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How far is too far?

posted 1/16/2007 7:55:35 AM |
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And yes....this was an "inspired" blog.

I've been posting on forums for about five years now.

Surprisingly enough, people think I'm a bit outspoken. Some don't like me....and some have become wonderful friends. is like that...inside or outside of a forum.

I am politically outspoken. I've only hinted at that in here...but have stood my ground very well in other sites. I don't like Bush....(oh, please, please, please, allow me to say "moron." well...ok...he's just like one!!) I think he is taking our country to hell in a hand basket and offering our military up to be his sacrificial lambs.

I am outspoken against racism. Simply said.....I HATE it. It makes absolutely no sense to me to HATE based on skin color. If I'm going to has to be because someone made me hate him by his actions. Like Bush.

There are very few people who know beyond what I allow people to see. You might get a glimmer.....when something touches Sxzy's blog about losing someone and the music that embraces the emotion....

That being far is too far in a post. I realize (and PLEASE don't bring it up) that people don't like name calling.....but I have to say this post a controversial're going to get mixed reaction and EXPECT it.

Because of my views on Bush...I've been accused of being a blind sheep, a liar, ignorant, name it.'s pretty easy to laugh that off with a link on one of the Prez's latest antics. Or exposing one of his many lies. The sting of the name calling is soothed by the revenge of the truth.

THAT being said...I will give you an example of how far you can go with me before it truly hurts.

My son spent 15 long, long nights in Iraq. He was there right after it started....although its just as bad now. He enlisted when he was 20...he was still a baby! He enlisted after September 11th because he felt he should be a part of avenging the horror that was heaped on this country. I was proud of him.....I still am...and I am in awe of our troops...but I wanted to grab his ankles and hang on. However...I was preparing myself to be strong if he ended up in AFGHANISTAN. We had a reason to be there. When he ended up in Iraq...I supported Bush (yuk) and tried to convince myself we were doing the right thing. Until I couldn't defend his stupidity....couldn't even find something on the web to defend him with.

In the midst of sleepless calls from my son where I could hear shots fired in the background....long periods of time when he wouldn't call and I thought he was dead.....I started an online battle with a racist who lives locally in our community. And yes, the racist IS a pig. This "man" is trying to build an allwhite community and set up a business that he convinced naive people that was like Habitat for Humanity. For a 1500.00 deposit they could own their own home with no credit check, etc. He targeted poor uneducated people...of all races to invest....while posting on a racist site that he was selling to "all whites." Its much long to discuss's all true...he is under investigation by the state and he has been reported on the news....

Several of us told him what we thought of his backwood, ignorant racist views towards anyone non-white or jewish. One particular night...I had just had enough. I told him that I feel the majority of racists are uneducated and that their lack of education shows in everything they say and do.

His response sent me to the toilet where I threw up: (and yes, I saved it...I don't know why)....

"I hope Brian is at the bottom of the pile bleeding protrucly (too uneducated to know the word is "profusely" for days on end and that he loses his legs and penis so he can sit in a wheelchari the rest of his days wishing he could fuck a woman again. I hope he gets scrivy ("scurvy" for the educated) in one eye so he can not see that his legs are missing"

THAT is going too far.

And it wasn't a controversial forum...not even an adult one. It was a forum that was part of our local newspaper...a family forum...and this post shut the forum down.

This particular racist is still doing evil in our community....I am anxiously awaiting the law to come after him.

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Jan 16 @ 8:09AM  
The colour of a persons skin is an unimportant as the colour of their eyes. Biggots exist in all forms of life. I think the majority of people who are racist are scared of people who happen to be a different creed or colour to them. I know that the UK government has done little to stop racism as:
1) All immigrants to the UK get free housing, medical care and a welfare check
2) The race relations board is geared to follow up complaints from black or asians only
3) Some London schools (and probably others in the country) are asked to teach white children Urdu and Gujarati so the children from Pakistan and India can integrate better into the community.
and to finish off this comment. The initial influx of black people into this country were invited as we needed the labour to help rebuild the country after the last war.
As to Bush, anyone who has little knowledge of the wider world such as he should not be allowed to have the power to start a war. All leaders of any country (except dictatorships) are merely puppets who bow to the whims of their advisor's.

Jan 16 @ 8:15AM  
I am retired US Navy, and I have done four combat tours. Of course I support our troops, but this war is wrong. Active Duty personnel are not allowed by law: UCMJ, to criticize the President, because he is our Commander_in-Chief. However the last time I checked,this was still a free country and your political views whether I disagree with them or not is what I served my country for.

Jan 16 @ 8:19AM  
Dulsinea - I wish people would step back and acknowledge that A) you have made about as full an apology as is possible without groveling, and B) that you're alright. At least, in my book you are - and this blog proves it. Now I'm starting to wonder if you're related to me or something!

Your son...girl, my heart goes out to you!!! I don't know how you manage to make it through each day knowing he could be in harm's way...But, I can hear the pride in your writing and I'm sure that helps to keep you going. Stay strong!

I won't go there on the political stuff re: Bush...can't stand politics. I read up, I vote, and I encourage others to do the same, but I can't stand politics. Would much rather talk about sex! :)

Racism...oooooh, you and I stand strong together on this issue! I'd like to hear more (privately) about this person and his little effort...just out of curiosity. I'm just nosy like that :)

I hope that other issue settle down - no...I hope it goes away. Seems to me you've got lots of good stuff to say and share, and I, for one, look forward to hearing more. If I ever disagree or take issue with something you've said, I fully intend to discuss it with you in a mature and rational manner - and most likely, in private.

Blog on!

Jan 16 @ 8:39AM  

Thank you for your sweet thoughts. My son is home now and out of harms way (well at least war wise)...thank God. However, I can see that it has had a very negative affect on him. I get so angry when I see this kids being sent to Iraq for no good reason. And I don't buy the stupid argument that they volunteer....of COURSE they best friends son was 19 years old and handed a check for $10,000.00. They are bribed to sign up...and bribed to reenlist....and they don't have a clue as to what they are getting into.

As far as the racist goes, I'll be happy to share my stockpile of info on him.....and if you want to read some of his lovely thoughts...he posts as "Busterrr" on Stormfront. Stormfront is an extremely racist site and you can't get there through AOL as they have blocked the site. You don't have to join...just do a search on the name...spelled with 3 "rrr's" and it won't be pretty.

Here's a link I'll be happy to share:

His name is in that name and you'll come up with lots of goodies.

Wxtman...thank you for your service

Jan 16 @ 8:45AM  
Racism is still alive and well in this country and others. It is one of the most horrible aspects of the human condition,and I fear that it will always be with us in some form or another. It will be a constant battle to fight it I'm afraid

Jan 16 @ 10:04AM  
I agree, wtxman - it will probably always exist. I guess the most we can hope for is increased intolerance of it - both in the legal system and mindset.

Thanks, D - I'll check that out later today. I'm sure I'll have something to say about it...

Jan 16 @ 10:05AM  
I'm convinced... that sometimes evil simply exists... there is no good reason for it to have been caused, or to be there in the first place, it just 'is'...

It is our responsibility to be 'educated' enough to be able to know when this is occurring, and avoid it or end it where and when able... I hope your local authorities do just that to the creep little hitler wanna be manson cousin...

As for opinion of Bush..."An oppressive society always makes blind obedience seem like a virtue." Guellermo Del Toro... Now, what does that say about our pres and (what's left of) the freedom we're supposedly fighting for now?

Jan 16 @ 10:50AM  
Whats the matter. Everyone is upto putting up some great blogs that makes sense and has a meaning to it. I still dont agree that WAR is an answer to any problem. Heres a kudo your way dulsea.

Jan 16 @ 11:38AM  
Unfortunatly, Racism works both ways. Most people tend to overlook that. It isnt just the whites hateing the blacks or the Hispanics ect... Most blacks, Hispanics hate us as much as oe more than we hate them. I have been the victim of what most would call reverse racism many a time. I lived in Cali for 10+ years.My business took me into the inner city areas of Watts and Compton and I was treated like a 3rd class citizen simply because of my color. So I agree I hate it just as much as you, but dont want to be pigeon holed as a racist. I am not, but I hope People wake up an see this is not just a one way street here.

Jan 16 @ 12:21PM  
I don't know you Dulsi, you don't know me.. but this rant on racism hits home. I was raised in and around a bunch of white supremacists.. the 'ultimate' losers. It's a horrible thing for people to judge another simply on the basis of skin or religion.

Jan 16 @ 1:12PM  
Most blacks, Hispanics hate us as much as oe more than we hate them

Careful guy! Until you can back this up with some factual proof, make sure you state that this is your opinion; as it is written, it is stated as fact - and one with which I very much doubt is true.

I'm wondering - when you said "more than we hate them", are you including yourself in this group?

Jan 16 @ 1:17PM  
I am a veteran of the Viet Nam era. I know about harms way. And also seen lots
of rasism while in nam in and amoungst our own troops.After living in L.A for thirty years I also seen a lot there and in Detroit where I was born.
I do not believe in racism myself. No matter what the creed or colour of a persons skin they are still that; A person.I do not care if your Black, White, Blue,
green, or Purple. WE all belong to one race. The human race. I judge people on how they treat me. And yes racism does work both ways. This I have seen. But
I have found if you put forth the effort. You can get past that. I have made some really good friends with both the Blacks and Hispanics who started out hating me.
They are now friends that I would trust my life too.
As for politics and Pres. Bush. I think he is a complete ass and totally off base.
His father was a good pres. Sorry I can't say the same about him. And god forbid
Jeff Bush ever get in there. enough said. Other then the fact I'm glad your son is home.
You said your son was there for 15 nights. That is a very short time. I was in Viet Nam for 3 1/2 years. And you know how we were treated when we came back.

Jan 16 @ 2:16PM  
Interesting blog....Thanks D.....Glad to hear your Son made it home safe.....Lena

Jan 16 @ 2:47PM  
No I am not including myself in that in any way shape or form. I am the least raceist person in the world. As cleshay as this sounds...some of my closest friends in the world are black, as well as hispanic and Asian. I also have family that is black, hispanic ect... My point to this is that, most all people think that white people ans a generality are raceist. I do not believe this to be true. I am from a family where a man is a man, reguardless of his color. My best friend of 12 years is a black man. We both battled together on the gridiron for many years. He has nothing to prove to me nor I to him. We are both men...period. My point to this is raceism works both life , business, you name it. I as a man have never owned a slave or supported slavery. I dont think blacks should sit at the back of the bus or any of that crap. As I said, a man is a man. I just hate it when the generality is made about raceism being a one way street. It is not just the white race, or the blacks, or the hispanics. Go to England, France, or god forbid the middle east. This is a problem all over the world. Not just here in america, or the white race vs the black race. It exists all over the world and I can only hope someday it all comes to an end, and we all quit blameing one another and take responsibility for ourselves.

Thank You.

Jan 16 @ 3:40PM  
bigsexi27 - I understand the point you are trying to make, and I agree with you that White people are not the only group that has racists within the group. No doubt about that! I was just cautioning you against making something that is your opinion into a fact.

But I think I can understand why you say most people feel that White people are racist; of all the racist activity in the US, the groups that gets the most publicity for it are Caucasian groups. However, I see that there is a reason for that, and it's not "anti-White propaganda". History tells the story.

Jan 16 @ 4:40PM  
I agree with Sxze, the caucasions have held the limelight as far as actions and blame. I will add however, when I was in the third grade in Athens, KY, I was the only white kid in the class. I can say, it does go both ways, but the difference comes down to, whether someone overcomes it within themselves. Racism, and bigotry, will be with us forever in some form, as we are all different, and no one can control the thinking of another human being. I truly believe what matters more, is our reaction too it. Night said it best I think, when we look at people as people, there is the key, but that must be taught through example, same as tolerance. There are no easy solutions, but it must be something everyone takes part in. All races. No law will make it happen. Only people. And same as a trip around the world begins with a single step, so does fixing our social system. One person at a time. You can't do it by arguing with those that hate, only by smiling and turning away. Pity them that hate, they waste so much of precious life on it. You cannot change thier mind, and more than they can change yours. People with that thinking, are very much the few, but being the squeaky wheel, they get the coverage, the attention. Did anyone ever stop to think, it makes the news because it is out of the ordinary? What gets overlooked everyday, is that in so many places throughout this great country, all races lives together without trouble. I spoke of my experience in the third grade, but that didn't set my attitude towards races, because my parents didn't view things that way, I grew to be tolerant. I was the different one there, and should have expected to be treated differently until I proved I was the same. Respect is earned, not given. Wow, sorry I rambled so. Dulsinea, I am very grateful for your sons' service, and am so glad he is home safe. We would probably disagree on politics a little, but that is what makes America great, we can all say what we think. You the people of this site are awesome. Thanks for your patience with a newbie.

Jan 16 @ 4:51PM  

LMAO....thanks for pointing out my error! My son was in Iraq for 15 months, not nights!!

I work from 6pm - 6 am.....I'm not thinking real clearly in the mornings!!

Thank you for your service to our country....and everyone else who posted here that they served...and God bless....

Jan 16 @ 5:22PM  
I know there are plenty of Black folks who are racist - I want to make sure everyone knows I do know this. Being Bi-racial, I have heard racist statements about White people made by Black people who, for some reason, they think it's okay to say such things around me because of the 50% Black of my ethnicity. Ooo, and it's just as infuriating as it is when I hear racist statements about and from other groups! Similarly, both my boys and my niece, all of whom are 1/4 Black but don't so much look it (all 3 blond with blue or blue/green eyes growing up) have dealt with the same thing; White people making racist comments about Black people, and thinking they're in the company of "White" people who might not care. Wrong! And if you think I get upset, you should see my 97 lb niece/daughter go! LOL

Anyway, just wanted to add that I really do know that racism can go all ways...

Jan 16 @ 5:49PM  
ever thought of hiring a big black man to break his legs? haha.

Jan 16 @ 6:30PM  
Everyone is entitled to there own opinion in my eyes, and those who are wrong will get what they deserve. My husband was in the navy and he got out (luckily) because I was pregnant and if he had of stayed in, he would be over seas. My sister in law spend over 2 years in Iraq, luckily she is home now. Racism is going to hapen, regardless. There is alot of bad things going on in the world, racism in my opinion is the least of it. Everyday, you have people who make fun of you for some reason or another, wheather you are over weight, are poor, even characteristics you posess. That is life. It is going to happen. There is always to sides to a story, you have the "panthers" as well as the KKK. I personally am not racist, although I do have my own opinions. I can agree with you as far as Bush goes tho. He is a pig.

Jan 16 @ 7:45PM  
Horrible! Just ridiculously horrible! I agree on Bush! Moron is being nice! There is no place and there never will be a place in my heart and soul for Racism! Childish crap! The idiot you were speaking about is a sick person! You I have noticed are fair and just in what you say and I respect your points of view! I am on your side! My wife and I are sending safe vibes for your son!

Jan 16 @ 7:53PM  
It's been acknowledged that there are racist groups other than White - but that doesn't make it "equal". The Black Panthers were formed in the 1960's and was virtually powerless by the mid-70's - at least, politically speaking. Comparing the Black Panthers to the KKK isn't a very good example if you wanted to show that minority hate groups are as bad as White hate groups. The facts remain the same, the White racist organizations in this country have be more pervasive and have done more damage (over time) than any other minority hate group. I'm not saying that makes the other groups less important to mention, but when comparing - well, there is no comparison. With this country being 75 percent White, it's virtually impossible (as far as I'm concerned) for a minority hate group to ever hold the same kind of "power, strength, or numbers" that White hate groups have historically had in this country. Around the world may be an entirely different story...


Jan 17 @ 7:09AM  
Thank you Rico! He's home out and finished out the remainder of his enlistment time in KY and now he's home in FL.

But he can still use your wishes for his safety as he drives like he's still in a tank!!

He hasn't had a lot of luck on the job he's talking about signing back up. If he does...he will be dragging me on his ankle this time!


Jan 17 @ 3:08PM  
I understand where you are coming from. I agree with most of everything said. I do not however think whites now are more raceist than anyother race. I look at todays society where there is such things as BET, or the united negro college fund, or even the school down south that suspended two white childeren for rideing the imagrant bus to school. There is so many reverse raceism in this country now adays it isnt even funny. A few years ago I was watching one of my favorate shows "Martin" during the show I caught about 10-20 different raceist remarks about white people. Most were jokes...I understand that. Now these remarks didnt offend me at the time. What did offend me was that several months later another of my favoriate shows had a law suit aginst it for making remarks about the African Americans which were to a tee the same remarks. What the hell ever happened to equality. I seems in my eyes that this country has turned its head and ignored the fact that these BET type shows make racial comments all the time, and that there is orginazations out there that cater only a certin race such as the NAACP or the united negro college fund. Both of which are great orginazations. But if a person was to even think about a united caucation college fund...good lord there waould be riots in the streets, or if a RAYMONT type TV show made a comment like the ones made on the MARTIN show...WOW, again, riots in the streets. When is this country going to realize. Noone living today ever owned slaves. Noone living today forced black people onto ships in Africa and brought the to America. All of that was along time ago. Long befor any of us were alive. So why is it People like myself, who is a single white male, will lose a job to a black man, or a hispanic man, or even a woman for that matter. Why is it all of these Governmant, city and state jobs go to minority befor a white. I say the best man for the job...doesnt that just make the most sense. I dont know. Maybe I am way off base. I just see things for what they are, and not a cloud of BS !!!

Jan 18 @ 12:39AM  
bigsexi27 - slow down, big guy! You're reading things into my words that I did not say or imply. First of all, I never said Whites were more racist; I said that White hate groups are more prevalent - that White hate groups have historically been more active than hate groups of other races. This is not to say that I think Whites are more racist than other ethnic groups, nor is this to say that people of other ethnicities aren't also racists.

As far as there being double standards for such things as White jokes vs. Black jokes, I happen to agree with you there. It's the one reason stopped watching both the Arsenio Hall show (spelling?) and Martin. However, to complain that a station like BET even exists is going to far. There's nothing wrong with having a station that is there to entertain a particular culture. There are religion channels, sports channels, and music channels for specific's all about targeting a specific audience.

Now, with respect to such organizations as the UNCF, scholarship organizations are allowed to set the criteria for disbursement of their funds. However, you should read up on that particular organization since you brought it up; scholarships are not just for Black people.

Finally, I woud like to address your statement:

So why is it People like myself, who is a single white male, will lose a job to a black man, or a hispanic man, or even a woman for that matter. Why is it all of these Governmant, city and state jobs go to minority befor a white. I say the best man for the job...doesnt that just make the most sense.

This is a common misinterpretation of what Affirmative Action is and does and it's complete bullshit. Sorry, but it is. AA doesn't take jobs away from White people who are more qualified and give them to minorities who are less qualified. The purpose of AA is to "level the playing field" for people in certain groups - which includes more than Black people; all ethnic minorities, women, and persons with disabilities are included in this umbrella of AA groups. And not all positions are subject to AA laws, but yes, if an employer receives government funding, AA applies when positions are being filled - but only those that are "underutilized" by one or more of these groups. For example, if a clerical job is being filled, they would have to look at the demographics of positions like that to see if any of the groups are underrepresented in current jobs (based on ratio to the general population). If one or more is, what AA says must happen is the recruitment process for filling that position must ensure that it is doing all it can to encourage persons from those groups to apply. That's it guy. No one gets bumped, exam scores aren't fucked with, and the scales are not tipped in the favor of the "underdog". If you would like more information, I'd be happy to provide it or show you where you can find it. But I do suggest that you learn more about it so you don't have to feel so threatened. You can even look at your own state's statistics - I'm pretty sure you'll find that the majority of government jobs are held by White people - hopefully relative to the general population of that state (which is all AA is intended to do.)

Apr 22 @ 10:08AM  
Actually most people who are racists, regardless of their color( Yes, there are a lot of black racists and bigots) are what they are due to their perception that their government has done something to hld them down to the social strata they maintain. They also see every day advantages givenb to others for no other reason than the color of their skin. OK, that being said, I'm not a big Bush fan either, just because of how he's helped destroy my political party.In 2004, we did everything we could to hand the Dems the presidency on a silver platter. All they had to do was field a moderately acceptable candidate, and the best they could do was John Kerry? What a joke they played on themselves. And it looks like they're trying to do the same thing next year with Hillary or Kunta Kinte. Ah well, that's American politics for ya'.

Apr 22 @ 10:11AM  
Actually most people who are racists, regardless of their color( Yes, there are a lot of black racists and bigots) are what they are due to their perception that their government has done something to hld them down to the social strata they maintain. They also see every day advantages givenb to others for no other reason than the color of their skin. OK, that being said, I'm not a big Bush fan either, just because of how he's helped destroy my political party.In 2004, we did everything we could to hand the Dems the presidency on a silver platter. All they had to do was field a moderately acceptable candidate, and the best they could do was John Kerry? What a joke they played on themselves. And it looks like they're trying to do the same thing next year with Hillary or Kunta Kinte. Ah well, that's American politics for ya'.BTW, the word is bigot not biggot.

Apr 22 @ 1:36PM  
Sorry I deserted this blog for so long...have some "issues" I'm dealing with!

However, I am delighted to be able to say that the racist I spoke of was arrested by the state of Florida on April 2nd for 3 counts of grand theft and one count of organized scheme to defraud.

Here is a link if you'd like to read about it!

There is a God and hopefully there will be justice! It's taken years to get this guy arrested and he is very deserving of it.

He was arrested for frauding 11 families....I have a copy of an argument I got into with him on a chat room one night...he was trying to defend his scam. In that chat room he said he had rec'd deposits from 20 people. I've already forwarded that to the state and to a reporter that's been following this. One of the investigators told me that they suspect there are a lot more people that he scammed and they are hoping more come forward after they read of his arrest.

On a funnier note.....he is active in a highly racist website called "Stormfront." (if you have AOL you can't even access Stormfront as they have banned it from their site.) He posted as "Busterrr" on that site. His idea to build an all white community was highly applauded on there and he had quite a following of racist fans.

Stormfront now recognizes it was all a scam and they have banned him from their site!! sad when you're own ignorant racist friends ban you!!!

He is facing years in prison. However, as our justice system sometimes goes, I will be happy if he just gets a few years. It won't be right if after what he did to these people he doesn't get a few years in prison.

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How far is too far?