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Chapter 1 part 1

posted 1/31/2011 2:41:57 AM |
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My mom is hot. Like super hot. I'm not sure when I began to notice her body. I must've been around 12, when my balls had just dropped. I remember catching her walking out of her bathroom, stark naked, and my cock got so hard from looking at her perfect curves. She hadn't seen me yet, so she started to get dressed, dropping a shirt on the floor and bending over to pick it up. The sight of her luscious ass in the air and her breasts swaying in front of her…..I had my first orgasm.

She noticed me then, since I could hardly keep upright as cum shot out of my dick, over and over, coating my underwear. She came at me, swinging her arm like I was a fly, clutching her towel to her body. I left to clean myself, and masturbate thinking about her breasts, which became a regular habit.

In the middle of stroking my dick, Mom knocked on my door and told me to come to the living room. I could smell a family talk coming up. I joined my older brother, Jake, and Mom in the living room and plunked down on one of the beanbag chairs. Mom likes to wear hippie clothes, while using clean cut white and black furniture. Jake was sitting in an arm chair next to the couch Mom was sitting on. He gave me a look that mirrored my own feelings. This was going to be either awkward or awesome. The birds and the bees talk was a mixture of both. Mom picked up a bar of Hershey's chocolate and handed both of us two pieces.

She cleared her throat and darted her eyes back and forth between our faces. "You two are getting older, and since you have no father here to explain this to you, I'll do the best I can." I set my chocolate pieces on my knees. My hands were getting sweating just looking at her breasts. "You're about to become teenagers, and are no doubt interested in sex and the female body." She looked at me a little longer than Jake. My cock twitched at the memory, feeling no shame. She held up a piece of chocolate.

"Sex is like chocolate. It makes you feel good. It's temporary, but you always crave more." I could see Jake's eyes wandering around the room. He always had a hard time paying attention when Mom was in the room. "Take one piece of chocolate and eat it fast. Don't savor it." She popped one piece in her mouth while Jake and I did the same. I tasted the chocolate, but I didn't get to enjoy it. It was gone and down my throat before the flavor could sink in. "That's lustful sex. Lust is quick and over before you know it."

She held up her other piece of chocolate. "Savor your other piece. Roll it around in your mouth; let it soak into your taste buds. Only think about this chocolate in your mouth." I licked my piece for a few seconds and then pushed it over my lips, slowly letting the flavor enter my mouth. This was so different. The taste filled my mouth. It was incredible. I opened my eyes and watched Mom enjoying hers, like it was an orgasm in her mouth. My cock twitched again. "That," she said while licking her lips. "That is sex filled with love. It's so blissful and so wonderful. Nothing else compares."

It was in that moment that I fell in love with my Mom.

My brother Jake and I grew up without a father. Jake was conceived from a drunken one-night-stand, and I was from a hit-and-run boyfriend two years later. Different fathers, same mother. It's not like Mom is a slut. She's a very sensual woman. After I was born, she swore off sex. She didn't want her body to be used by someone who didn't love her. Not to mention she now had two kids to look after.

Jake has bright red hair and crystal blue eyes, which Mom says he got from his dad. I'm half Native American with tanned skin, long black hair and dark brown eyes, all from my father. We don't look anything like Mom, especially since we're both over 6ft tall, and she stands at 5'4". We outgrew her before we turned 15. Mom has brown hair, which she keeps in a pixie cut, and green eyes. Jake and I often tease her about how much she looks like a pixie. We're both built like muscle builders, even though we've never been to a gym.

Her petite frame holds 38DD breasts, which you'd think would only be on an obese woman, but on her they look proportionate. Mom is only a little chubby, and not in a bad way. She's curvy and luscious. Her face could easily pass for a woman in her late twenties, when she's only 39.

As I said, I fell in love with her when I was 12 years old. 7 years later, and my love had only grown. Everyday I tried to do little things for her and she always rewarded me with a hug, which I had to keep brief or she'd feel my cock hardening. I always saw men looking at her when we went shopping (she never noticed them), so she didn't know that I gave her short hugs in public to show the men that she was mine.

Jake had been at college for two years, so we only saw him on school breaks. Mom wanted me to go to college, but I couldn't bear being away from her. They both thought I was just taking time off. Weighing my options. I didn't need to think about my life. I knew what I wanted when I was 12 years old and I've never wavered from it for one second since.

"Matt," Mom said in a quiet voice. "Grab some tortillas." I picked up the kind we always got and tossed it in the basket I was pushing. She never spoke loud in public. She didn't like the idea of other people hearing her conversations. I noticed an older man staring at her ass while she looked at some tuna, so with a growl on my face, I moved closer to her and kissed her hair, before putting my chin on top of her head. She laughed at me and tilted her head up so I had to move mine away. It was small, but that's how Mom and I showed our love for each other at first. When she got tired or sad at home, she'd let me stand there with my head on her and put my arms around her, cuddling her to me. In public, I kept my hands to myself. I shot the man another look and he walked away.

Score for Matt.

Mom was pretty quiet until we got home. I started helping her put the groceries away, like I always did. She stopped in the middle of putting some spaghetti away and turned to me.

"Matt, why do you never go on dates?"

Go out with a girl I'll never love? Hold a woman I'll never feel passion for? Share my lips with someone who wasn't Mom?

I shut the refrigerator and leaned against it. With a shrug, I summed it up in one sentence, which admittedly, was the truth. "I never met anyone at school I liked."

"Matt, you're 19. I find it hard to believe there wasn't ONE girl at your school that's pretty." She chewed on her lip, which made me harden instantly. "You're not….." She avoided my eyes. "….gay….are you?" She put her hands up in defense before I could say something. "Cuz that's totally cool if you are. My friend Andy is gay, so you know I don't mind."

My face reddened. "Mom, I'm not gay. I just don't like girls, I like women. Older mature women." I could've swallowed my tongue. I'd almost finished with, "Women like you."

She looked calmly surprised.

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Chapter 1 part 1