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A Funny Thing Happened At The Hospital Last Weekend...

posted 2/22/2011 3:51:45 PM |
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tagged: life, illness, thoughts

Some of you peeps know...and some of you don't...that I've been dealing with some serious health issues that have left me on bed rest since the summertime. Throughout the past 9 months...I've been poked and prodded...tested and re-tested...subjected to rounds and rounds of antibiotics...and tried to keep the faith for 9 very looooooooong months.

Throughout this same time frame...I've also helped my son find and re-connect with a family member who I was not too fond of for very good reasons. Regardless...I've done my best to be there for him when he needed to talk about how this new family member was affecting his life...good or bad.

To say my life has been stressful over the past year would be a huge understatement. Some of the stress has been good...but most of it has been bad...and it certainly hasn't helped with my current health problems.

The sad thing about this situation is that I can't alleviate my stress the way I used to by simply going for a long walk...or playing a little basketball...because I'm on bed rest. So because of this reason...I had to find other ways to keep my stress level in check. That's where Pervia came in. What started out as a “shits and giggle” kind of experiment...quickly turned into this endearing little cyber family who I grew to care about a lot.

Of course with all families...there will be misunderstandings and squabbles. Well...yours truly got her feelings hurt a week or so ago when a certain peep said some negative things. It wasn't the first time this person had hurt my feelings...but for some reason...a really deep depression set in that wasn't healthy at all. And it certainly didn't help with my impending surgery just around the corner.

The more I tried to just “get over it”...the sadder and sadder I became. Could I have done a rant blog about it? Absolutely. But I didn't think it would help. I then started to realize how terrified I was becoming about the surgery.

I don't recall ever being this scared about a medical procedure...but I did know that my circumstances were different this time around. I was terrified that I wouldn't make it through the surgery because someone would put something in my IV and I would have yet another allergic reaction. It seemed that any possible nightmare I could imagine was stuck in my mind on this endless loop...and this fact reeeeeeeeeeally pissed me off. I thought to myself...”Suck it up Girlie!” “Why are you being such a wimp?!” But nothing seemed to work. Oh sure...I put on a brave face...because that's what I do when I'm scared shitless...but I was truly amazed when I woke up in recovery.

Once I was taken to my room on the third floor...I had started to relax a little about my hospital stay. I still wasn't thrilled about being in the hospital...but I had a nice room with a view...and only one the room situation IMO was bearable.

I didn't meet my roommate until very early in the morning during one of my many trips to the bathroom. His name was Peter...and he was in his sixties. He was also dying. What I found endearing about my roommate was his quick smile and his sweet disposition. It was also cute the way he flirted with me. One of my favorite "Peter lines" was, “I love how you wear that hospital gown.”

Now I don't care who you are...NO ONE truly rocks a hospital gown. Not even if you're Antonio Banderas...dipped in chocolate...and laid out on a fancy serving tray. They're an ugly excuse for a piece of clothing...and the person who thought everyone's arse should be hanging out of one while they're in the hospital should be forced to wear one outside in a snowstorm...each and every time it snows.

Anyway...back to Peter. What this gentle soul taught me this weekend it that attitude is everything. Of course I already knew that a positive attitude could make all the difference in the world. I had simply forgotten this very important lesson.

I watched with delight as he interacted with the nurses and his family. I talked with him here and there about this and that...and what I came away with was a deep respect for someone whose life was almost over. He helped me realize that I had somehow forgotten how to enjoy the little things in life...and sometimes it's those little things that mean the most to us.

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Feb 22 @ 3:54PM  
So today...I thought I would drop in and say, “Hi Peeps!” ...and to let you all know that your friendships mean a lot to me. But with that being said...I'm primarily here for me. That may sound a bit selfish...but I'm just trying to be honest. I don't blog to entertain you...or to win a popularity contest...or to see if I can out-kudo someone...or even garner the most comments. I blog for myself...and to be a part of a very special community. And guess what? When I feel a little bit better...I might even do another “Opinion Blog” because I think they're fun...and I love to talk about you peeps.

Until then...I'm going to try and get my mojo back...and concentrate on getting better.

The sun is finally shining here today. And even though I'm stuck inside on bed rest...I'm feeling kind of hopeful...and that feels really, really good.

Feb 22 @ 4:04PM  
Now I don't care who you are...NO ONE truly rocks a hospital gown. Not even if you're Antonio Banderas...dipped in chocolate...and laid out on a fancy serving tray

Okay did they operate on your eyes? That would be appealing and delicious. Now on the serious side. I hope your doing better and I think your wonderful and I love ALL the blogs you do

Get Well my Kit Kat

Feb 22 @ 4:09PM  
You just rest and concentrate on getting better.

btw...there's nothing wrong about blogging for yourself...I do the same thing. If it's on my mind and I want to blog about it, I'll blog. I've never cared for how many comments or kudos it gets. After all, as those who gave us AMD and the blogs say: Subject Matter - You may blog about any subject you like, perhaps a current event or an epiphany you had today. Keep it interesting. Don't just describe what you did today. Talk about ideas, thoughts, or things you might have learned for example.


Feb 22 @ 4:17PM  

Hopefully you'll have a speedy recovery and be back with us. Get well Kat.

Feb 22 @ 4:21PM  
He was also dying. What I found endearing about my roommate was his quick smile and his sweet disposition.

One of my close AMD pals that many of us old timers knew, Dridge, was terminally ill and he just came on here to be regular people and was liked by one and all. He admitted that he had a jerk and a heel for most of his life and it wasn't until he found out he was dying that there was a major paradigm shift in how he interacted with people.

A Funny Thing Happened At The Hospital Last Weekend...

I never figured out how this happened as I was on the sixth floor of the hospital. But when I was in the military I had surgery on my knee. After the procedure when I was in my bed and doped up on morphine, this big, slow lazy fly showed up and bothered me by frequently landing on my face. I tired of this and simply pulled the sheet over my head. The staff came and checked on me and I pointed to the fly and then pulled the sheet back over my face. I guess nobody tried to get the fly.

Well this woman came in to see her son who was in the next bed. It was explained to me later by the orderlies that the staff just came and went while going about their business as I slept with the sheet over my head. Apparently this woman thought that I was dead and got quite upset that this corpse was laying out in plain view and nobody was putting forth any effort to move it.

the surgery

Was it successful, how is the recovery progressing and what is the prognosis?????

Feb 22 @ 5:09PM  
rest Kit best thing for the body . Know how you feel about them gowns . I started the New Years off in the Er then in the hospital not fun at all. Thought my runnings days were over. Thankfully they are not. Always thought blogs were for what you wanted them to be. Simply because its your blog . I am a newbie here but I have enjoyed your blogs ,so get well and start writing .

Feb 22 @ 5:15PM  
Well, I'm glad you came through the operation in good shape! Now, just relax and get to a speedy recovery Kat!


Feb 22 @ 5:30PM  
Your Peter, (sounds weird phrased that way ) and I seem to have pretty much the same philosophy..Don't worry, be happy

When I've been in the hospital or clinics/treatment centers, I've always laughed and joked with the staff..
No sense in worrying about what may be..Just live the moment.

Get well soon my friend
I miss your blogs

Feb 22 @ 5:52PM  
I got you in my thoughts Kat!!! You get all the rest you need and know we will be here when you're feeling better!

I usally put my hospital gowns on backwards, that way only my tits are showing... ......... Really though, you can hold it closed that way is the reason!


Feb 22 @ 6:07PM  
What I really loathe about hospital gowns is not only is your ass showing, they ask you to sit down somewhere cold that is often steel I have gotten to where when I face that, I find something else to put down on it between my cheeks and the cold surface. If I have a problem with poop in my fur at that particular moment, tough shit (pun intended).

Feb 22 @ 6:52PM  
I usally put my hospital gowns on backwards, that way only my tits are showing...

Well... I for one (and no doubt others) would love to see a pic demonstrating that!


Feb 22 @ 7:10PM  
The last time I had a prrolonged stay in the hospital some friends got some hospital gowns and tie-dyed them then painted peace symbols and those 60s bubble flowers all over them. No way you can stay down in the dumps when you look like a walking rainbow.

You take care of yourself and get some rest. Best thing for you right now.

Feb 22 @ 7:18PM  
Rest, relax & recoop... we're not going anywhere.

It is amazing how one person can help change out attitude.
So pleased you got to know Peter...
Hospitals suck... the two places worse than the rooms is the ER or the morgue! I don't count the ORs because we're usually asleep during whatever grotesque things they decide to do to us. The best news there is a successful surgery and release papers!

Great to hear from you! Here's a green thang just cuz.

Feb 22 @ 7:23PM  
concentrate on getting better.
I hope you start feeling better very soon, Kat.

Feb 22 @ 10:06PM  
Your right on when you say it's the little things that make the difference.

They did a biopsy on my liver several years ago and I was terrified. The stabbed me three times with the biopsy needle and several times with the anisthetic. The nurse touched my arm in such a caring way that it made the procedure almost bearable.

Its amazing how just a simple touch can make such a large difference. A nod and a wink can fall into that category as well.

Humor is the best medicine by far....

Feb 23 @ 12:29AM  
Who would say anything to hurt your feelings here when all you have been is nice to us???? I didn't know you were going in for surgery...also here...they don't put men and women in the same recovery room...might help us recover better if they did. I love your Peter and am glad he was shining on your behalf. Hugs and I hope you are well soon!

Feb 23 @ 5:00AM  
come to the dark side , we have chocolate tim tams you know

eeeeverything feels better with chocolate, come on you know you want to

Feb 23 @ 12:55PM  

Feb 23 @ 5:27PM  
I'm so glad your fears did not come true, my dear one! Welcome back to the land of the living!

I hope you're resting a lot and taking care, don't need a return of the infections.

Love you girly., do what you wanna do..that's the best way to run this ol thing!

Feb 23 @ 7:06PM  
I'm glad your fears didn't come true and you are doing well. You are doing well, right??

As Bunny said, here they don't put men and women in the same room. that could get
But it sounds like you meeting Peter was meant to be. We all need reminders to appreciate life every now and then.

You get some rest, and when you are feeling like blogging, you blog any darn thing you want.
Get well very soon, Sweetie.....

Feb 28 @ 10:02PM  
Thanks so much for all your kind words. This peep definitely appreciates it.

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A Funny Thing Happened At The Hospital Last Weekend...