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What kind of Vert are you?

posted 2/22/2011 12:01:37 PM |
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As I'm writing this, two of my kitties, Echo and Aoife are bouncing off walls so I may have to take short breaks for outbursts of insane laughter at some of their antics. Yaaaaaaay for Kitteh Crack! (catnip) The sun beams coming through the kitchen window are bouncing off the water dish and driving them insane.

Looking back over the years we've seen a lot of different kinds of Verts in Pervia. We've had PerVerts, PreVerts (not quite Verts but getting there) ProVerts (those who had been Pervs long before they showed up here), IntroVerts, ExtroVerts, InVerts (the ones who try to tip us upside down by trolling) and just plain old Verts.

I honestly believe that I've been every one of those at one point or another. While hanging out here I've gone through a lot of changes as well. From reasonably healthy and happy to sick and miserable to recovering. I've lost my sanity, found it, dusted it off, lost it again... lather, rinse, repeat.

Through Pervia I have discovered that I have a real talent for writing stories. Even though they are rather short stories. I've also discovered that I've got more people in this world who actually care about me then I'd have ever believed. And I care about them as well.

Night was right when he said that we've become a community of friends. More of a family in my eyes. Softy was right when she said that there's a pecking order too. I'm not sure where I stand in that order.. don't really care, to be perfectly honest. I'm just a skwirl with stuff to say, dragons to slay, trolls to turn into trollium jelly and friends to congratulate, commiserate and love.

While, I don't hang out here as much as I used to, you guys are always in my heart and often in my thoughts.

So, what kinda Vert are you?

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Feb 22 @ 12:25PM  
Probably a diverter.

Feb 22 @ 1:23PM  
I'd like to think I'm a converter...I was gonna separate that but that would make it CON-verter and a CON I ain't....although I've met more than my share here...

I'd like to think I've converted a few to some good things...

But, like you, I've probably been some of these at one time or another. I was a real PRE-vert when I came here, then I became a PRO at being PERverted. Now the rough edges have been worn off and I'm just a good old got-it-together PERson.

Ya know Skwirl...for the first time since I've been here, I think the pecking order is pretty much non-existant it should be. A level playing field is so much easier to play on.

I've lost my sanity, found it, dusted it off, lost it again... lather, rinse, repeat.



Feb 22 @ 1:53PM  
I guess I have no place here to have any Vert blood but it does feel like I have a second family when I drop in.

Feb 22 @ 2:21PM  
Well...not in a mood to "think about it" so I'll say I'm all of the above. There, nice and simple.

We are a family of sorts here. A family ready to open are arms and welcome newcomers in. I give everyone a chance. I can be friendly or a bitch. I leave that up to the individuals who wander in.

Here's a green nut for ya....don't lose it.


Feb 22 @ 2:22PM  

" flavorbuster " my friend; you are one of us and have been for quite some time.

Pecking order; I guess I never really payed much attention to that, because I
really never noticed. I just get on do my thing { wich is try to show everybody love
and compassion.} then get off. Try never to get involved in any disputes or take sides. Mostly I just try to speak from the heart. But like most here i guess i've been most kinds of vert. And yes it is more like a family of very nice people.
And like I said in MY blog. The door is open for most anyone to join the group.
and become part of the family of friends.
I don't often blog, because I sometimes have trouble putting two words together and make them sound right. But I hope somewhere along the way, between my blogs or comments. That I may have said something to bring a little peace, joy,
or love into someones life. Because that's what makes it all worth while.

Feb 22 @ 2:43PM  
trollium jelly

Feb 22 @ 3:24PM  
I'm a pervertable. The top doesn't go down, but the driver does.

Feb 22 @ 3:37PM  
I'm a pervertable. The top doesn't go down, but the driver does.


Feb 22 @ 4:49PM  
Catalytic converter- I'm a gas......... well... sometimes!

Softy was right when she said that there's a pecking order too.

Hmmm... pecking order, must be a female term- if it were a male term, I would think it would be called a 'pecker order' but... whadda I know!


Feb 22 @ 5:42PM  
What kind of Vert are you?


Feb 22 @ 5:44PM  
OOPS!!! I forgot to type in CERTIFIED

Feb 22 @ 7:00PM  
I'm a vertebrate. And I'm usually vertical, except when engaging in perversion. Well, sometimes I do that vertically too.

Feb 22 @ 7:48PM  
Here lately I'm a covert...because I've been lurking more than I've been blogging.

Feb 22 @ 10:24PM  
Not sure which one I might be but you can bet it is bright colored and has an opinion.

Feb 22 @ 11:59PM  
I'm a Bort...not a Vert...

Feb 23 @ 12:48AM  
...I think I am a vrtigo....

Feb 23 @ 5:19PM  
Aww, I see my newest sweetheart was here.. was it anything the least bit interesting? Or the same old same?

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What kind of Vert are you?