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Johnny Come Lately

posted 2/3/2011 12:38:55 PM |
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Many people that are relatively new to the Internet get caught up in all of it, especially the junk forwarded to them that graces their email inboxes sent by all of the other newbies. They are excited with their new toy and it is quite common for them to mistakenly think that if it new for them, it is new for everybody else. In point of fact, they are probably among the last to have read it while people that have been on the Net since before the 21st century have seen this stuff dozens of times since the nineties.

For example, A Game of Chicken posted by LRR yesterday has the date in it, 1995. Different versions of it have been circulating for years, usually with the lighthouse being in Canada. That is about the time most of these things floating around in inboxes first started arriving. Not only that, the roots of this account go back to 1939 (talk about stale )

I really don't mind the jokes, giggles and grins, as they are harmless. It is the distorted disinformation passed on as being factual that disturbs me as there are too many people that will believe anything and everything that they are told without checking it out.

In the case of LRR's post, while it is amusing and harmless, it is also fabricated, untrue bullshit that many people believe to be true.

BTW, this post isn't targeting LRR. It is just coincidence that her post happens to best illustrate my points.

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Feb 3 @ 1:35PM  
See and I thought you were looking for a truce with LLR! How about the bickering causing discontent and contempt with AMD pervs.?

Feb 3 @ 1:41PM  
I've finally got my sister convinced to stop forwarding me all of those "warning" emails. She will still forward the occasional jokes now and then.

I just had one come through my spam folder about how cell phones cause brain least, that is what the subject line said. I don't open them in the spam filter.

I've been on the internet since I think 98, maybe 97...I can still remember when message boards on yahoo were popular. I haven't been to those in years. Do they even still have them?


Feb 3 @ 1:41PM  
Bruce..How many times have I reiterated that what's old to us may be new to younger generations???
Give it a fucking break and just let it ride

Feb 3 @ 2:18PM  

thought we were here to play and get on with each other ?
if you two keep this up I'm gonna lock ya's in a room til you kiss an make up

come on guys, you are both good friends an I'm not gonna participate in taking sides .

Feb 3 @ 2:28PM  
There is an old saying about making friends and influencing people. I doubt this post does the former, but 280 views in and hour and a half indicates that it did the latter!

See and I thought you were looking for a truce with LLR!

You are entitled to express your POV and you present a valid question. I explained that it was coincidence that it happened to be her post that substantiated my point. I assure you that I wasn't laying in wait to bushwhack her. I had just seen a run of not only old jokes, but things that were being passed off as being true that were of questionable validity at best.

I can still remember when message boards on yahoo were popular.

I doubt they have have message boards per se, but the concept is Web 2.0 and social networking sites...anywhere and everywhere.

I've finally got my sister convinced to stop forwarding me

Though annoying, as long as a person takes the time to chop off the email addresses in the thread, and do a bcc when forwarding, they are being socially responsible and not feeding email addresses to spammers.

Give it a fucking break and just let it ride

Well, maybe it bears repeating every once in a while so that maybe some newbies will learn something. It works for me. I guess we can agree to disagree.

Feb 3 @ 2:55PM  
To this point, I would like to thank everyone who has commented for their plain speaking. It was done firmly with clarity and honesty yet without being nasty.

I really feel that engaging in this kind of dialogue leads to a greater understanding of one another and different viewpoints

Feb 3 @ 7:24PM  
sighh so i run out and ..well let's say i was busy.....and find this....interestingly as best i can tell this was not a shock blog nor from what i can see a slam yet even with the part at end....saying what its NOT ....i see alot of the comments are missing it me?? i been away from blogs so long?? oh well...fuck it...tho i must agree to a POINT....old for some IS NEW for others based on age......

Feb 3 @ 8:03PM  
Let it go, Bruce!

Feb 3 @ 8:51PM  
No Bruce, keep doing what you're doing.

Some of us are tired of disregard for those who actually dare to bring something new and fresh to the blogging scene. Its like every time I log-in, I'm hit with the smell of mustiness and decay. And when someone tries to blog something intelligent, we get the bottom of the blogs because people either dont get it, too lazy to or is like our dear "friend" LRR who tends to be intimidated by intelligence. Well, sorry sweetheart - him, B9 and Sam are the most intelligent people on here - and frankly, you don't like it, you leave. They shouldnt appeal to populist bs just because you and others are insecure about how smart you are. Fuck that shit.

/rant done

Oh, and btw - please flame me in my inbox if you have any grievances, I'll be more than glad to not give a damn.

Feb 4 @ 2:10AM  
Nice to see you hanging out Luna ..... .... ....

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