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Let's Share Some Wild Stories...

posted 1/14/2011 6:03:58 AM |
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tagged: fun, wild, story

Anita and James had been dating for about 3 weeks and from Anita's standpoint...there was never a dull moment when James was around. He wasn't at all like the other guys she had dated...not that she had dated lots of guys before him. For one thing...James refused to take any crap off of anyone...and he was a constant whirlwind of activity and spontaneity. Anita truly loved how she never knew what they would be doing next.

One of the things Anita really loved doing with James was riding around in his green Ford truck. On one of those occasions...they were headed down I-40. It was one of those late spring evenings where shorts and t-shirts are worn...and where you can become chilled if you're driving with your truck windows down.

Anita and James were having a conversation about this and that...when James started bragging about one of his latest escapes. To Anita...the story seemed a bit far-fetched since she had only seen or heard of this type of thing happening in a movie. James's enthusiasm was contagious....and Anita really didn't care if the story was true. She was having the time of her life just by living in the moment with him. James's eyes lit up as he continued to described what he and his buddy had done one evening while driving down the the very same highway.

When James finished telling his story...he asked Anita if she wanted to see a demonstration. Anita giggled and assured James that a demonstration was definitely not needed. I guess he didn't hear her because before Anita could say another word...James's butt was perched on the driver's side window...with both feet resting in his seat...and his left hand gripping the steering wheel. With a twinkle in his eyes...he informed Anita that she had better take the wheel now...since he would be letting go of it in a few seconds.

As it happened...Anita had less than a few seconds because she knew James meant business. She had seen “that” look before. She quickly slid towards the driver's side...and grabbed the steering wheel just as James let it go. By this time...the truck had lost some of it's speed...and Anita noticed a car closing in on the tailgate of the truck. She also noticed how James was now standing up in the back of the truck...while his hands gripped the top of the cab.

Anita quickly and carefully increased their speed...while she continued to watch James make his way towards the passenger side of the truck. She tried to concentrate on the road...but her eyes continued to stray back to James. She was struck by just how wild James could be...and how much he was enjoying himself. She also knew that she had better drive smoothly...or he would be toast.

She continued to watch James's legs (which is all a person can really see when looking at the rear-view mirror while someone is standing up in the back of their truck) until he was on the passenger's side. He then climbed through the open passenger's window...and plopped his body down into the passenger's seat. He was grinning from ear-to-ear.

Anita was speechless...which was truly amazing since that didn't happen too often. As it is...her silence only lasted for about 5 seconds before she quickly exclaimed, “I can't believe you did that!” James's smile actually increased in size with that statement...and Anita knew at that very moment that she was in big trouble. Not because she was dating a wild man...but because she was 100% head-over-heels in love with him.

Yep...there was not a single doubt in Anita's mind. She was definitely in trouble.

So peeps...Let's share some wild stories with each other.

Me? The above-mentioned story is based on me and one of my ex-guys. Yes...the event most definitely was really fun...and it was completely wild.

No...I never did it again.

Your turn...

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Jan 14 @ 8:51AM  
True story of when I was a teen..
A couple of friends and I were out cruisin' for chicks one fine summer day in my first car, a '48 Buick Special droptop..The ultimate chick magnet even way back

We picked up three girls from somewhere, I think one of the popular State Parks

My buddy was driving,(with the top down,of course), and the other guy and two girls were in the front,(old cars had very wide seats) and I was in the back seat with my choice of ladies
for the day and we were goin' at it hot'n heavy while driving around a rural area..
I was pretty preoccupied and didn't notice where we were until my buddy stopped..

I asked him what we were stopping for and he replied, "a red light"
I looked up and 'Holy Shit'!!! We were downtown at the busiest intersection
waiting for the light to change

Probably one of my most emBareAssing times in my life

Jan 14 @ 9:51AM  
One of the best ones involved one of my best friends from high school. He had been dating his girlfriend for well over a year and she was a "good girl". I don't think he got any farther than her tits up to that time. His parents, very straight laced people, really liked her.

Well, he was going to take her to her senior prom. He had graduated the year before. A few months before his father had surprised his mother on their 25th wedding anniversary with a brand new Chevy caprice. A few days before the prom his parents surprised him by offering to let him have the caprice for the prom on Saturday night. He had not even been allowed to drive it to that point.

Well they went to prom and afterwards went the park for a make out session. He had also gotten an older guy to snag some rum for them to spice up their Coca Cola. That seemed help loosen her up a bit and she became somewhat more adventurous. He eventually persuaded her to jerk him off.

When the moment of truth arrived he blew a massive load. They cleaned it all up, or so they thought. Late the morning when his mom and dad got in the car to go to church, the nostrils were immediately greeted by the aroma of stale semen. Apparently when his cock opened fire the night before, it blasted the headliner in the Chevy and they didn't know it.

He was awakened by his dad's fists as his mother was proceeding to throw all of his clothes out his bedroom window onto the lawn.

Jan 14 @ 10:02AM  
I was 15, still a virgin, and the guy I was with was about to change that.

We were parked underneath a bridge on a dark secluded road in his mom's Jeep. It had plenty of space in the back for the two of us to comfortably stretch out and have a lot of fun. The night sky was star-filled, temperature was in the mid-50s outside, but felt like it was in the 90's inside as we were making out intensely. Our clothing was peeled away to reveal ourselves to one another. Just as he was about to enter me and transform me from a girl into a woman, there was a flash of red and blue lights, then a tap on the window. We were caught.

We rushed to redress. The deputy let us off with a warning, and he took me home. I did end up staying with him for several months, and we did eventually do the deed, but that moment was sweeter than the actual first time. We still had the starry look in our eyes then. It still felt as though one day apart felt like a lifetime. Once it finally happened, everything went downhill in a hurry.


Jan 14 @ 10:20AM  
there was a flash of red and blue lights, then a tap on the window. We were caught.

I think everybody has had that happen. It happened several times to me. But by far the most memorable one was when I was talking to the cop I noticed I had a public hair between my teeth. The girl was mortified. This was at the same park I refer to in my previous story.

The park was huge, three city blocks long and included a nine hole golf course. In the summer when I was in junior high, a pal and I would sometimes go out there ostensibly to look at the stars through binoculars. In point of fact, we went out there to climb up into a tree and watch the lovers.

One time this couple was really putting on a show and my friend who was watching leaned out too far and fell out of the tree. The guy, who was probably in high school, got out the car and came up to him. He asked my buddy if he was all right and after finding out that he was, the guy beat the hell out of him. The guy then got back his car and drove off. I didn't come down out of the tree until their tail lights had disappeared.

Jan 14 @ 11:07AM  
This one will be short and sweet.

My friends and I were still in high school...well, all but 2, who had dropped out. Anyway, one of the friends, Larry, had a late 70's Chevy Blazer, with the big knobby tires for mud bogging, and we were in this Blazer one night out partying. First thing that happened....Larry wanted to do a little bogging, and it was early Spring. And, the place he chose, which we called the Old Mines, was WAY too wet even for his Blazer, and we tried to warn him. Of course, he said it would be alright. Uh huh...he drove out there, started bogging, then did the stupidest thing, stopped. And yes, we could feel the Blazer starting to sink in the mud...and he tried to get it out...and it sunk deeper in. Now, one of our friends who was with us that night, he had decked himself very nice, wearing white jeans, and a white dress shirt. He was going on a date with a girl he had been flirting with for months and finally got her to say yes. Yeah, you guessed it....we had to push the Blazer out, and he got coated from head to toe in mud.

No...that isn't the "wild" part, that is coming up now....See, Larry's Dad was a retired police officer well known to a lot of us kids in the area for being a bear of a cop...very strict, very bullish. Well, Larry was going to stop at home for a minute to change his clothes, and then we were going to head off to a friend's party. Anyway, our friend Steve, (I did a blog about him a while back), was in the Blazer, and, Larry's Dad did not like him at all...even forbid Larry to have Steve in the Blazer. So, Larry is driving up to his parents house, sees his Dad's truck in the driveway, and about that time, his Dad had come out of the house, seen the Blazer, and, since it was under a streetlight, could see Steve in the front passenger seat. Larry gunned it, and when we looked back, we could see his Dad getting in his truck to give chase. That was the scariest 15 minutes of ALL of our lives as there was this mad chase through the streets. I remember looking once at the speedometer, and Larry was pushing that Blazer to it's limits...the needle was at the 120mph mark. And I remember all of us yelling at Larry to "SLOW THE F***K DOWN"!!!, which, he didn't. I remember him taking that Blazer around a particularly sharp curve, one of those curves that even doing 25mph makes it feel like you're going too fast. No, he didn't hit that curve at 120...he slowed down to about 50mph, had that damned Blazer on 2 tires, and all of us thought for sure that was it..we were waiting for that Blazer to tip. Surprisingly, it didn't. Larry turned into a side neighborhood where he found a patch of woods to drive into and stopped and totally shut down the Blazer. A few minutes later, we saw his Dad zooming by..never slowed down to look towards that patch of woods. We sat there for a good hour just calming down from that ride. I remember after a few minutes of sitting there, Steve pulled out 2 joints, took them apart, and then rolled them up into one big joint, and we got stoned off our asses.

Eventually, Larry figured it was safe enough to pull out of our little hiding area and head home. He dropped off Steve first, my friend (Christy) and I rode back to Larry's as my car was parked by his house. That was one wild ride that night. And yes, for those curious, Larry caught hell from his Dad later. He got the keys to his Blazer taken away for a month., it wasn't so "short and sweet".

Jan 14 @ 11:24AM  
That was pretty funny.

I don't think I've done anything like that before. I guess one thing comes to mind for me in my younger days was all the adventurous wacky things I did with my ex (Ann). One of those times I'm very ashamed of today with what we did at the time when I was 17 and 18 was go sneaking around in our church making out with her behind close doors.

There was this time we were doing this when our youth group got together with our youth minister on a Saturday night and had a party their at the church, with all of us playing flashlight tag through the big dark church with any lights on. I got this idea of getting away from all the activities and our friends by getting a hold of the key to the sectretary's office which went directly through to the pastors office, which had a nice full size couch in it. So we snuck in and I went ahead and locked the door back so no one would pop in on us.

As we got comfortable on the pastor's couch, we really went at it with some heavy makeout sessions.

We finally finished up (no, we didn't have intercourse, just the makeout session) and joined back in the flashlight tag with the others.

There were a couple of other times about a month before or later before the flashlight tag happened that we were in the basement of the church during church service one Sunday morning. The room was empty and we went on inside and locked the door. I had her take her pants and panties off and straddle my face.

One more other time was during another Sunday morning right before church service was to take place. We were up in the front of the church sanctuary where their was a small room on each side of it. We went inside one of these rooms and locked the doors. I had her take her skirt and panties off and was about to lay down on the carpet when all of a sudden we heard the door knob turn. Someone was trying to enter the room. We both quicky jumped up as Ann was rushing to get her clothes back on as I was trying to find us a hiding place in the room to hide us. I found this small narrow closet in the back of the room and opened the door up. When I did there was so much junk and clutter in it that there was no room to get inside it. I then thought that we could try our luck with the other door which would take us outside, but the only problem with this idea was that we could be spotted leaving out of that door by people coming in and out of the main entrance of the church in front, and there was quite a bit of people outside making their was into the main entrace of the church. Right before I decided to where we were going to go through that door anyway in came the pastor after finding a key to the door we locked. The pastor had caught us. Behind him were alot of the church women standing. We'll, since it was Ann's birthday that weekend I had brought her gifts with me (I got her some earrings) which she hadn't opened yet. The pastor was accusing us of doing something we shouldn't have been doing, so I denied it and then tried to turn the tables on him by trying to make him feel guilty by interupting us as I wanted to give Ann's gift to her in private. I don't think he was buying this, and asked me why I was quivering so much then.

Word got back to my mom in the church shortly after. Boy, was she embarrassed and pissed off with me.

Jan 14 @ 1:47PM  
RevDoc: Wow! I don't think I would want to bare my ass in any downtown city. You're lucky this happened way back when and not now. Otherwise...your tushie would have been caught on some downtown surveillance camera and posted on YouTube. may have even gone viral.

He was awakened by his dad's fists as his mother was proceeding to throw all of his clothes out his bedroom window onto the lawn.
Our grandparents really had a flair for the dramatics back then.

But by far the most memorable one was when I was talking to the cop I noticed I had a public hair between my teeth.
Yuk! Gross! Ewwwwwww!

Sharedwifeinmo: Been there...done that...sort of. I'm pretty sure I was wearing more clothes than you were.

Sugar: may just be me...but I would have never had the guts to do what your friend Larry did that night. Of course...I'm talkin' about the high speed chase...not the recreational hour afterwards. I'm thinking I was waaaaaaay too Disney for your group of friends Ms. Sugar.

Straddle: I can't believe you did this in a church! Even I know the chances of getting caught would be tons worse just because of the location.

I'm really digging all the wild and crazy stories peeps.

Jan 14 @ 4:28PM  
Sugar: may just be me...but I would have never had the guts to do what your friend Larry did that night. Of course...I'm talkin' about the high speed chase...not the recreational hour afterwards. I'm thinking I was waaaaaaay too Disney for your group of friends Ms. Sugar.

Oh believe me, I wouldn't have had the nerve to drive like that either. Larry's Dad, like I said, was a former cop, and also a retired U.S. Marine and he ruled his home with an iron fist. Not someone to cross that is for sure.

As to "waaaaaaay to Disney" for my group of friends...nah!!!! Just a little hell raising was all we did.

Jan 14 @ 7:29PM  
Usually when i was in my teens if there was trouble I was either behind it, in the middle of it, or running from it. LOL I had the theory if they couldn't prove it was me then all was good.

I did get caught in a state of undress with my boyfriend in a camper at a pow wow. I was changing into my dance costume in his uncle's camper and he joined me and one thing led to another until his uncle and my dad walked in on us. My dad just looked at me and said "don't let your mother find out about this because I don't want to have to hear it for the next ten years" To my knowledge she never did but I sure was

My dad was cool. He actually rescued my pot plants after my mother found them in her flower bed and pulled them up as "weeds". He just told me to find a better place to grow them. He was a hippie before there were hippies. LOL


Jan 14 @ 7:53PM  
He was a hippie before there were hippies.

Your dad was cool. From the pictures you paint with words, your parents very much strike me as the ultimate odd couple.

Jan 14 @ 8:44PM  
Your dad was cool. From the pictures you paint with words, your parents very much strike me as the ultimate odd couple

That is the understatement of the century. I think they were married over 50 years because my dad was so laid back and did not let things get to him. He would escape behind his newspapers and repainting a room in the house and I would escape into my artwork and writing and were more or less in our own little happy worlds most of the time.

Jan 15 @ 9:27AM  
Usually when i was in my teens if there was trouble I was either behind it, in the middle of it, or running from it. LOL I had the theory if they couldn't prove it was me then all was good.
I think most of the teens I grew up with had this very same theory RJ.

Hey peeps...thanks so much for sharing some of your thoughts and stories about your wilder days. Even though some of us were quite a bit wilder than looks like we all knew how to cut loose and have a little bit of fun.

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