my Pet."

Your heart starts to pound and mind begins to race, wondering what I have in store for you.

"Now take off your pajamas for me and put the video in," I say. "Then and go sit on the couch."

"Yes My Master," you say as you start to strip for me.

You sit down on the couch and then I tell you, "I want you to watch the movie. You can play while you’re watching it, but you can't cum. Not until I say you can, nor can you put on any clothes until I tell you to."

You say, "I'll do whatever you want. You know I will. You know I'm Your Pet."

"I'll see you later Pet," I say. "Now hit the play button." Then I hang up.

"Erotic Delights" comes on the screen and the movie starts. You make yourself comfortable on the couch and begin to watch intently. You become even more excited when you realize that it is one of the better-made movies, one that is made by a woman for a woman.

As you watch you can feel your heart begin to beat faster and faster, cold chills run up your spine as you feel your big juicy nipples begin to harden. And you can hear the smacking and popping of the juices from your sweet, soft shaven pussy, as it gets even wetter.

Your nipples are so hard that you can't help but touch the right one as you watch. Slowly you run the palm of your right hand over the top of it barely touching it. Goosebumps pop up all over your tit and the nipple gets even harder, and still you watch. You raise your hand to your mouth and you wet your finger. You take it back to your nipple and gently rub the top in small circles getting it wet. Then you blow on it raising the goose bumps even farther and making it even harder. Then you do the same to left nipple, rubbing, wetting, and blowing.

Still you watch the movie intently but now you start to pinch your right nipple between your thumb and finger and gently roll it back and forth between them. It feels so good.... and you do the same with your left nipple but you start to pull it as well while your twisting. Then back to the right nipple with more twisting and pulling as you watch.

This movie is making you so hot ... It is so good ... You begin to rub your tits with your hands from the top around your nipples until they are resting in the palms of your hands. Then you push them up and squeeze them, and pinch your nipples between your thumbs and fingers again and twist them. Then you push them together and rub your nipples up against one another. They are so hard and so sensitive....

Your mouth starts to water and your tongue gets hard. You need to lick and suck them so you push your right tit up and bring down your head as you lick your lips, but you never take your eyes off the movie. You get your tongue wet and lick all around your hard nipple sending shivers down your spine then you kiss it with your wet lips and slowly suck it into your mouth, running your hard wet tongue across the top of it. You slowly let it out of your mouth and blow on it as you begin to push up your other tit to do the same thing.

By now you're well on your way to Cumming. You have to stop or else you will, and you can't until I say. So you stop. You put your hands down but you want to cum so bad you can hardly take it. You can feel your clit throbbing. It is so hard and the juices from your tight little pussy are running down and making your asshole wet. You want to rub it and slide your finger in it. You want to rub your clit while you do it. You want to slide two fingers up inside that steaming hot wet pussy and cum all over them then lick it off your fingers. You lick your lips in expectation. But you can’t. You know you'll cum if you do anything more, no matter how bad you want it, so you don't, and it’s just driving you wild.

The movie continues and you watch, but you're so hot your beginning to sweat. A bead runs down the side of your face. You can feel the heat building up inside you pussy. You can't keep your hands away any longer. You have to touch yourself. You put your right hand on your stomach and slowly slide it down. You take your left hand and grab your right tit and squeeze it hard as your other hand reaches your hard clit. Slowly you rub it while you pull your nipple. Small circles. Short pulls. Small circles. Short pulls. Oh god it feels so good. You moan and lick your lips.

Slowly you slide your fingers down from your clit spreading your legs wide across the couch at the same time to open your pussy even wider. You run your fingers up and down, your pussy lips sliding between them, going over the hole but not in.

You can feel the pressure building up inside you so you pull your away your hand and shove your juice covered fingers in your mouth and suck them, trying not to come. You slide them in and out of your mouth loving the taste. You close your eyes and imagine that they're my cock and I'm feeding it to you, shoving it in and out of your mouth, making you take it all. Finally you throw yourself back across the couch in frustration and lie there on your back, your chest heaving, and your body shaking.

You start to watch the movie once more but once you do you lose control. Your right hand slides down uncontrollably to your clit and you start to rub it. You throw your leg up on t

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Mar 2 @ 8:21PM  
Your right hand slides down uncontrollably to your clit and you start to rub it. You throw your leg up ...

.. and then what?

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Erotica, Journals not ment for all READERS. Title: What's in the Box