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Terminally Ill and AMD

posted 1/25/2011 5:22:43 PM |
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If you were informed by your physician that you were on the TBD (to be dead) list, how would you handle it regarding AMD? Would you tell anybody about your condition? Would you make provisions for Pervia to know of your passing after the fact?

We had a cool Pervian, Don, (aka Dridge) pass a couple/few years ago from cancer. He chose to not say shit about it to people beyond a few friends like me that kept it under our hat. He just wanted to be regular people on here in cyber space to escape his reality.

So what would you do if you were in his shoes?

Myself, I wouldn't say shit. I have already given my daughter the link to my yahoo account and password to deal with my croaking. There are more than enough Pervians in that address book to pass it on to AMD.

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Jan 25 @ 6:55PM  
There's one person I would inform here with a promise not reveal my illness until my demise. I would leave further instructions with this person knowing full well what I requesed would be honored without question.

My family would not understand period about my membership or participation here. I told one close, long time friend about being here... it was not received well nor understood. Therefore, I have never spoken of it again!

The way I view AMD is that it is "my home away from home I can't tell my family about."

Jan 25 @ 7:21PM  
I wouldn't say squat.

Besides who is to say they won;t have 3G in the afterlife by the time I die?

Jan 25 @ 7:48PM  
Depends on how badly I got pissed off before I died. Cos I probably wouldn't be nearly as nice to some folks if I knew I was bout to run out of the chance to tell them how I really feel about them.

Jan 25 @ 7:52PM  
I dont think AMD has been that central to my life that I'd tell everyone; we all know how some do with personal matters here anyway. However, I'd tell either two of my closest buds and they could announce it by bulletin, and let it spread abroad. My detractors in the regs could pray for me, instead of having given me my roses when I was in good health. It isnt like crying to the Big Man would save me by then, lol.

As for anything else, hand my most trusted friend from real life one of those portable flashdrives with the info and tell him to 86 everything he could. I dont think theres DSL where I'd be going , lol

Jan 25 @ 8:54PM  
There are a couple here I would tell, privately. I wouldn't want it known, I'd rather be able to come here, play, talk, argue, whatever without all of the "how are you doing"and "I'm so sorry"....I'd rather spend those last moments having fun.

Jan 25 @ 9:16PM  
I think I've answered this question on here before...but, I wouldn't say anything on AMD. Would most likely tell a few close, trusted friends who I know wouldn't say anything or treat me differently on here.
But I'm sure after I was gone that Griz would probably let others know..

Jan 25 @ 9:19PM  
My thought....there are few on here that would give a rat's ass about me...but there are a few here in regular4 email that I would tell. And hubby would delete the profile, since nothing ever happens here anyway.

Jan 25 @ 9:33PM  
Don was a class act. I have many good memories exchanging emails with him about music and just life in general. I often think about him.

I would tell a few people here that I've gotten to know over the years but mostly I would keep it quiet. I would simply continue my search for the perfect panty.

Jan 25 @ 10:37PM  
I seem to be with the majority on this topic.

I too would tell a select few in private...and let them tell everyone else when I pass. I'm with Ms. Sugar in that I wouldn't want to be treated any differently. I mean...who wants to win a debate by playing the sick card. I know I sure as hell don't.

Jan 25 @ 10:49PM  
I dun know... depends on the mood and if I were dying I would probably delete all of this and use my e-mail.. But in reality we are all dying in any case... So hey everyone I am dying don't know the day and yeppers I get filled with pain but hey it is better than not feeling at all... HA HA HA.....

Jan 26 @ 1:42AM  
If I were dying I am not sure I would tell anyone anyway. I am not one to throw myself a pity party and would rather people just treat me normal. I am sure after I was gone my kids would post something about it on FB since they are all on there. Someone would probably see it. If knew it was getting close to the end I would probably just leave the site anyway.

Jan 26 @ 9:23AM  
I'd have someone post a before & after pic on here cause you know damned well I never did.

Jan 26 @ 12:39PM  
After reading everyone's comments, I'm in total disagreement but....I think I'll put my opinion in a future blog...probably to come up in an hour or so. Just too long to make into a comment.

Jan 27 @ 5:24AM  
Depends how I feel at the time. If I were going through something like this right now, I would say no, I wouldn't share this with everyone on here. I would with only people I would be comfortable with.

Jan 30 @ 6:56PM  
Are you kidding? If I was on the TBD list I'd tell everybody.. I want loads and loads of sympathy sex and huggles and stuff.. maybe. I dunno.. never been on that list,though I got close two years ago.

don't bitch about my typing.. I'm learning how to type on a laptop keyboard and it's itty bitty and my fingers are stiff.

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Terminally Ill and AMD