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Mish mash of this and that........

posted 1/23/2011 8:49:15 PM |
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Ok, first a bit of a rant. Is anyone else having a problem with AMD sending them to SexSearch everytime your cursor touches anywhere on the screen??? It just took me four attempts to log in for this very reason. I don't care to go there, Hell I don't even come here that much anymore, why would I want to go there?? Whew, ok, feeling a little better now.

You know if you have a bad cold or have had for several days and have basically been housebound you get really excited at the prospect of getting out of the house. I felt just pretty damn good today. Since the cupboard and freezer were looking pretty bare I thought I should probably hit the store. Let me tell ya, nothing like cruising through a Mega Walmart, a Dollar General and a Save-A-Lot grocery to remind you how sick you really are. Two and half hours later, my wallet was empty and my body was begging for mercy! Then the real fun comes when you have to haul it all in from the car! There's still too much snow in the drive to bother trying to use my little wheeled cart I have, so it was many, many trips through the slush and snow! Thank gawd my sidewalk isn't any longer than it is or some of that shit would still be in the trunk of the car!

I know the last time I spoke of my "friend" I mentioned taking him a cake for his birthday. Several of you expressed concern that the band would tease him or he would be embarrassed by it. Nothing could be further from the truth! The only problem that came about was getting the cake into the bar without him seeing it!
After I got to work, I got an email from the lead guitarist asking me to please bring it. I replied it was a good thing I ordered it yesterday and told him my plan of getting it there early enough the bartender would stash it in a cooler for me. That's when he let me in on the fact that my "friend" and the other guitarist would be getting to the bar at 5p.m.! Five?? are you kidding me? Hell I don't get off til 5, have to pick up the cake, run home and shower, change and then drive 45 miles! Did I forget to mention that when I got off work it started snowing like a sombitch? No making up for lost time on the drive over! So I get to the bar and leave the cake in the car so I can scope out the layout of where everyone and everything is. I walk in the front door and there they are, right in front of it. The bandstand is right against the front door (yeah a stupid layout if you ask me) and the bands' table is just to the right of the stage! They're all waving me over, so I wander over, get my hugs and hellos and grab a chair. Now I'm wondering how the hell I will ever manage this without him seeing me get it into the building!? Little did I know the night was about to get alot weirder!

Some of you might recall the story this past summer of my 'very first boyfriend' come back into my life and the bullet I believed I had dodged when he dumped me via FB chat early one morning? Well I'm sitting there leaned back, listening to the band, when all of a sudden someone grabs my shoulder! I jumped and turned and it's him! Leaning down, hugging me, all "Hi! it's great to see you...blah, blah, blah" I kind of lost the last part of his statement as I see that directly behind him is a short round girl who is not looking too fucking happy to see me at all! Oh, wait, now he's introducing us! I smiled and politely shook her hand and told her it was nice to meet her (see I can be ladylike when necessary) The next thing I know he's asking if they can join me at the table, I mean after all it is a huge long table and right now I'm the only person sitting at it! Not like I could tell them hell no, I don't even want you in the same room! So I nodded sure, thankfully the band was good and loud so he probably didn't hear my muttering under my breath! So he plops down in the chair next to me on the end of the table and she sits across from me. He's asking me about my folks, I answer and politely ask about his. We're playing catch up and she's just kind of glaring, so I look across and sweetly tell her that "we grew up together" then I point out that we also grew up with two of the guys playing in the band. She seemed to relax a little after that but I don't think he ever noticed how tense she was at first! Now it gets really interesting. The first set is nearly over and I need to sneak out and get the cake, so I figured what the hell, I asked them to watch my purse so I can run out to my car for the cake. LOL yeah I still have to grin at that thought! So I sneak out past the band, they can't see me for the dancers on the dancefloor! Sneak it back in and have everything set up so that when they come down for break.....Voila! Birthday cake! He loved it! Invited folks from all around the bar to come have some of his cake with us! Blew out the one candle (hey gotta make a wish) and saved all the little musical notes and stuff off the top of it! Had two pieces before the night was over, and made sure he took the rest of it home with him for later! The "ex b/f" even had a piece of cake too! They left soon after the cake incident and my "friend" looked over and asked me if they were some of the folks I had invited to come that night.......No sweety, just an old friend I went to school with and his girlfriend...........yeah all in all a weird but good night!

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Jan 23 @ 9:06PM  
At least it turned out good, if a little weird with the ex and his girlfriend. Although, I can't imagine being so insecure as to spend an evening "glaring" at someone I don't even know.

Glad it turned out good!

Jan 23 @ 9:10PM  
Well he didn't help matters! He sat there laughing and joking with me, talking about our folks and our old friends in the band and pretty much ignored her! I don't blame her I would have been pissy too! I made sure they both knew I had my own 'date' on the break! My friend was sick that night with a bad cold and I was at that "trying to get one stage" so we were joking about who gave it to who the weekend before. Ex didn't stick around long after that!

Jan 23 @ 9:12PM  
Pretty rude to ignore her. She should have been glaring at him.

So....who gave who the cold?

Jan 23 @ 9:29PM  
I'm glad you got the cake!! I think it was great!

Sugars right, she should have been glaring at HIM, not you!!

The only problem I've had with the sex search ads is the one with shay or whatever her name is.... the naked chick in high that one chokes my computer up!

Jan 23 @ 10:48PM  
I haven't had that problem on SexSearch, but i did have that happen on a few times

Jan 23 @ 11:05PM  
cupcakes ,cupcakes ! I just cup cakes

Jan 23 @ 11:08PM  
Well the damn thing is driving me nuts!

I say he gave me the cold first! Cos New years eve weekend he was complaining about his sinuses and sniffling and snotting........He said it was me, just cos he can say that.........either way the ex b/f got the point really quick that it wasn't our first date! lol That part I loved! My own little way of saying "you've been replaced!"
And the girl he was with......I don't think that's the one he "replaced" me with. Cos I found out they work together and just became friends on Facebook. Well he didn't get the job he's at now until a month or so after we split! Yeah I felt pretty good after all was said and done!

Jan 24 @ 7:37AM  
I'm glad you has a great time and a cute story to with it

Jan 24 @ 7:39AM  
P.S. The way to get around the sign in page is to just bookmark blogs and go right to them

Jan 24 @ 9:58AM  
That's quite the story...and look at the memories you're making! And yeah, as was said....she shoulda been throwing darts at HIM, not you. Glad ya had a good time though....

Jan 24 @ 1:00PM  
Gee Stormy, I'm proud of you for being so polite and ladylike to the jerkwad...... oh ummm I mean ex bf.
And I'm really glad the night went well, except for unexpected company, and he enjoyed the birthday surprise. Congrats, Sweetie...

Jan 24 @ 6:26PM  
Wow LBS...that was a great read. I had wondered about the birthday cake so I'm glad you came back and filled us in on the details. I'm so glad everything worked out for you.

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Mish mash of this and that........