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Do you stay with your partner just to have a place to live?

posted 2/20/2011 11:42:32 PM |
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. This has been on my mind tonight and wanted to know what other people think that are in a relationship or not.

If you are married or living with someone and you are not happy and know the relationship is over do you stay living with them just so you don't have to move out and it is convienient

I have a friend who lived with his girlfriend. The relationship ended but yet they still lived together as roommates. I suppose to save money. How do you go from being in a commited relationship to just being friend's and living together? That would not work for me I don't think. Never have tried it.

Does this blog make any sense? Maybe I can't write what I am thinking tonight.

You know I use to come on here daily, read the blogs, comment when needed, play in the forum's but it has gotten to the point where all I read is people writing blogs about other blogger's...Does it really matter? I have always kept my thought's to myself for the most part. As long as I am not involved in what goes on here I really don't give a shit.

And why does a dog run to the door when the door bell rings when it is not for them

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Feb 21 @ 12:54AM  
...wouldn't stay in a relatiuonship just to have a place to live. My dog...well I don't have a door bell...anywhoo...she can tell when i have moved something around in the house or brought something in that wasn't there before and she barks at it...just for a minute, but she definately inspects it.

Feb 21 @ 4:00AM  
I used to have a guard dawg who wouldn't even bother barking.
it led ppl into a false sense of security , they ended up thinking she was too placid to do anything so they'd walk up to pat her and she'd raise her head and look at them with her big brown eyes .......and promptly sink her teeth into their arm and not let em go til i showed up.
I always had warning signs up saying the gaurd dog did bite but no-one took any notice.

oh and yes, your blog not only makes sense but I understand it completly.
all I have to say in my defense is; you won't even let me move in and jump your bones ,let alone break up and keep living together

but I'll give ya a kudo for an interesting change of scenery from the usual bloggery these days

Feb 21 @ 7:51AM  
If you are married or living with someone and you are not happy and know the relationship is over do you stay living with them just so you don't have to move out

I know someone just like this!!!!!!!!


Feb 21 @ 8:08AM  
I have known people that have done that, mostly women with kids.

Feb 21 @ 8:29AM  
I always moved I've had lots of practice

Feb 21 @ 9:30AM  
you won't even let me move in and jump your bones

My bones are old and brittle, I would get hurt

I use to have a poodle mix dog when I was married. That dog knew when I would call for a pizza he would wait by the door. I had a little stand by the door and would put the money and if I had a coupon there to pay for the pizza. Critter would run to that table at least 6 times and look to make sure the money was there. Then he would go mental when the pizza came. If I called to get his hair cut he knew who I was talking to. I would find him under the bed hiding. How he knew who I was talking too amazed me.

Now back to the blog I wrote. I could not live with someone after it was over. I would want to move on with my life. I would not feel comfortable living together. I lived with a guy for a few years off and on..I found my own apt and moved out. I was bored with him and I had no feelings for him anymore. Then he wanted to try to make it work one more time. So sucker me decided too. He moved in with me. It didn't work. I got tired of being the maid. Always cleaning up after him. I had my own child to clean up after. I told him he needed to go. Find his own place to live. It took him two months to get the hint and go. I wanted to meet someone new and felt like until he was gone that I couldn't.
He finally got the hint after I played the song "I am movin on" by Rascle Flatt's 100 times a day

Feb 21 @ 10:28AM  
I've lived with a man for a period of time after it was over for fear of being alone....with 2 kids to care for. I stayed with my late husband for years when I'd have liked to have moved on but I had 2 reasons for staying. One was, after 3 husbands, I felt it was time to take my marriage vows seriously so I did what it took to make it work and two, I felt to leave him was like throwing a baby in the sideditch...I just couldn't have lived with myself. I was wrong of course...he could've taken care of himself but I just felt so sorry for his being alone that I just couldn't do it. In the end I never really regretted staying, for reasons I doubt anyone could understand so I just keep those to myself.

We had a cat years ago that somehow knew when my husband was bringing home roast beef sandwiches before he ever got through the door. She always knew when it was time for him to come home and I s'pose most of the time when he was late, he'd arrive with those sandwiches so that's probably how she knew...she just loved roast beef!

Feb 21 @ 10:31AM for the state of the blogs? I just don't care. After my last rant about the blogs, it seemed to cure's a waste of time and I can no longer imagine why it was ever so important to begin with.

Feb 21 @ 11:03AM  

No; I have my own place. Can't speak for the women though.

Feb 21 @ 1:38PM  
some ppl might stay in hope that things got better and they could re-kindle what they had lost too

Feb 21 @ 6:54PM  
Like a couple of the others, I've known people who have done that. I've never done it. As for dogs going to the door when the doorbell rings..don't know about others with their dogs, but, my dogs, if they hear something outside, they are at the door barking. This is their house, and they decide (so they think ) who is welcome and who isn't. Basically, in the case of my dogs, they're guarding their home.

Feb 22 @ 12:24AM  
I couldn't imagine living with someone that I didn't want to wake up to everyday. But sometimes people have to do what they have to do.

Personally I would just like to be able TO live with my partner.

Feb 22 @ 8:26AM  
One word....NOPE!

Feb 22 @ 8:39AM  
someone that I didn't want to wake up to

I have had that happen several times when I was younger but I was usually able to leave and go home before they woke up

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Do you stay with your partner just to have a place to live?