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Just my luck!!!!

posted 2/6/2011 10:02:18 PM |
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So I'm sitting here watching the superbowl and my phone rings.......I answer it and there is silence on the other I say again "hello".....the voice on the other end says "you know who this is?" .....obviously my reply is "no".....and he says "yeah, well, this is *****'s fucking husband!!!"....Great!!! This is just what I fucking needed. And this is actually the second time this has happened to me in the past year. Women cannot be trusted. Do you know why they relate women to cats....because cats are so sneaky....I'll prove it.....everyone has seen cats, kittens ever seen two cats having sex?......didnt think so!!!....But when I met her at the bar she was saying, I'm divorced, I live on my own, telling me about her child custody arrangements and everything else!!!.....And now for all you lady readers out there, this goes right back to my previous blog......all she kept saying is lets go back to your place!!!.....cuz there was no way in hell we could go back to hers with her husband sitting on the couch!!...This is why I gave up on the bar scene and tried the internet, but on here all you get is cam girls, call girls, and more married women trying to keep it on the word of advise to all you "double agents" out there....(that is the term I have come up with to describe women like this who go out and tell a guy at the bar all this bullshit knowing damn well they have a man).....after you have gone out and met a target at the bar and completed your mission....DONT LEAVE THE GUYS NUMBER AND TXT MESSAGES ON YOUR PHONE AND FALL ASLEEP WITH IT ON THE DAMN KITCHEN COUNTER!!!!.....that is all.....over and out!

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WOW!!!....the fun never ends!!!
Just my luck!!!!
why my place????
Sometimes people just dont get it!!!!


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Feb 6 @ 10:28PM  
Good post! I guess she didn't learn anything from Tiger Woods (and I don't mean golf)

Feb 6 @ 10:43PM  

True that.Love the term: double agent!

Feb 6 @ 10:58PM  
If it makes you feel any better it's no more fun getting a call from the little Mrs either. And THAT has happened to me twice in the past few years. Good luck in your future search.

Feb 6 @ 11:00PM  
at least you got some......more than most can say on here

Feb 6 @ 11:20PM  
Still though Tony, there are just as many men out there doing the exact same thing.....

In fact.... I met a man.... I didn't meet him online but he ended up here on this site.... ...and his wife has called me a time or three....and she ended up on this site too..........ain't that some shit?!?!?

I'm single.. and honest... and I usually don't deal with people who have that drama. I don't date much from the internet at all..... perhaps you shouldn't either....

Internet... real life............ it's all the same... only the names have changed right...

Feb 7 @ 12:05AM  
Love it but I guess you already know it goes both ways... I'm not married to that woman.. Ummm well your living in the same house as she is arn't ya? then your married.. So yeah it goes both ways so sorry you keep experiancing this but hey so do some of the rest out here.. Oh well keep plugging along.. at some point the right one will be there not married...

Feb 7 @ 7:05AM  
AMEN And likewise for the men

Feb 7 @ 8:56AM  
It's always good to know the bar & the flies in it. As much as they gossip you would have known if she was married or not & saved yourself some grief.

Feb 7 @ 9:21AM  
the voice on the other end says "you know who this is?" .....obviously my reply is "no".....and he says "yeah, well, this is *****'s fucking husband!!!"

You have to wonder how many other guys he called. When it comes to sleazy married women, finding another man in your bed is like finding a mouse in the house. More likely than not, there is more than one.

Feb 7 @ 10:54AM  
Oh it goes both ways.

If it makes you feel any better it's no more fun getting a call from the little Mrs either

I agree, it sucks to get an email from some wife/girlfriend asking for the truth. I've had that happen. It isn't fun.

Honestly, there are honest people out there. It doesn't seem so, but they are out there. Don't get discouraged.

Feb 7 @ 5:24PM  
Does someone marrying you while forgetting to tell you they already have a wife they are legally married to in another state count? For every female that lies about being married I have ever known, I have run into countless men who forget to put on their wedding band when they go out to bars or are out on tour. Sleaze is sleaze and I don't think one gender has a monoply on it. I have a policy, if I find out they are married they are out the door and it is slammed behind them for good even if it takes a restraining order. Sorry that has happened to you but welcome to the world of dating. I think it has happened to pretty much everyone one time or another.

Feb 7 @ 5:54PM  
ALL my life, I've heard what a bunch~o~cheating~batsards men are.
Kinda makes you wonder whom they are cheating with.....unless they
are bi- or gay.
I remember as a kid, many women tear into their hubbies for being such
rubes. Once they'd left the area, the other women tear into them
for being such lying hippocrites.

IMHO, the women cheaters are better and sneakier then the men.

BIG difference between these cats and the four legged ones, is their
Cat Scratch Fever might take more than a shot of penicillain.

'course, my ex- told me, "It ain't really cheatin, it's just something different".
If a person wants to cheat, they will find a way to rationalize it in their own mind.

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Just my luck!!!!