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posted 1/18/2011 12:26:57 PM |
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Here it is Tuesday, I have been doing almost nothing for the last few days, and since coming home from the hospital, my brother has fallen back into his routine of doing nothing, eating very little, and just laying in bed. We didn't make it to the consult with the oncologist, and I don't think he wants to know what the prognosis is or go thru any bother of any kind. More like bury his head in the sand and feel sorry for himself. But then depression is common in our family. Oh well, I’ll likely bury him in a year at this rate.

So, to postpone the same thing happening to me, I decided to at least give these e-cigarettes a try. And they just might help getting away from nicotine. I got my starter kit yesterday and between then and this morning, there are now only 2 regular cigarette butts in my ash tray. One I started while I was opening the kit, then put it out, finished later when habit made me reach over when I saw it and light it, the other from this morning when I had to try it. And I can be a heavy smoker, so I’ve kept it with me and take a pull on it almost as frequently as I do a normal smoke. The thing is, between puffs, it isn't burning, so nothing going up in smoke. The initial cost is more than a couple of cartoons of smokes, and I have been smoking one of the less expensive brands, but next door in Illinois, the same brand is about 75 cents or more higher per pack. Taxes do that ya know.

Anywho, i'm working on day two and even after just one day with this thing, I didn't have near as much coughing when I woke up. Even one day without more than a smoke or two, and I can usually feel a difference. So I ordered some refill juice and some blank cartridges. The plan is to step down the nicotine level over time. Then if I want to puff, I can get 0 nicotine carts, and the company I obtained the starter kit from has flavored cartridges as well. The mint or menthol isn't bad, and tastes better than a regular smoke too.

These things are not a perfect solution, as there is still the nicotine, but the rest of the crap that goes with burning tobacco is not there, or is in such small quantities as to be of no health concern. The levels are in the nanogram range. Measurable, but barely.

If anyone wants to check the sight I got mine from, or look into them, I’ll be happy to send you the link. I'm not selling them, but I think they will help most smokers that can't really quit, and if your tobacco taxes are in the stratosphere, they will most likely help you save some cash.

And lest I forget, bunny got me to thinking about these, and she may have other advice about them. she did a lot of research and digging a little while back, so she may be able to tell her experience with them. Anyone else that has used them, let us know how it went with your efforts.

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Jan 18 @ 12:55PM  
I am sorry to hear of your brother's adverse attitude change.

Jan 18 @ 1:45PM  
I know it may not help initially, but your brother's relapse to old habits isn't surprising. Denial is the first stage of four in dealing with life altering events. With a bit of time, patience and encouragement he may begin to turn his attitude around... I hope so for both of you, but it will become tougher before it gets better as the anger stage isn't pretty.

Good for you trying e-cigarettes. Yes, nicotine still goes into your system, but as you know it's a small amount and it isn't the carcinogen doctors are concerned about in general. It's the toxins in the smoke going into your lungs and blood stream that's truly wicked. You seem like a determined person, so I think you have a great chance to be cigarette free at a pace you can handle. & a greenie sliding your way.

Jan 18 @ 2:01PM  
I, too, am sorry to hear that your brother seems to have given up. Sometimes returning to the old environment, they just revert to old behaviors. If he doesn't have the will to fight this then there isn't much you can do. Well, you could push and prod him but it would just make him angry and likely more stubborn and maybe alienate the two of you.

To tell you the truth Mike...I'm not so sure if it wasn't me that I'd choose to not create a mountain of debt to leave behind when the outlook isn't real positive. I'm sure he's well aware of the pickle he's gotten himself into by not taking better care of himself for years. Could chemo and treatment cure him? Possilby/maybe. But if he's chosen to take a different path then I say just love him. Make every moment count as best you can.

As for stopping smoking...I wish you all the luck in the world! My one year anniversary was last November and I just love being smoke free. But let me tell ya a little secret...ever since I moved over here, for some reason I am just nagged and nagged by wanting to smoke. Sometimes it nearly overwhelms me and I nearly convince myself that I can just smoke outside and not smoke very often.

But I certainly know better so when that urge comes I just click off all the reasons why I quit in the first place and remind myself of how awesome it is to be smoke free and that urge goes away and they're getting fewer and farther between.

You hang in can do it!!!

Jan 18 @ 5:07PM  
I'm also sorry about your brother. I really hope he changes his attitude.

That is so great you are trying to give up smoking!!! It can be done, I've done it, and Softie has done it. Just got to be tougher than that craving that hits. It's been about 6 years for me since I quit, and I guarantee you...the further away you get from that last cigarette..the easier it gets to ignore those cravings. Just take it at your own pace.

Jan 19 @ 2:57AM  
I'm was sorry to hear about your brother SD. Your family is in my thoughts. Btw...congrats on trying to kick the habit. I hope you're successful.

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