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Just sad....

posted 1/17/2011 9:57:36 PM |
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tagged: dogs

That because of the actions of a few morons....others have to pay. I was talking with my sister on the phone last night, and she was in a fit over the Saginaw City Council talking about a dog ordinance. Now, for those not familiar with the area, in the city, especially the "not so nice" areas, there has been an ongoing problem with gangs/drug dealers owning and teaching pit bulls to be aggressive. I know, this is not something "unique" to Saginaw, but, what really riles me, is that because of idiots...a breed of dog has been tagged "vicious".

Anyone who has any knowledge of dogs will know that it isn't necessarily the breed the will make a dog vicious, it's how it's handled/trained. And yes, I will agree, there are some dogs that are just not sociable...but hell...not all people are sociable either. I used to like watching Ceasar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, but, alas, I don't get National Geographic anymore..but he is known to say there are no bad dogs, only dogs in bad environments. Something like's been a while since I've seen the show. But...basically, what he says is that it's people who make a dog "bad", not the breed.

So, back to the Saginaw City Council. (I am so glad I live in Saginaw Twp and not in the City of Saginaw) They are talking about a vicious dog ordinance, AND, limiting the number of dogs people can have. Saginaw And, they are talking no more than 3 dogs per household. Like I said, I'm glad I'm in Saginaw Township and not in the City of Saginaw. With my 5...this ordinance would suck...and what would make it even worse, German Shepherds are on this proposed list of "vicious dogs". I have a German Shepherd, and if I were living in the City of Saginaw, and this ordinance gets passed, then I would have to get him registered, or face a fine.

It just really irritates me that because of the actions of a few idiots, everyone else has to pay. And, being one who loves dogs...I don't think it's right that perfectly healthy animal is killed because of someone's carelessness. I know my dogs aren't the friendliest around, and I make sure that whenever I have company, they are outside. Family and a couple of close friends, they are fine strangers...they bark...a lot. I doubt if they would really bite..but...that's not a chance I'm willing to take either. What I'm getting if people want to have dogs as a responsible. It's not that hard. isn't.

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Jan 17 @ 10:01PM  
I don't think it's right that perfectly healthy animal is killed because of someone's carelessness.
I totally agree with you about this!

Jan 17 @ 10:12PM  
There is a law in southern Mn like that. I remember hearing about it where my grandma lives. You are only allowed 3 dogs per household. She didn't have any.

Jan 17 @ 10:17PM  
Funny ,a friend of mine just called and woke me up asking me to take in a female pit bull just a puppy . F oster her for awhile so they can find her and her sister a home . I am waiting now for them to get here . It burns my ass everytime I hear that pit bulls are vicious this will be the fourth one I had foster not one was vicious . Scared yes they had no idea what kind of home they were in now but within a few weeks time you would have thought they lived here all their lives. My friend has warn me that I am getting a lap sitter and she loves to lick . More should be done to the owners who treat them so carelessly. It is none of the goverment business how many pets you own if each one is treated properly and kept in good health . JMO

Jan 17 @ 10:37PM  
ANY dog can be trained to be vicious... any breed of dog. My daughter has a pitbull thas is a complete powder puff!! He's like a bull in a china shop but he's harmless. He will love you and lick you to death but simply because he is a pitbull, people are weary of him.. My daughter raised him to be very social. She has always taken him EVERYWHERE she goes and made a habit of taking him to parks and petsmart to be exposed to other dogs. They are now fostering another pitbull and they want me to take her. I just really don't have the patience for a puppy, nor the time.
She's very lucky that Tebow turned out to be a good dog after being exposed to Bosco for so long... and that dog being a chow/border collie mixed was more dangerous than most pitbulls I have ever seen!!

It's sad that pitbulls are stereotyped... when a chihuahua can be just as aggressive and dangerous.

Jan 17 @ 10:40PM  
ANY dog can be trained to be vicious... any breed of dog.
This is so true.
I'm so glad you dodged this bullet Ms. Sugar.

Jan 17 @ 11:33PM  
My last pet was a Golden Retriever and I hope to find another in a few months! Retrievers are usually quite docile, unless you're someone that doesn't belong on his/her's turf- 'cause, he/she is going to defend it and tear you a new one if necessary! Otherwise, you wouldn't think they would ever get pissed but they can! Does that qualify them to be considered vicious? NO!!! They're just protecting their area! People are too quick to judge!


Jan 17 @ 11:34PM  
it is unfortunate that one breed has been tagged as vicious by the actions of complete idiots. i had a rot that would love ya to death, but harm anyone intentionally, no. however, i would have hated to be on the receiving end of her protecting someone. and this was bred into her, not trained. a bad dog is going to be bad, but one that has been bred for a specif purpose will generally be friendly, or at least not aggressive.

Jan 18 @ 5:11AM  
Dogs slobber and fart, I prefer cats!


Jan 18 @ 7:07AM  
[QUOTE]Dogs slobber and fart, I prefer cats![QUOTE]
So do people
I prefer cats for tacos

Jan 18 @ 7:37AM  
This has been going on for quite awhile, especially if there has been a pit bull attack. The whole Michael Vick thing really revved up too.

Within the last few years our city put a limit at five (excluding newborn pups). But they only selectively enforce it as the mayor has six dogs.

Jan 18 @ 8:57AM  
Springfield, MO has the same crap. I think the limit is 3 dogs. They have to be chipped, muzzled while outside, and if they are outdoor dogs, in a pen. You have to pay an annual fee of $55 per animal, and notify the city if the dog has died or changed homes. You also have to post visible signs that say "Beware of pit bull".

I have one, but have assumed the role of rebel. We got her chipped (she has gotten lost before, so we were thinking about it anyway), and paid the fee the first year. Other than that, they can kiss my ass.

My Maggie is a 13-year-old sweetheart that has never hurt a soul and wouldn't dream of it...unless ya broke into the house. Hell, she used to chase this squirrel across the street from our house. It was well over a year before she finally caught it, and when she did, gave it a doggie kiss and sent it on it's way.

Sweetest. Dog. Ever.

I prefer cats for tacos

I'm more of a sweet and sour over a bed of fried rice sort of girl.

Jan 18 @ 7:20PM  
Were lucky here sugar, no ordinance in my area yet

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Just sad....