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I'd say unbelievable but..............

posted 1/25/2011 10:05:21 AM |
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tagged: silly

It isn't.

I was watching Fox and Friends this morning and they were covering a story about lawmakers wanting to make a ban to, now get this, texting or listening to an ipod while...........................................walking. Yeah, in other words, if you're walking and texting, or jogging and listening to your ipod, you're distracted and can cause an accident. Ok, I agree, you are distracted, and common sense would say not to be texting while crossing a busy street. Yet, there are some so caught up in texting, they are not paying attention at all. Any of you see the video in the last couple of days of the woman who was so caught up texting that she fell face first into the fountain in the mall? And now, she's suing. And, some are saying her case has merit because there is no rail around the fountain, and, apparently the security personnel can be heard chuckling in the background.

All I've got to say is............................when in the hell did we stop being responsible for our own actions? Did it start way back with the lady who put the hot McDonalds coffee between her legs and drive down the road? I mean, common sense would have told her that paper cup isn't going to hold up...that it should have been put in the console. And, just like this woman texting while walking, common sense should have told her if she wanted to send a text STOP WALKING long enough to do so. In Michigan, they just passed a law against texting and driving. Come on! How in the hell is an officer really going to be able to tell if a driver is texting? Seems to me that officer would have to be "watching" the suspected texting driver, which means that officer is now distracted and not watching what he/she is doing.

Here is a link to the story: Woman falls in fountain

I know...maybe there should be a law where people are fined for not using common sense!

I saw a comment regarding the texting while walking law that went something like this:

While the government is busy protecting us from ourselves, who is protecting us from our Government?

Sometimes you have to wonder how some make it to adult hood without having others hold their hands for them.

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Jan 25 @ 10:16AM  
Can I hear an AMEN for the common sense law??

Jan 25 @ 10:39AM  
Well if they ever pass that law here then I'll be spending a lot of time in jail 'cause I plan on doing a lot of walking this year using my walkman.

I do agree that there are far too many people anymore that need protected from themselves but where the line SHOULD be drawn is stopping these stupid lawsuits that result from people's own stupidity.

In my opinion, that woman is suing only because she became the brunt of publicly being laughed at and in her humiliation she is lashing out instead of seeing the humor in it. Maybe that's what's wrong with this old world today...we've all lost our sense of humor to laugh at ourselves along with losing our common sense and taking responsibility for our own actions.

Last week, I bent down to pick up the cats water bowl which sits under the edge of the bathroom vanity which is designed rather oddly. I don't know how I did it but I hit the side of my chin on the edge of the counter and I've got a lump and the biggest bruise and it looks like someone decked me with a doubled up fist. Maybe I should sue the manufacturer or this mobile home???

NOT! I should just be more careful.

Jan 25 @ 10:49AM  

What lawmakers in what location (city, county, state, federal)?

I was watching the Tonight Show last week and saw this concerning a woman texting while walking in a mall who wasn't paying attention and tripped and fell into a fountain.

We have had a few people locally doing things like that that and gotten killed having stepped out in front of cars, busses, and even a commuter train. Hell last week, I had a a young woman who was texting in the grocery store turn around and walk into my shopping cart. It was funny as hell.

What pisses me off is when they stop in the middle of the aisle blocking it instead of moving off to the side.

Jan 25 @ 11:03AM  
some are saying her case has merit because there is no rail around the fountain

As the woman explains on the video link I submitted, she is not suing the mall for the fountain, she may not even be suing. She has retained an attorney to seek redress from the security company contracted by the mall for one of their guards (since fired) for releasing the video.

Jan 25 @ 11:44AM  
Well... I suppose there are times when texting shouldn't be allowed such as: while driving an auto in traffic, driving a bus in traffic, driving a locomotive, as a pilot/co-pilot- flying machines of mass-destruction or a physicist setting up an above ground nuclear explosion test for example(s)- in short, anything involving activities that could potentially cause harm or even disasters! If the person texting gets hurt or worse in an accident while texting, using a cell phone, putting on make up or other distracting activities- well shit happens and they pay the consequences, but if it causes harm to others from their actions, then all that is needed is what we already have- lawyers and the court rooms to settle issues!

I know...maybe there should be a law where people are fined for not using common sense!

The citizens have the common sense that the politicians are trying to legislate away from us- I think that scares the politicians, the fact that the citizens have common sense and they do not!


Jan 25 @ 11:47AM  
Yeah Sugar I seen that also here. I agree get a grip people you want us to walk yet you don't want us to listen to music.

WOW I seen that video here also. Not sure why the guard was fired NO one signed a release that said they couldn't post anything. And it was her fault for not paying attention where she was going.

Jan 25 @ 12:09PM  
The citizens have the common sense

If the citizens have the common sense then why are falling into fountains, open manholes and getting run over? Not using common sense is not uncommon. The reason laws are proposed is because of people doing stupid things and being irresponsible which only puts regulations into effect that impact the majority of us who don't cause problems.

Jan 25 @ 2:14PM  
If the citizens have the common sense then why are falling into fountains, open manholes and getting run over?

You have a point but I'm going to argue with it a little bit!

Because the way common sense seems to be implied in situations like this, is that the person has no common sense... period! Common sense is usually employed before an event happens- not after (reasoning!) In this case and other poor choices that people make all day long, her 'poor choice' of texting while walking, distracted her awareness of what was around her- her sight was being distracted by texting!

Is common sense involved while walking somewhere, when something briefly distracts your sight and you walk into a tree? Funny maybe, but no 'common sense'? I don't think so!

This happens to people all the time- I've done things like that, I'm sure you have and so have others!

I'll even back up a little and say that politicians DO have 'common sense' (somewhere)- they just choose to ignore it- that's all!


Jan 25 @ 7:00PM  
I have to agree with som

Jan 25 @ 7:18PM  
I think there should be a law against texting while having sex. That law would cover oral sex. intercourse and group sex.

It is so very important to practice safe sex...

Jan 25 @ 10:42PM  
All I've got to say is............................when in the hell did we stop being responsible for our own actions?

Two words: New Deal.


Jan 26 @ 1:03PM  
The retard that "fell" into the fountain episode happened not far from here.If ya watch the clip,after she hits the fountain,watch how she lifts the other foot..kinda like she's doing it on purpose.

Might it be the fact she works at the mall and had to appear in court last week on felony charges...stealing a credit card from a fellow employee as well as customers and using them?All of a sudden a lawsuit pops up.Convienant.If ya work at the mall you want me to belive you don't know the fountain is there?

She's a motard.That's just above moron level but not quite retard level yet.

oh,and one last thing......Hawks Rule!! Just ask Sugar,she'll tell ya...

Jan 26 @ 1:11PM  
oh,and one last thing......Hawks Rule!! Just ask Sugar,she'll tell ya...

Nice try smart ass! Everyone here knows I'm a Wings fan! And like I keep telling ya...they're going to be bringing the Cup home this year so tell your Hawks to make sure it's polished all nice and pretty.

Jan 26 @ 11:47PM  
i remember the coffee incident, and the flurry of lawsuits that followed. people suing everybody for their own stupidity. and this is one more example of it. the whole concept of taking responsibility for your own actions seems to have gone out the window. now it is easier for the politicians to pass a law than it is to teach people life is a bitch and it is going to bite you. but this texting thing has gotten even further out of hand than talking on a cell phone and driving. recall the train incident a couple years or so ago where the engineer was texting and missed a signal?

it would be so much simpler to just pass a law against stupidity, then apply that to a given situation. make it flexible so it covers a lot of ground with room for varied penalties. from fines up to being boiled in oil for the more serious ones.

in this case of this idiot falling into the fountain, i would suggest the following be applied. say a 200 dollar fine for being stupid, then six months in the county jail for polluting the water in the fountain, and a years probation, with no cell phone. as a minimum.

Jan 27 @ 4:45AM  

does this mean i can't chew gum while walking??? or not...

Jan 27 @ 5:32AM  
I recently saw a stupid ass woman on tv texting while she was walking in the mall. She tripped and fell into their water fountain.

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I'd say unbelievable but..............