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I'll never understand

posted 2/14/2011 10:24:46 AM |
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tagged: thoughts

What it is that makes a person enjoy being ugly and mean. All of us know what I'm referring to, our recent "visitor", who most likely already has an alternate id ready as his current 3 have been canceled. Whether he turned tail and ran before the Mod could get him, or, maybe the Mod got him, all here knows he's lurking.

I just can't fathom how someone's life can be so bad/boring, that the only joy they get is going online to any site for the sole purpose of creating a profile in order to attack people they do not know. And the lies...really. A girlfriend? I doubt it, someone with an ugly personality like that in relationship? No, there is no girlfriend, otherwise, he'd be too busy being "happy" with her. Which leads me to believe this person has no clue as to what being happy means. If someone is truly happy or content with their life, they wouldn't set out to mock, insult, harass, or stalk others online. Instead, they wouldn't give online sites a second thought. If life is so good, why set out to attack others? Simple, life isn't good.

l know, "don't feed the troll"...well...this could be about any troll. Oh, definition of a troll here:


First sentence in that definition says it all I'd say. Oh hey!! And his face is even on that page! Yes, I know, that was catty/bitchy, but I don't care. I agree with a friend's observation that someone who trolls may have mental issues. What else can drive a person to be so ugly? I'd rather get along, have fun, and discuss things. Yet, there are those who have what I call "false courage" when they are sitting in front of the computer screen, and their ugly side comes out. It's so easy to sit in front of a computer and insult others without fear of retaliation. Like I said, false courage. Why? Because, chances are, face to face, the troll would most likely shut up. It's much different face to face than over the internet wire. Face to face means that the person the troll is insulting/attacking could very well knock the troll into the next galaxy. So, the troll feels more secure behind the anonymity of the internet.

Well, for the time being, said troll is gone. I'll bet it's still lurking and reading. And when it resurrects it's ugliness, I'll do like I did this last time, and ignore it. The more it gets a response, the longer it stays, or, the more it attempts to come back. We know it will be back. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow. Rest assured, it will be back. Again, I just don't understand how someone's life can be so ugly that they have to find joy in attacking others online. Is it that false courage? Or mental instability? Or both?

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Feb 14 @ 10:34AM  
I'll bet it's still lurking and reading.

...and grinning with laughter as he reads this blog with the attention he is getting. Get ready for your page views to skyrocket and hundreds of password requests

Feb 14 @ 10:38AM  
I know. I'm sure he's cackling with laughter right now. I don't care. I could have said it's about trolls in general, but, that would be false as he is the troll I'm writing about. So, why hide it?


Feb 14 @ 10:41AM  

I think you put that quite well. Nicely written. There are some weird and mentally unstable people walking this earth. Just be glad you do not know or have to put up with someone like that in real life.

Feb 14 @ 10:47AM  
Well where the Hell was Mr. Knot ... Isn't he the troll chaser. wanted NOT is fired. I don't know why they say make a bee line when they should have been thinking alphabet A is first. Anyway I made a bee line at the asshole just cause I felt like it.

Feb 14 @ 10:47AM  
the diff between INSANITY and GENIUS is a very very fine line...our Pal thinks h'es on one side of the line..but then ALL nuts think THEY are the ONLY sane one's left

Feb 14 @ 12:02PM  
Trolls have been around since the beginning of the computer online BBS days. This one is nothing special except he is not very good at being a troll. I think the dude needs another hobby since he is not that good at the current one. He has way too much time on his hands.

Feb 14 @ 1:08PM  
What it is that makes a person enjoy being ugly and mean.
You'd probably be ugly and mean too if you were a pimply faced, fat, ugly teen locked up in a basement with only his mama and daddy comin' down to visit, but only when mommy wanted to suck his teeny weeny and daddy to pack his fudge

Feb 14 @ 1:14PM  
Kind of reminds me of a combination of characters from the works of Edgar Allen Poe.

Feb 14 @ 4:39PM  
The fact that he goes through all my 1201 blogs makes me feel so honored.

Him pulling up my old April Fools Day blog from 2008 gave me a chance to go back and read it for a laugh.

Susan....err, Shawn


Feb 14 @ 6:52PM  
I kind of loathe giving him attention but in some abstract way, this tune fits the psychosis that I am trying to convey. It is a live version by the Alan Parsons Project originally on the album, Tales of Mystery and Imagination. Ironically both Poe and Cockfail are from Baltimore.

Feb 14 @ 6:57PM  
The fact that he goes through all my 1201 blogs makes me feel so honored.

I think you meant 2010 blogs. Anyway, yeah, to go through and read all of that shit to find a shooting point is more than OC. Pretty psychotic to me. Hell, I doubt a general in USAF gathers that much info. on a target during war! There are some peculiar and odd people in this world

Feb 14 @ 8:51PM  
I think you meant 2010 blogs
No, I have 1201 blogs.

Feb 15 @ 8:29PM  
Same crap, new day.. I've really enjoyed my time off of here.. I may have to extend it further.

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I'll never understand