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Childhood Birthday Memories - Tommy

posted 2/20/2011 3:34:24 PM |
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There were a couple things related to birthdays growing up that I found to be somewhat amusing. Before I was old enough to start school there was a TV show that came on at noon I enjoyed, Sheriff John's Lunch Brigade. It showed cartoons and had a feature where he wished kids a happy birthday calling them out by name. For my fifth birthday, my mom was excited and asked me if I thought he would wish me a happy birthday. I don’t remember my reply, but she seemed absolutely certain that he would. Her optimism got me really excited. When it got to that segment, dozens of names were mentioned but no Bruce. I was bummed and pouting and she was pissed. When my dad got home he was all chipper and wished me a happy birthday, asking me if anything special had happened. I told him no and he said, “Well, I think Sheriff John wishing you a happy birthday is pretty special!” I began to pout and my mom told him I had been left out. He got pissed, “God damn it!” In hindsight considering his reaction, I tend to think some money had changed hands. I don’t recall much more than that, but it is kind of funny looking back on it.


For my third birthday party there was a barbecue and it was almost all adults, which was fine by me. The whole event was filmed with my dad’s new toy, an 8mm movie camera. My uncle was a bachelor and he brought me a special gift that I loved, a duckling. Well, unfortunately for it, it wasn’t too long before I squished it to death.

Several years later we had relatives visit from out of state and part of the routine when this happened was to get out the screen and projector to view the home movies. Through a lot of it while adults were featured waving, smiling and mugging for the camera, in background was the birthday boy wandering around clutching his pathetically dead duckling. Finally, in the background again, my mother could be seen taking the dearly departed from me against my will leading to some loud crying on my part resulting in the people in the foreground turning around to see what was going on.


My brother Tommy’s sixth or seventh birthday party was a joint affair with my cousin’s. They had a special guest come over Chucko the Clown, Chucko was also an afternoon cartoon host. He came over for an hour and did some magic tricks and also made animals out of balloons for the kids. Chucko had no more than left when Tommy, obviously wasn’t paying attention, walked into some guy’s lit cigarette popping his balloon animal. The guy had been holding his cigarette at his side and Tommy had come up from behind. The balloon popping startled him and he jumped throwing quite a bit of beer from his cup on some lady he was talking to. Of course, the king of the crybabies howled and all of the kids and some adults started laughing.

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Feb 20 @ 4:12PM  
I'd send you a new duckling ... but I'm afraid it wouldn't be long before it was crushed to death.. by manfred's jaws.

I never really had birthday parties.. they were just special sunday dinners at gramma's house. She'd make our favorite meal and a german chocolate cake.. well for me anyway... mmmmm.. and we had this plastic birthday banner from the 50's that is still used on birthday cakes to this day.. even though one side is melted from too many candles.

Feb 20 @ 4:25PM  
My 5th birthday party was the agony and the ecstasy of events.
Agony for my mom, aunt and grandmother because they spent so much time and effort to give me a big party with twenty of my friends, a new dress, an expensive bakery cake, decorations, games, party favors... the whole bit! I disappointed them because I wasn't all that excited about it. My ecstasy was all about my brand new swing set in the backyard complete with a slide and teeter totter.

I tore my new dress playing on the swings with my friends, said I really liked my mom's cake better and wish we didn't have to play all the silly games because my friends and I wanted to play cowboys and Indians instead. I remember the horror and disappointment on their faces even though I said thank you and had a nice time!

My 16th birthday was supposed to be THE event of the year, but it didn't happen because I refused to have it if I couldn't invite my best girl friend who was a Mexican. My dad had paid a lot money for a beautiful dress, invitations had been purchased and big plans in the works... all of it came to a screeching halt because I was refused to act like it was OK and not invite Veronica.

Needless to say my parents were very pissed and I was told repeatedly what an ungrateful girl I was. So, I received nothing for my 16th birthday except disapproval. I was was sorry for hurting my parents feelings. Veronica thought I was an idiot for passing up such a great time!

My best birthdays began in my forties... go figure!

Feb 20 @ 4:27PM  
Less not forget Howdy Doody Time! I'll bet WoW remembers Buster Brown.

Feb 20 @ 4:33PM  
Birthdays were nothing special when I was a kid. I usually got winter school clothes as my birthday was in October and once or twice I think I had a birthday cake.

Feb 20 @ 4:48PM  


Less not forget Howdy Doody Time! I'll bet WoW remembers Buster Brown.

Howdy Doody time, with Bafalo Bob and Clara Bell the clown.

Buster Brown lived in a shoe, his dog Tag lives there too.


Feb 20 @ 5:10PM  
I'll bet WoW remembers Buster Brown.

Actually I don't remember Buster Brown. I had heard of him or the show. I remember Buster Brown shoes. But there is four years difference in our ages which might just be enough to offset some of the memories. The only real nationwide cartoon, kiddie shows I really recall were Romper Room, Bozo the Clown, and Shari Lewis (I thought she was one good looking lady!). I actually got to work a live show with her about a year before she died and she was still pretty and youthful looking. You couldn't tell she was sick with cancer. She was very nice and a delight to work with.

Feb 20 @ 5:15PM  
My Mom loved celebrating mine and my sister's birthdays. She would make the cake, let the birthday girl pick dinner for her special day, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighborhood kids over...but Mom, she loved all of it.

My birthday is in the fall, and if the weather was decent, we'd have the party outside, whereas the middle sister, her birthday is in August, so her party's were planned for outside. And my youngest sister, she was born on Elvis's, her birthday party's were always indoors. Well, dinner, cake, ice cream, all indoors, but we'd all get our snowsuits on and go outside to play till it got dark out. Mom really couldn't keep up indoors much when we were kids.


Feb 20 @ 5:32PM  
With my daughter it was quite sexist as she didn't then, and still doesn't at the age of 35, like her boy cousins. So we would do the sleep over all girl (cousins and friends) party thing with videos of her choice, pizza, and the like.

For me and my brother, I don't remember much more than I posted except that my mom would make sure that we got our favorite cake and flavor of ice cream. For me that was angelfood cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate ice cream. For Tommy it was lemon cake and lemon sherbet.

There was quite a difference in the ages between us and our cousins and relatives lived quite a ways away. As for the kids in the neighborhood, I don't recall very many birthday parties being thrown by anyone.

Feb 20 @ 8:31PM  
I've only had one birthday and I don't really remember anything about it

Feb 21 @ 1:12AM  
This topic has been posted before....

Feb 21 @ 9:38AM  
I don't remember having any birthday parties when I was younger. I do remember on my 12th birthday (golden birthday) I was sick and in bed. I wanted to go roller skating but couldn't.

Mar 6 @ 7:47PM  
Wow it sounds like your parents really made a fuss over your birthday which is awesome. As far as the crying goes, I believe they were tears of joy.

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Childhood Birthday Memories - Tommy