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A Blog Series...Your Opinion of theSkwirl

posted 2/27/2011 6:47:12 AM |
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tagged: fun, friends, opinion, life, amd

Continuing on with our blog series…the next really kewl peep to showcase in the land of Pervia is our very own bushtail extraordinaire. Yanno...that super feisty and awesomely quirky nut hoarder theSkwirl.

My friendship began with Ms. Skwirl back in the winter of 2009...but I really didn't get to know a lot about this quirky peepette until sometime in the spring of 2010. From the very start...I was a huge admirer of her blogs. I found the way she would weave her stories and misspell her words on purpose to be quite endearing and completely magical. I can still remember reading one of her many Perviantales and thinking to myself...Wow! When I grow up...I want to write just like theSkwirl.

But there is so much more to this peep than meets the eye. Sure she's a talented writer who can write an amazing story with one paw...while battling a troll with her other paw...but she's also the kind of soul who my momma would say is just “good people” period.

She's loyal as the day is long....she's feisty and ferocious when she needs to be...and she is the best shoulder to cry on when you need a friendly ear. Yep...that's our Skwirl.

TheSkwirl's mission is simple and can be summed up in two words...nutz and trolls.

Ever since I arrived in Pervia...she has had this huge preoccupation with nutz. Don't ask me why she does...she just does. So you'd better keep a close eye on your nutz...or else she might just swipe them right out from under you. Just between you and me ...I've been told if you say...”Skwirl...NO SWIPING" ...that she'll drop the nutz and run away. But this theory has never been don't say I never warned you.

When it comes to Pervia's trolls...theSkwirl reminds me of a cat. Why you ask? Because she likes to toy with her prey before she lowers the boom. She isn't the peep who usually has the trolls disappeared...but she definitely has fun sparing with them until they eventually disappear.

I know if I lived next door to this very loveable creature in real life...that I would be hanging out at her house a lot...just so I could see what mischief she was up to...or to simply get a peek at her huge nut collection. I's gotta be the size of an airplane hanger by now right?!

So without further adieu....this blog is for you Ms. Skwirl. May you always have a story to share ...a troll to battle ...and lots and lots of nutz to hoard. I’m a better person for knowing you…and for having you as a friend.

Feel free to leave a comment about our very talented Skwirly girl…and stay tuned next week...I mean next month...oh hell...just stayed tuned ...because I will eventually get around to shining the spotlight on another talented and much loved peep residing in the city limits of Pervia.

Your turn...

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Feb 27 @ 7:08AM  
Skwirl is most definitely one of the fine ladies on Pervia
whom I'd love to meet someday
She's always been a sweetheart to me ...And she's a cutie too

Feb 27 @ 9:50AM  
Rats... you got a head start on her, knowing you were going to say all the things I would have said! But then, you put it together better than I would have!

What's not to love about theSkwirl! I've enjoyed her blogs in the past but she's even more of a crackup in her comments! And she has her way of letting you know what she thinks of a comment made, that prompts her to comment on your comment (whew- that's enough on that word).

The very first time I saw some of her spell'ns (or, misspell'ns), I figured... that theSkwirl needs a dictionary for squirrels- but that was before I began to understand, that's just her style and I really enjoy it!

She's always been a sweety to me and maybe some day in my travels, we can meet up- only it should be in the Winter when she's done hoarding all of her nutz, so I don't have to worry about losing mine... I need them!


Feb 27 @ 9:58AM  

What can I say about Skwirl ?

Among life's precious jewels,
Genuine and rare,
The one that we call Skwirl
Has worth beyond compare.

Luv ya Sam

Feb 27 @ 10:06AM  
I have known Sam to be a very loyal and trustworhy person ever since I met her on here back in 2006. She's very passionate and stands up for her beliefs. You have to admire people like this.

Feb 27 @ 1:18PM  
Sam has to be one of the coolest residents of Pervia. Everyone knows Pervia just would not be the same without her sense of humor pr her nutz hoarding.

Feb 27 @ 2:08PM  
She's like the cool aunt I always wanted- you know, the one who's probably cooler than your mom?


What can I say? She's a brilliant woman, literally, but she's also has a human touch as well, that most so-called "intellectuals" lack(you know who you are). She's one of my most staunch allies here, when I was often(very) often misunderstood, she actually got where I was coming from when no one else didnt. She loves Luna just the way she is, and I'll always appreciate that. She's on the list of people I want to meet, for sure because she an awesome broad.


Feb 27 @ 2:47PM  
I loves me some bushy tail.

Feb 27 @ 5:18PM  
Skwirl is awesome, someone I'm proud to have on my friend's list. Funny thing is, when I first started in the blogs, Skwirl and I were on opposite sides of particularly hot blog war going on. She most definitely is feisty, and not afraid to tell ya how it is! I think back to that time, and, yep, she is a wonderful person, and I love to read her blogs.

Gotta love that she isn't afraid to tell us if we're pushing it just a little too far...she looks out for those she cares for.'s a kudo/nutz for both Kit and Skwirl.

Feb 27 @ 5:40PM  
I get to call her friend.... if you know me at all, you know that says a lot about what I think of the persons character.

She's fun, has her own opinion, funny, smart, talented and has a huge heart.

Feb 27 @ 6:33PM  
I'd dance around her butt naked with cow bells on with a coke & a smile.

Feb 28 @ 12:13AM  
hugs...thinks she is the best!

Feb 28 @ 1:20AM  
I've lived in her closet for several years and she has always encouraged my panty research....

Feb 28 @ 5:14AM  
I lubs my Skwirly Girl!

I love her down to earth blogs that take us down memory lane.. back to the ways it's supposed to be. Before political correctness, selfishness and sheer meaness took a hold viciously on humanity.

The Skwirl is real people and if everyone in the world could take even a piece of her attitude to heart the world would be a better place. The Skwirl is a giver and not a taker. When her family was having a "Hard Candy Christmas" she went ithout so she could still share what little she had with others.

I am so glad I wnt to the effort of having that Christmas Tree delivered to her cause Skwirls need a tree to store their nuts under anyway ..... just saying.

I am far richer for having a wonderful friend like Da Skwirl!


Feb 28 @ 12:13PM  
Don't know her....but I sure do like her spunk! A girl with an attitude!

Feb 28 @ 7:06PM  
OMG y'all done went and made me blubber! Awww gawsh!

Thank you all, so much, for all the awesome compliments. I'll try to live up to em.

I do love you Verts! You're the family I chose, as opposed to the bunch I was given. Far more fun and interesting. Even if my Mom did coin a new word today.. demention.. a cross between demented and dimension.. so I come by it honest.

Gaw... all this boo hooin.. someone pass the tissue yeah?

Y'allsins are so sweet and lovable and I really wanna meet every last one of you!

Not gonna try goin name by name.. cuz I'll screw up and leave someone out sure as shootin.. so I'm just gonna say.. thanks y'all.. that's a beautiful thing. I'ma give Kit one of my nuts.

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A Blog Series...Your Opinion of theSkwirl