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posted 1/7/2011 10:15:39 AM |
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Some people have a combination of insecurities and acute anger management issues that truly frighten me. It is the type of person that could snap and be involved in road rage. If there was an in person AMD get together, I can visualize somebody like this packing a pistol and going postal. These types of people concern me far more than scammers, stalkers, criminals, etc. I am not limiting these kind of unbalanced people to just the male gender either.

Some of you may recall this as it made national news. About three years ago a guy got into it viciously with another guy on some social networking site (it wasn't this one or the vanilla site). He drove from Georgia to Texas and proceeded to set fire to his adversary's trailer. He was arrested for it.

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Jan 7 @ 10:57AM  
Ok..this is first for me regarding one of your blogs but.......................................

WTF????? You lost me on:
If there was an in person AMD GTG, I can visualize somebody like this packing a pistol and going postal.

Road rage? Yes, that is some scary stuff there. I've seen it a few times, especially on the expressways around here. Sometimes I swear it should be a requirement to take a psychiatric evaluation when applying for a driver's license.

Jan 7 @ 11:14AM  
WTF????? You lost me on

You read or hear about unstable people flipping out with deadly consequences. I believe that there are few people fitting the profile on this site that could be angered to the point of killing one or more other members if they had the opportunity.

Jan 7 @ 11:21AM  
You read or hear about unstable people flipping out with deadly consequences. I believe that there are few people fitting the profile on this site that could be angered to the point of killing one or more other members if they had the opportunity.

OH...ok. I get it now. I think my second cup of coffee is finally kicking in.

Jan 7 @ 12:56PM  
MHO? I think all parties involved needs to quit acting like posturing first graders or worse yet, adolescents on testosterone overload. Why is it some males think being macho and fighting is so....I don't know...MACHO? This all reminds me of banty roosters dancing around thinking it impresses the hens. Maybe some hens, but most think it's stooooopid.

Dangerous? You betcha! But it takes two to tango...or tangle and I have to question if the IQ of both parties added together would equal even one moron...


Jan 7 @ 1:03PM  
...what's GTG?...

Jan 7 @ 1:12PM  
...what's GTG?...

Sorry...get together...I'll edit the blog to clarify it.

Jan 7 @ 1:43PM  
What's sad is, its the women too, as showcased in the blog below. Nothing wrong with declaring your sexuality but can you at least find a less obnoxious way to do it?

*sigh* So much for the mystery and mystique of the "fairer sex"...

Jan 7 @ 2:22PM  
I have always heard it is the quiet ones you have to watch. The person that usually does not fight back and just takes whatever others are dishing out. People should just remember everyone has their limits and everyone is capable of losing it at some point. Add to that emotional disorders and you have a profile of someone dangerous.

When you hear of people going on shooting sprees it is usually the person that everyone thought was a little strange but quiet and usually minded their own business. Usually the victims of being bullied throughout their life because they were different. Abnormal psychology 101.

I lived through the Son of Sam era in NYC and we had a soldier a few years back just flip out and shot about 40 people in an Italian resturant here in Fayetteville. Neither one of them were the kind that would have lost it in an online setting looking at their profiles.

Just my thoughts on the matter.

Jan 7 @ 2:40PM  
I have always heard it is the quiet ones you have to watch.

Very good and accurate comment if taken within the right context. Where I might differ is that the people you describe are mass murders who go berserk or serial killers. Beyond the first victim possibly, their rampages are often involving undifferentiated, perhaps random victims, who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I am speaking of those who have specific targets in mind to violently explode against.

Jan 7 @ 3:21PM  
You never know what will happen with some people. Normally I don't have any difficulties with people on AMD, and the few that pop up are not on a life threatening scale, but unsettling.

One man went ballistic because I deleted his message without a reply. Yes, I blocked him. I've witnessed tirades and temper tantrums because they felt slighted when I declined invitations to chat, cam, exchange photos, give them my private email address or phone number.

I am extremely cautious... what is mentioned in your blog is one of the primary reasons everyone needs to exercise safety first.

Jan 7 @ 3:43PM  
I'm curious, do such people have to make blog titles that stretch out the page format? I guess being insecure does that.

Jan 7 @ 5:00PM  
Last one I really remember, was the lady Astronaut that drove from Texas to Florida.....I forget the details, but I think she was pretty much an extrovert and
kinda intelligent. 'cept for a few dumbass details.
Not like that type goes through all sorts of personality profiles, anger managment
tests, and lord knows what kind of psycological profile.

Way I look at it, you never know what could set ANYONE off, so never, ever,
give anyone online your true name and home addy. It's been a few days, but
even some 'metromess' cops have been killed by people that were either just
downright nutty, or had the wrong button pushed.

Jan 7 @ 5:19PM  
so i'm NOT safe from my little buddy out east who feels so compelled to write n threaten me???

Jan 7 @ 5:59PM  
so i'm NOT safe from my little buddy out east who feels so compelled to write n threaten me???

Though it comes about differently, Steve, you and I have unique ways of perhaps not bringing out the best in others. Perhaps we are vehicles to show why they are still single...actually alone

Jan 7 @ 7:23PM  
I just got home from helping my sister set up her little on campus apartment, and on the way home we got to talking about irrational anger and how some on the internet have a "false courage". Anyway, she told a story about a 15 year old kid who sold something online to a fellow in Florida for $800. Well, the item that was sold apparently wasn't "original" to begin with, AND, was basically a p.o.s when the buyer got it. And, it's true worth? About $5. Well, this guy was understandably pissed off. First of all...he didn't realize he was dealing with a 15 year old, he thought the person he was dealing with was an adult. Anyway, he contacted the kid, told him that what he ordered was not what he received, and wanted his money back. (hence the old saying folks.."buyer beware"...especially in today's age of technology )
And, the kid said "no refunds". Apparently there was a few heated emails exchanged. Well, this fellow was royally pissed off now, and, he managed to track down this little scam artist. When he got to the kids door, the kid answered, the guy asked to speak to so and so, and the kid, not knowing this was the guy he just ripped off, said he was "so and so". Without a word, the guy pulled out a gun and shot the kid.

False courage behind the screen folks. Gotta watch out for shit. We're not as "invisible" as we would like to think we are.

Jan 7 @ 11:36PM  
...and you wonder why I say call me "shoxie" instead of my real name...and my social networking email address and YM screen name are different than my real name. And even the message on my voicemail doesn't give out my last name. And if I do tell you my real name, I will use an alternate spelling and not the real spelling.

Of course, I am assuming you do not think that I am the lunatic fringe.

Jan 8 @ 1:56AM  
just sits quietly in the corner cleaning his guns and taking notes

Jan 8 @ 12:34PM  
I don't do get-togethers.

I will admit that at first it was agoraphobia that drove me indoors, but the world is not like a television show and therapy is very effective, which makes programs like Monk more sad than entertaining when I have to ask myself why someone won't help that poor man.

But being away from people did teach me I like to be alone. Some people just make really good hermits. So I moved to the middle of nowhere and work from my little shack in the woods.

I decided to try a few of these sorts of sites. I didn't like people close to me, but maybe I would like them further away from me.

After seeing some of the threatening exchanges on here, I am beginning to feel I made the right choice in the "moving to the middle of nowhere" department.

Jan 8 @ 6:48PM  
tassie is a, funny.

I remember reading the article on how the 'REAL'
crocidile dundee was killed by Aussie he
refused to give up his WWII SMLE .303 that was banned
because some nutter went off on some school children.
If I am right....he got one of 'em before he was murdered.

It's against the law, down under for a subject to own a firearm, last I heard.
Like in the British Isles and Canada, where crime has gone up.

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