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Here We Go Again...I've been thinking.

posted 2/18/2011 5:49:06 PM |
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Don't you hate when someone starts a note with the statement.. I've been thinking? Usually adds up to something going heinously wrong for someone nearby. Sometimes even an explosion or two. Things have been known to happen.

Since I'm already PMSal and not happy about that.. I've got a list of shit that I'm not happy about.. Lets get it out of my head and onto the .. paper.. as it were.

1. I absolutely HATE it when people start a statement with, "As a (fill in the blank), I" Gawd damnit..why do you need all that filler? Why not say, "I am nervous about my children crossing a busy street on their own." You don't have to preface that shit with, "As a Mom"! We've already assumed that with the words 'my children' that you are the mom. DUH! As a bitch, I find that incredibly annoying!

2. People that you barely know assuming that you are so starved for their attention that they add you to groups of other people you don't know; who discuss things that don't interest you in the slightest ... but then.. they'd never know that because they don't bother asking you if you're even interested in joining said group. Fricking Hell.. Inbox rape much? Stranger Danger...but you're the one in danger.. not I.

3. People with their medical marijuana card imbibing instants before they get in their automobiles and pretend that they can drive. Ashland is filled with these idiots. I don't care if you imbibe.. just don't try taking me with you when you commit suicide ok? OK!

4. Middle-aged repentants. Ok, I'm glad you're getting right with your God. Honest I am.. but if I remember you smokin a doob, cussin up a storm, stealing from the local stores and or playing stinky finger in the Theater...guess what??? Don't play that whole holier than thou bullshit with me.. I was there with you... I remember. Don't play dat.

5. American companies that won't hire American workers. I don't care what color skin the American worker has.. just so long as they live, legally, in America. No disrespected intended to the East Indians, but damnit when I want to talk to someone about my newspaper, cell phone or computer? They'd damned well better be able to speak english, and speak it well enough that I can understand it. Ya hear?

6. American employers who refuse to hire anyone who has been out of work for more than six months. WTF? That's most of us. So a person has been unemployed for 6+ months? Well guess what? Stop hiring outside the country and there'd be more jobs for those of us who live here to compete for. HUH? Ya think?

7. I'm on a gawdamned roll today I'm tellin ya..

8. Cyber badasses. You all know the type.. they sit in Grandma's basement tapping away at a keyboard because they can't interact in the real world. . and threatening or verbally abusing people just to make themselves feel better about their lot in life? Get up...move out... get real.

9. People who WILL NOT control their dogs. I love dogs.. I love dogs so much that I've got two of my own and a grandpuppy to play with.. but you better believe my dogs aren't running around loose all day without any supervision, growling at people and taking a nip at them. Nope, they'd not do that because they don't get to go run around without a human with them to keep them in line. Your fucking dog barks all the time you are away. Bark bark bark.. and then my dogs want to bark with them, which ends up with my dogs being shut in their kennel for a half hour til they decide to listen. I'm tired of it.

and finally..the thing I'm most annoyed at in the entire world....

10. Girl week. Who the hell thought up this grand system of torture in order to bear children? Seriously? WTF? Bloating, sore boobs, hormone nose dives, cramps and disgusting icky stuff coming out for 3 to 7 days? How is this fair?

Ok I'm done... so .. what pisses you off the most?

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Feb 18 @ 5:59PM  

Not getting to meet and know you better.

Feb 18 @ 6:00PM  

Here's your green nut.

Feb 18 @ 6:01PM  
Now THAT's a righteous rant!

Feb 18 @ 6:14PM  
I'm tellin ya.. it's a good day to walk on the other side of the street.

Feb 18 @ 6:14PM  
I'm with you on the dog thing. Neighbor across the street has 2 yappy little dogs WITH their own doggy door and he's gone most of the time so these mutts go out 'n bark bark bark 'n set off the other neighborhood dogs and there's gonna be trouble this summer when windows can be opened...

Feb 18 @ 6:14PM  
Oh you don't want to even ask me that question this week.

Feb 18 @ 6:20PM  
9. People who WILL NOT control their dogs

I am so with ya on that one!!!!! I take care of my dogs, my dogs are not allowed to roam free, and when outside, and they start barking, they come in the house.

10. Girl week. Who the hell thought up this grand system of torture in order to bear children? Seriously? WTF? Bloating, sore boobs, hormone nose dives, cramps and disgusting icky stuff coming out for 3 to 7 days? How is this fair?

Yeah, whoever thought this system was so grand needs to go through it for a year.

Here's your green nut....hopefully it helps.

Feb 18 @ 6:20PM  
I do have one to add to the list. Doctors who don't give a shit about their patients and more or less do as little as possible for them.

Feb 18 @ 6:22PM  
Rants, fook yeah!

I hate anytime I go into the store and barely make it out with a few bags of vittles to last me a week, which put a huge dent in my own cash since I dont get enough in food benefits to cover anything. Mean while Barrio Barbie, Tasha Trailorpark or Patty Projects with their fleet of 5000 children roll out cart after cart after cart of food to last them until the end of this milenia, and I look at my meager shit and weep. Pardon me I have other priorities than keeping my legs open for every Tyrone, Danny and Hector and taxing the gov't and taxpayer's money. Sure I collect my nutty money, but I get that and that only and what little crumbs they call food bennies and I try to do good by my life. I'm not blowing it on booze, weed, or shit I dont really need and neither am I pumping out brat after brat to hold onto it.

Secundo, I hate faceless cowards. People who have to hide behind many personae, online no less and will never step up and admit anything. And not only do they pick a fight and then turn tail, they have to attack people who they hardly know for no other reason than they think they got somewhere. Not really. Its slow in coming but keep looking at your watch- time's running out.

Feb 18 @ 6:41PM  
I'm with you on the middle-aged repentants who want to bring me along on their ride.

I'll bet even Jesus gets tired of their selective memory. You think He forgot about that night ol' holy Joe puked up Old Milwaukee and psilocybin onto his Birkenstocks? I'm thinking not.

Feb 18 @ 6:55PM  
Luna done pretty much coverd it....don't mind people get help but damn...NEED it not cause you don't know how to say NO to a dick ...he he he dual purpose word.....

cyberpunks.....jeez...i wish i had a penny for the shit I've dealt with even if only on HERE.....

*sits n pats self to make sure not dead ...from all the emails killing ..yano ..TALKIN ME TO DEATH" *

Feb 18 @ 6:57PM  
That's a bitchin' blog Sam
Gotsta' give out a much hoarded green puddle of puke , or kudo, whichever you prefer, at this time!!

Feb 18 @ 7:36PM  
Good to see you contributing, hon. But it is all just a too bit left handed for me an my state of mind (or lack there of)

Feb 18 @ 7:38PM  
I apologize, I may have missed a lot. My attention span is very short....SHUT THE FUCK UP, BRUCE...GOOD IDEA

Feb 18 @ 8:26PM  
The only group I would add ya to without asking would be the Bewbie Rub Club, but your's being sore right now, we'll hold off on that!

Good rant my lil skwirly girly! I lubs ya and you have my utmost and completest sympathies..............

and yeah Bruce, it's called PMS, best advice I've ever heard you give.........SHUT THE FUCK UP BRUCE!!! LMAO!!!!!

Feb 18 @ 8:29PM  
Oh and I left ya a shiny green thingy too.........They're almost as good as Midol! Or so I've been told!

Feb 18 @ 8:35PM  
Oh and I left ya a shiny green thingy too.........They're almost as good as Midol! Or so I've been told!

soooo IF we played PMS poker...does a xanx beat a midol? just asking

Feb 18 @ 8:36PM  
10. Girl week. Who the hell thought up this grand system of torture in order to bear children? Seriously? WTF? Bloating, sore boobs, hormone nose dives, cramps and disgusting icky stuff coming out for 3 to 7 days? How is this fair?

I don't have to deal with all that shit anymore! ..... ........ 7 years and counting!!

Kudo for your rant skwirly!!


Feb 18 @ 8:37PM  
does a xanax beat a midol?

YEP! Everyday of the week it does!!!!!

Feb 18 @ 8:42PM  
Hey that might be the answer Sammy! A Midol for the bloat and soreness, and a Xanax and you won't care about the rest! LOL ((Big Soft Hugs))

Feb 18 @ 9:06PM  
I'll quit while I'm behind ladies

Feb 19 @ 3:34AM  
Answer: Women with PM rantings. PTN the other night was funny as shit ranting about her b/f of 3 years and how step daddy molested her.

Muscleheads who say 'yano'. And can't write English."Luna [[B]B]done pretty much coverd it....don't mind people get help but damn...NEED it not cause you don't know how to say NO to a dick ...he he he dual purpose word[/B] And he stutters when he writes. I own a piece of property with a cave and I'll rent it to you wingnut. It's got writing and scribbling on the walls and everything.

Dog blogs and pictures

And my all time favorite, your tolerance of Inspector Clouseau with an all time new record of 6 comments to his blogs......"SHUT THE FUCK UP, BRUCE"...LOL. Take a hint grip.

Feb 19 @ 4:29AM  
Can't you stay dead? Goddamn it all.

Feb 19 @ 4:57AM  

Both your friend and your enemy think that you will never die.

"As always was'

Feb 19 @ 8:40AM  
cupcakes cupcakes

Feb 19 @ 9:09AM  
I will clarify that I NEVER said my step dad molested me! I said he was a prick! And when I said I was tired of being poked, I certainly did NOT mean he molested me. For the love of God cockfail... do you NOT have anything better to do?

You are such a fucking loser! Get a grip on yourself please! For your own metal well being!

Feb 19 @ 9:48AM  
For your own metal well being!
And your mental well being too
Although I realize that's pretty much a lost cause

Feb 19 @ 1:32PM  
Guess what yukoncocktail... The people about whom you are ranting have always been way more than kind to me. Even when I'm not necessarily the nicest person to hang around with. They put up with my bitch moods, they put up with my anger when they act stupid. They put up with my acting stupid when it happens. Some have met me in person, several via telephone, quite a few have met me in other fora. People send me cards and letters, make a phone call, just because they care about how I'm feeling. Lots of people.

The only people, in fact, that I've ever had issue with are those, like yourself, LRR and a few others who insist on carrying their stupidity to beyond acceptable ranges.

Perhaps you are the common denominator here hmm? You who hides behind your computer screen and screams abuse? Your pal/alter-ego LRR who sits back and claims that others are hurting her... lying about people and expecting others to take up for her? Talking crap like it matters to anyone but her? You twisting the words of others and adding your own idea of what happened? It was MY step father who molested ME.. not PInk's. Hers was just a jerk.

Perhaps it's your own behaviors that are causing you to have issues with others.

If you always do the same thing, you're always going to get the same reactions. Sorry, but that's the facts of life. Whapper, at least, is a lovely human being on the inside. At least, he has always been for me. You? You just act like a petulant pre-adolescent, sitting in your Mama's basement, eating pizza, scratching your undropped balls, picking your zits and sniffing the prizes you get from the picking. Good luck with that. It's always gonna be pus. No matter how often you wanna pretend it's some kinda miracle goop.

Yanno... I'm actually pleased that you don't enjoy my blogs or my company. It saves me worrying about if I'm going to stomp all over your feelers. I really don't like hurting people when I can keep from it.

I was going to delete and block you... But I think that I will allow this to stay so that when Brenna decides to take a look, it will still be here... your behaviors, your arrogant bullshit ... your issues. Not my problem. Not anyone else' problem either. Your problem.


Feb 19 @ 2:13PM  
Do you have a picture Mam?

Feb 19 @ 2:59PM  
And it's ma'am, not mam
Contraction for madame, not to be confused with what your mama is

Feb 19 @ 5:49PM  
I am so nacho mam.

I have quite a few pictures, actually, and many people have seen them. You're not going to be one of them, however. Do YOU have a picture punkin? Oh right, a large white ass in a filthy shower. I recall now. Was that your TRUE face?

As for myself, I am short, I am fat, I am funny looking... it's a long way to the bone on me, but I'm beautiful all the way in there. Anything else you wanna know about me?


Feb 20 @ 7:39AM  
I'm slamming you three kudos.
few others who insist on carrying their stupidity to beyond acceptable ranges.
Now damn it I told you I couldn't help it.

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Here We Go Again...I've been thinking.