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Damn! Who cut funding to the whacky house?

posted 2/19/2011 6:21:45 PM |
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Seems our boomerang lunatic is back again. I wasn't going to say anything about this fool, but, what the hell...join the party right?

You know, I just cannot imagine life being so boring, dull, desperate, lonely, and pathetic that one would have this addiction to coming back to a site where he's been kicked off of, and will be again. And will come back again....I It's sad that the only life this thing has, is to antagonize others, people who are actually laughing at the sad joke that he is.

He comes here with his "insults" and innuendo's, and thinks he is clever. No, I guess I'll be the one to break the news, but no, clever you are not. Pathetic, loser, pile of shit, piece of dirt..yeah, that adequately describes you.

Oh yeah, the Review you tried...hate to tell you this, but a 1st grader would do far better than that pathetic attempt. I almost felt sorry for that weak attempt, but, I have no compassion for something that is of less worth than a pile of shit.

Someone really needs to lock that fruit loop up and throw away the key. He's such a dunce that it's painful to watch......painful because my ribs are sore from all of the laughing I've been doing at his pathetic attempts at trying to insult others. Again, I've seen 1st graders who can do better than this joker.

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Feb 19 @ 6:27PM  

I just took my shot at him. A first for me.

Feb 19 @ 6:32PM  
It's not boredom sweetheart... it's alcohol induced dementia.

Feb 19 @ 6:50PM  
Will someone please find where the dude put his meds? I think he is desperate need of them.

Feb 19 @ 7:54PM  
Ehhh... it doesn't bother me- I mean, we can't physically boot him off the site [as much as we would love to] so... I just have fun with it to the extent that it makes my day to do so, whenever it decides strike at me!


Feb 19 @ 8:33PM  

1 min ago
It's pretty sad he wants to sit here and treat us like we're idiots when HE is the one who has nothing better to do than read every single one of our blogs, and put his demented twist on how our lives are!! He is fucked up in the head.... And here lately, he waits til the weekend when he knows the mods aren't around to boot him... but if you'll notice, he cancels before Monday roles around.... Look for yukonjackoff's profile to not be here on Monday morning..... and you will be able to tell if he cancels or he gets cancelled. Must be sad to have to sit and read this shit knowing YOU aren't welcome among the crowd... but could be if you knew how to act! Apparently his mother did a shit job raising him!

I don't feel sorry for him.... . never have, never will!

But sybil loves her spicerack for sure!!!

Watch... next weekend, you and I will be lesbians....

Feb 19 @ 8:35PM  
Dawwwwn... you were supposed to delete my first comment!

Feb 19 @ 8:36PM  
ooops... never mind!

Feb 19 @ 9:20PM  
But sybil loves her spicerack for sure!!!
I kinda' like Sybil's rack too

Feb 19 @ 9:45PM  
HUH??? Did I miss sumfin here?? How did Sybil's spiced rack get in this here blog?? Which by the way, spice and racks belong together like mouths and nipples do- just say'n!


Feb 19 @ 11:09PM  
I'm pretty sure he's still riding the short bus!

Feb 19 @ 11:35PM  
Look at the bright side Instead of being really pissed off, people are interacting, participating and some are having fun. It seems to be one of those old proverbial things about making lemonade out of lemons...yeah, else can you make lemonade? Well, actually there are these mixes with artificial ingredient and... to hell with that...

Chuck Knoll before a Super Bowl said about loud mouth Dallas Cowboy, Thomas Henderson, "Give a monkey a stage and he'll dance." Okay, Cockfail, you're center stage as you wanted in the spotlight let's see some hoofing. Give us your best Fred Astaire. Now I realize that could be a challenge because your partner is Lippy not Ginger Rogers.

Feb 20 @ 8:10AM  
Hey Sugar I'm the biggest fruit loop here & I'm not gay .

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Damn! Who cut funding to the whacky house?