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posted 2/5/2011 12:19:39 AM |
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Well, looks like my brother has made his mind up about some things, and he isn't going to go thru any treatment, so we are eligible for hospice, and it is fully paid for. He now has the oxygen machine, a small nebulizer, portable oxygen tanks, a shower chair, and some other things. That is a few less things for me to have to think or worry about, so I do feel a lot of relief about now. They will be providing a number of services to make life easier, not just for him, but for me as well.

The cancer is small right now, and localized. No spreading to other parts of his body at this point. For how long is anyones guess, but, if he has a decent quality to what ever is left, and I do too, I won't bitch, much anyway. He is stronger now than when I first put him in the hospital, but no way near what he could be if he would do the exercises he was given. As always, he thinks he knows it all and insists on doing it his way. But, his way will never get him the strength he really needs. Oh well, it's his life, not mine and his decisions.

He does want to go to see the one daughter that he has contact with, so in a month or so, we will probably head out on a road trip to see her. Go up and catch i-70 thru Denver, and on across to I-15 than into Salt Lake City. Not bad you may think, but ever been across 70 between Grand Junction and Denver? We will be climbing to just over 11,100 feet crossing the Continental Divide. I do have some reservations about that, and I told him if we couldn't get him oxygen, no way would I take him across that route. Not sure how long we will be gone, but i'll take my laptop and make sure everything is ok around here, and let ya'll know how it is going. I'm also not sure how he will hold up to a 1500 mile one way trip, but, will see.

Now, if this winter weather will abate over our planned route, I won't have anything to worry about, I hope. Will see how it all falls out.

Now for a bit of trivia I found out about today. Nicotine does have a useful purpose. Seriously. I was talking with the hospice nurse today about these e-cigs, and they have found people with ADHD do better at controlling it with nicotine, which is possibly why so many with it smoke. Hmmmmm, without the 4000 chemicals in tobacco smoke, just pure nicotine, these may be the answer to the problem for them. BUT, no solution is going to be perfect for everyone.

Ok, enough for now, let's all play nice for a while. i'll keep ya informed as things progress, but for now, the situation is pretty stable. That could change tomorrow and I know it. Will just see how it goes, one day at a time. And when I can get away for a day or two, i'm going to. No need for me to sit and watch over him everyday now that there is someone else to take over that chore when I need to get away before is strangle him.

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Feb 5 @ 1:53AM  
Thanks Mike for the update. You do need to take advantage of someone sitting with your brother so you can have some time just for yourself...that is so important.

The daughter can't come to him? Does she know his situation? Who knows, maybe getting away on a road trip and seeing his daughter might change his mind about treatment....

Hospice is free and they provide whatever is needed...absolutely anything. They are awesome.

I hope those phony cigarettes are working for you and one day you can just quit them's such a freedom. take care of you and try to find some things to enjoy so you can get your mind off of your troubles now and then.

Feb 5 @ 2:00AM's really too bad that he has just given up. With it small and localized he has a great chance at recovery through chemo. My best friend just died of lung cancer. it was in both lungs and the chemo put him in such a bad state he had to have a transfusin. then he had a massive heart attack and they couldn't do anything for that because he would have bleed out. they pulled the plug, he said thank you and told his wife he loved her. At some point she told him in his ear that Murphey loved him. She wouldn't let me come to the hospital. I did see him 3 days before all of this happened. Even after I got my car, I let him drive me to work and other places because I wanted to give them the money. I also wanted to be with him through this phaqse. I am glad I did. He loved me and wanted to be comfortable, and with me he was. the funeral is tomorrow. best wishes. M

Feb 5 @ 8:05AM  
Glad to see you finally got some help with your brother, Mike..
A couple of hints about Loveland Pass, Which I've been over many times..
It's not much, but if you take the Eisenhower Tunnel you'll cut off about 800 feet in elevation..
Also, is there any reason his daughter can't come to Missouri???
Be a lot easier.
Good Luck

Feb 5 @ 9:01AM  
It looks like you have been proactive and adjusted to it all as best that you can.

Feb 5 @ 9:32AM  
Mike, as hard as it is to let someone decide their own fate, sometimes it's the best thing you can do for them. He probably feels he has lost control of his own body with the cancer, so in the deciding how he will or will not treat it, it's his chance to gain some control. Let him have it. After watching my grandmother, aunt and stepfather (as well as many friends) I'm not sure what I would do in that situation. When I was diagnosed with cervical and uterine cancer in 2007 I fought and fought hard. But I was much younger and had a son at home to think about. While part of me thinks she should try to make the visit home to see her father, another part of me thinks of the adventure the two of you may share in this journey. It just might turn out to be the trip of a lifetime for you both. When there is limited time with someone, I'm not sure you should turn down the chance at a memorable adventure. Prayers for strength to get you both through these times are headed your way.

to Murphy......hun I am so sorry to hear of your friends passing. I hope you gain some comfort knowing he now longer is in pain or suffering. I'm sure he knew how much you loved him and from what you've told us, we know how much he loved you as well. Comfort his family, let them comfort you, and never forget the times together that touched each others lives. Prayers for strength and comfort also headed your way.

Feb 5 @ 10:50AM  
just a short comment, i hope. his daughter could come out, he had sent her some money for christmas and that was the original plan. at least in december. well, january came around and i put him in the hospital, we got the bad news, and things changed. now, if we can make this road trip, it will give him one more chance to see the country, and his daughter.

the reason i was hesitant to go over loveland or thru the tunnel, is the altitude. he has very little lung power. so without oxygen, i wasn't about to go that route. we will take the short route there, and if he can hold up, take a longer route home. i know the road is good, just the altitude has me worried.

Feb 5 @ 12:09PM  
The good news is that you only have two high passes to go over..
Loveland and Vail, which is 10,617 feet.. so you might want to reconsider and go through Wyoming instead
It would be nice to take a road trip though

Feb 5 @ 2:52PM  
Mike I always find a road trip to be good for me ,and I'm sure it will be the same with your brother and you. I have a friend who's on oxygen and he carries a tank in the back of his SUV everywhere he goes, He all so has a small unit which he can feel from the tank for short journeys of 4or5 hrs.
I think it will give you and your brother lots of good to see the country with each other.
Best of luck my friend

Feb 5 @ 6:57PM  
One day at a time...that's the best you can do right now. And when the time comes for the road trip, I hope both of you have a wonderful trip.

Glad you are getting help from hospice on this. I've heard good things about hospice.

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