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Cocktail anyone??

posted 2/12/2011 9:07:44 PM |
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It's alive!!! IT'S ALIIIIIIIIIVE!!!

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It's a birthday!! We have a birthday!!!!
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Feb 12 @ 9:12PM  
It's my birthday..I want cocktail's..The real one's. I am sure this blog is not about those kind of cocktail's...


Feb 12 @ 9:22PM  
It's my birthday

Well Happy Birthday to you Alybai!!


Feb 12 @ 9:26PM  

I didn't mean to make this blog about me..Sorry PTN

Feb 12 @ 9:27PM  

dang.. now I have to wait an hour to post another blog!

Let's make this a birthday blog for aly!!!!

Woo hoo!! Go shorty, it's yer birfday!!!

Everyone get up on the tables with your drink in hand!!! We are here to celebrate tonight!!!! Aly is getting older like the rest of us!! ....

I really don't know her very well but she does seem to be a very genuine lady!! We have seen her highs and lows here and have supported her through tough times! She is a lovely lady with a kind heart!!

Take the time to wish her a Happy Birthday ya'll!!!


Feb 12 @ 9:29PM  
I'll have another birthday if your making the cocktails pink, lol, happy birthday Alybia

Feb 12 @ 9:42PM  
Happy birthday, Tammy! I hope that you are enjoying it! It is always so much cooler on the weekend. Now switching back...
It's alive!!! IT'S ALIIIIIIIIIVE!!!

WTF are you talking about, Pink?

Feb 12 @ 10:03PM  
Happy Birthday Tammy!

Feb 12 @ 10:04PM  
Happy Birthday Alybia!

Feb 12 @ 10:07PM  
Happy Birthday, Tammy!

Feb 12 @ 10:08PM  
Looky there!! cockfail posted a Happy Birthday to Tammy too! woo hoo! trying SOOO hard to fit in!

I love your essays! You mention me.............again! I think you're obsessed!


Feb 12 @ 10:10PM  
SHE'S TALKING ABOUT ME WOW. While I have you all online, I've a secret to unveil. #1 who's responsible for all the views....have you ever wondered why straddle hasn't been blogging as much, not that anything he blogs is thoughtful. And he/she has another 'sweetie' online here besides the Canadian cat. And Pink, update your

Feb 12 @ 10:12PM  
I don't seek you out cockfail.... I wish I could say the same for you!

I'm so glad I have a life!!

Feb 12 @ 10:13PM  
My cock. Your tail. Anyone can watch. I'm not shy

Feb 12 @ 10:15PM  
Look Ma!!! Twins..Jersey James and Cockfail

Feb 12 @ 10:20PM  
Look Ma!!! Twins..Jersey James and Cockfail

LMAO! you got that shit right! I was asked to LET him stay for a while... someone wants to have fun with him first!!

SO!! Stay he shall........unless he cancels on his own.....isn't that the chicken shit way out??

And he calls me Sybil!

Feb 12 @ 10:34PM  

You mean to tell me Tammy os 16 again .

Have a good one Tammy.

Feb 12 @ 10:34PM  
Have fun with an asshole???
How? By poppin' pimples?

Feb 12 @ 10:44PM  
Thanks for the birthday wishes..Now this old body needs sleep..Road trip tomorrow to Indiana..And then stopping at a huge outlet mall to shop..

Have a great night everyone..

Play nice..

Feb 12 @ 10:45PM  
BTW.. Does being in telecommunications mean he's finally learned what the buttons on a cell phone does??

Feb 12 @ 10:45PM  
Happy Birthday Lady!

Feb 12 @ 10:58PM  
like a grade B movie where the monster Mothera won't all lthe little people runnnnnn


see ya round cockboy

Feb 12 @ 11:02PM  


Feb 12 @ 11:06PM  
Well I thought I would email cockfail privately and then I thought.......what the fuck!!! LOL So this is what I sent to him...............................can I get some kudos?!?!?!

You're grasping at straws because you have NO life! I feel sorry for you.

I saw through jerseyjames within seconds of reading that blog...and then you come on with aren't as smart as you think you are, and I'm certainly not as dumb as you think I am.

Get a life CJ or RJ or JC or whatever your name is...............oh wait........your name is and will always be cockfail!

I don't give a fuck how smart you think you're still a lifeless loser!

Can I get a couple of witnesses!??!

Feb 12 @ 11:16PM  
Happy Birthday Aly !! and .... I'll have one of those cocktails (real ones) myself !!

Feb 13 @ 1:07AM  
God Bless me, but I do breathe life into this site. Accept me as I am....never happen....LOL

Feb 13 @ 2:54AM  
noooo body caaaaaaaaaaares, noooo bodyyyy caaaaaaaaaaaaaares

Feb 13 @ 3:35AM  
Ahhh, but you're wrong Tassie. She can't resist me....I bring out the hate in her.....LOL.

Feb 13 @ 6:42AM  
Happy birthday to Tammy!

And yes, I'd LOVE a COCKTAIL...but I'll have mine without the asshole, please!!!!!!

Feb 13 @ 7:43AM  
I'll pass

Feb 13 @ 7:47AM  
God Bless me

Is your first name Richard? If so, that explains why everybody calls you Dick.

Feb 13 @ 12:32PM  
Don't you have an obituary or a weather report to do wow, maybe a new game with a female name or dog in it?

Feb 13 @ 1:42PM  
^^^^^^ The two above me, crack me up! Ohhh the humor of it all- that's one good reason why I stick around here!


Feb 13 @ 1:53PM  
Don't you have an obituary or a weather report to do wow

The high in Baltimore today is projected to be 52 degrees and the low is you.

Feb 13 @ 8:15PM  
First of all Happy Birthday.
And hey Cocktail, you have some new material to liven the place up this time around? I think I heard all your old material two or three or four times. Have to keep it fresh to keep your audience you know.

Feb 13 @ 8:43PM  
I don't seek you out cockfail.
A hot ass don't need to seek a limp dick.

Feb 13 @ 8:46PM  
A hot ass don't need to seek a limp dick.

Leaving a kudo on this blog for Flavor's comment.

Feb 13 @ 9:07PM  
I don't seek you out cockfail.
A hot ass don't need to seek a limp dick.

Be that as it may...........I do have a hot ass though!

Shall I reiterate...... I do not seek cockfail out. He is the one that continues to come to this site and attack me and others........... it is quite clear who the pathetic, lonely loser is...........and it isn't me!!

And I still don't give a fuck how smart he thinks he is!

Feb 13 @ 9:09PM  
Guess who's birthday it is today!!!!!!!

dmbchick420!!! Holly!!!!!

But alas... she is no longer here.......... But I did send her well wishes over on the other site!!!

Anyway! Happy Birthday to you Holly!

Feb 13 @ 9:13PM  
dmbchick420!!! Holly!!!!!

I miss her. She is cool and always added something to our exchanges

Feb 13 @ 9:42PM  
I loved Holly & be that as it may you do have a hot ass ....

Feb 13 @ 9:53PM  
Shall I reiterate...... I do not seek cockfail out. He is the one that continues to come to this site and attack me and others.....
What if there was ones who got your back & said cock in the ass was a dick ?

Feb 13 @ 9:58PM  

I am MORE than sure that 99.99999 % of the people here would have my back and agree wholeheartedly!!

I'm still not quite sure why he just doesn't get it.... I guess he's holding out for that .00001 % of the people that might have his back! And that would be whapper probably!

Feb 13 @ 10:17PM  
pssssst!!!! That .00001% watching his back is his imaginary girlfriend.

Feb 14 @ 12:39AM  
I got your back baby. LOL .... I'm really telling the truth I do.

Feb 14 @ 11:01AM  
yano there's a LOT of men in prisonn who's LOVE to have his back...just a thought

Feb 14 @ 12:36PM  
yano there's a LOT of men in prisonn who's LOVE to have his back...just a thought
He probably has his shower photo hanging on the prison walls already.

Feb 14 @ 1:01PM  
He probably has his shower photo hanging on the prison walls already.

then he is popular

Feb 14 @ 1:06PM  
The doctor was arrested
and hauled off to jail
Mustafa the murderer
wants his cock in doc's tail

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Cocktail anyone??