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Just a little snowed in today.

posted 2/2/2011 11:40:56 AM |
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tagged: weather

I was so hoping to get through this winter with no major storms, and what does Old Man Winter do? Clobbers us with a damned blizzard. That's it, he's fired! What the hell, so I've got me a snow day. I'm supposed to have class today, but, EVERYTHING is closed down today. Cops are even telling people to stay off the roads. They don't do that too often here. It's Michigan, we're used to this stuff. Guess when there's over a foot of snow with winds at 30mph with gusts over 50mph, that makes driving and clearing roads just a bit fun. Here is a little video attached by our local news station that shows the "fun" out there today.

Snow covered road

I've had to dig out by the back door this morning so my dogs could get outside. Of course, Princess, she thinks this is just ok. She's loving it. The other 4 are fine with it too..but Princess has always loved it more so than the others. I tried to get a few pictures out in my front yard with my video cam...while it shows that we indeed got a bunch of snow, it didn't quite capture the blowing and drifting....stupid thing! Anyway, here is few pictures of the lovely weather we are having today. Lovely weather Well, ok, the first 5 are of the storm...just not patient enough to remove the other pictures.

Am I enjoying my day off? Yep, sure am. Till this weather calms down enough and I can start digging out...then I'll be complaining.

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Feb 2 @ 11:47AM  
I know the feeling! On my second snow day, all state offices are shut down in the state of Mo. Governor has declared a state of emergency and I'm digging out from under 18" of the frozen white shit! Have I mentioned how much I hate winter????

Feb 2 @ 1:04PM  
Looks like Steve's wife sent him out with out a scarf...snow blowing is almost a mute point if the wind is blowing it right back where ya blew it off. Looks like memphis wind, but we have no snow...yet.
Hope all stay warm and snuggie and safe.

Feb 2 @ 1:08PM  
I am pissed at Bruce Stupid me!!! I decided to go out yesterday afternoon and check the mail. I slipped on the icy sidewalk and crashed down on my left knee smashing it. I am a lot of pain, on crutches and can barely walk. Getting up and down is the worst. It is painful and an adventure. The damned thing is getting worse too

It is 14 fucking degrees outside plus the wind chill and I am iced in until Friday at the earliest, so I can't get to the doctor. It is not like it will get any worse unless I do something to it, so I am not calling 911. But I am one grumpy, uncomfortable, asshole right now.

I don't know what it is or why, but historically February is the shittiest month of the year for me.

Feb 2 @ 1:16PM  
Oh, and they have been and will be doing continuous rolling electricity blackouts state wide due to the overload. The power outage was an hour yesterday. What a fucked up week!

Feb 2 @ 2:08PM  
My power has been going off & on all day.

Feb 2 @ 2:28PM  
Beautiful balmy and sunny 83.3F. at my house with a nice breeze..
No shirt kinda' weather

Feb 2 @ 2:45PM  
continuous rolling electricity blackouts state wide due to the overload.
Yep there isn't a better feeling than getting caught off guard in the dark taking a shower or dropping a load setting on the crapper. I don't mind crapping in the dark it's just wiping my ass in the dark is what I don't like. TMI I suppose ..... ..... I gave up on trying to watch a movie , TV, or playing my PS3 because of the power going off like it has been.

Feb 2 @ 2:48PM  
We haven't had a power outage today...yet. I think that they try to roll it through the businesses first.

Feb 2 @ 3:40PM  
Aw Bruce, I'm sorry to hear that you hurt yourself. Heat? Ice? I don't know....maybe someone here can tell you which is best. I hope it's just bruised and nothing more.

Susie and I went to the Deli...mostly to get me outta the house for awhile. The roads are passable but a mess. The wind seems to have died down and no snow showers at the moment. I hear there's another storm coming in next Monday? Gaud I hope not! Enough is enough.

So Sugar...enjoy your day and be careful shoveling and just enjoy your brats enjoying the snow...

Feb 2 @ 5:15PM  
Its like a blizzard here now sugar, i just barely made it home from work

Feb 2 @ 6:09PM  
OMG!! Let me tell ya....Normally it takes only 20 minutes to a half hour to dig out my driveway. Not today...took 2 1/2 hours! And yes, the dogs were in the backyard having themselves a good ole time...the brats! I got done and took my a nice, long, hot shower. And brewed me another pot of coffee.


Feb 3 @ 3:41AM  

the tip of the mitt got a dusting,,, nothing more. i truly live in GOD's country... have seen nasty reports of the foot of snow,,, and the 4 and 5 foot drifts. i hope things are back to normal for you soon.

WOW,,, hope your knee split problems are vertical,,, not horizontal,,, since the former heal a lot quicker than the latter--- experience from like 5 years ago.

people,,,,,,,,,,, stay inside, if you can,,, warm and dry.

Feb 3 @ 5:18AM  
WOW,,, hope your knee split problems are vertical,,, not horizontal,,, since the former heal a lot quicker than the latter--- experience from like 5 years ago

I had this happen about 20 years ago and it was a deep bone bruise. But this time there is a difference and I am detecting possible soft tissue and nerve damage. It is slightly improved but not much.

I am fine sitting up but laying down is painful which makes sleeping problematic (notice what time I am posting this comment). I stacked a couple of oversized cushions on my recliner which makes it much easier to get up and down.

I have rearranged the furniture in an odd line from the kitchen to my recliner at the other end of the living room. That way I can transport food and drink to it. It is at once comical and pathetic. I get something, sit it on a counter or table, then hobble on my crutches about three feet. I can then reach for the item with one hand, transfer it to the other and move the item about six feet. I then step and repeat until I get to the recliner that has a coffee table in front of it.

I intend to go to ER on Saturday if there is not marked improvement. They have added snow into Friday's forecast, so I will remain iced in at least until Saturday.

There is some humor in this that is borderline TMI. If I am at my computer and I have to pee, I can't make it to the potties at the other end of the house in time...but I can make it to the kitchen sink I can hold a poop for five minutes under normal conditions so that is not a problem.

Feb 3 @ 10:50AM  
A comment from OneHornyToad (aka Alex):

hi careful what ya wish for(snow) because you might just get it!!!! heart goes out to all that are having to deal with this storm! Especially those that dont normally get any! My thoughts and prayers are with everyone here on Amd....WoW is at the top of the list! I hope he gets medical att. Before it causes other problems! You can post this on your blog if ya wanna...because I

Don't know why he can't post on the blog though.

Feb 3 @ 11:29AM  
WoW is at the top of the list!

I am a bit better today with more range of motion and less pain. I'm still iced in on the side of the house where my driveway is (I live on a corner lot). It looks like a still life painting out there. Now, the road at the front is pretty clear.

Don't know why he can't post on the blog though.

He does this through his cell phone (expensive) and is limited to emails and viewing. Thanks OHT for your concerns.

Feb 3 @ 1:07PM is very cold here today....very cold.....brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......

Feb 3 @ 1:48PM  
84.2 at my house with a nice breeze

Feb 3 @ 2:08PM  
84.2 at my house with a nice breeze

Quit bragging!!!

Feb 3 @ 3:11PM  



Feb 3 @ 3:26PM  
Someone ^^^^^^^^^^ is a total smart ass.

Feb 3 @ 3:26PM  
It is suspended animation here except that major roads are clear. That doesn't apply to my house. There is a solid slick ice coating as I unfortunately found. The temperature is up to 21 degrees. Snow is forecast for tomorrow. But then on Saturday we are projected to warm up and it should all melt before the Super Bowl on Sunday with the high in the mid fifties . It has been one sucky week for me!!!

Feb 3 @ 4:07PM  
Some pictures from around here of the aftermath of the blizzard:

Blizzard Pics

Check out the one of the door!!!!

Feb 3 @ 8:06PM  
It's finally dried out here since yesterday

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Just a little snowed in today.