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How Tight Are You?

posted 1/6/2011 8:50:56 PM |
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I'm speaking of Money here... Please don't beat me up!!!!!

I have a Lady Customer/Client ...that gets me to do handyman work for her regularly ....
I have converted her back deck into a fine Side room...for her sister. Her sister Smokes......and she don't!
Hell I have replaced Faucets...fixed leaks....Put together TV Stands...etc. etc.!!! She is a... Awesome client!!! Plus she Pays me more than I ask..., Which is really welcome!!!! (because I dont charge shit!!! )
Anyways.....I use to work with her sisters Hubby...back 18 years ago...
Hell we even went to the same church!!
My kids were 7 and 9 and we needed a baby sitter....and she offered to do it...for a Price...! So we agreed to it...
After a few weeks everything was going well...the kids liked her and her 2 children..which were about the same age as they that was cool!
Well a week of so later...when my X picked the kids up....The Sitter...aka Sister to my client...Told my X...that my son was using way to much Toilet paper!!!
House Rules were....1 Square..per sitting/shitting!!!
These are Children I am talking about...WTF?
I told my X to givem a 4 Pack of shit paper ...every week!!! She did!!!

This is the Lady I blogged about a year or so ago..that my sis in law was trying to hook me up with!!!
Honestly.... I Do wonder..if she still sticks to the 1 Square of toilet paper House rule she had before?
I can Picture me....going down on her...and catching that Shit scent!!!!
I still think I'll pass on that one!!!
That's tight right there!!!
Are you that tight? (even if Money was not an Issue?)
How tight are you?

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Jan 6 @ 9:07PM  
My four year old grandson would have give her a heart attack then. He bounced a roll of toilet paper down the stairs, unrolling all the way down the steps and across the living room floor. Then stood there with this innocent look on his face.

As for being tight about something like that? Not unless I am out of money and down to my last roll. But the one sheet per bathroom visit just sounds nasty.

Jan 6 @ 9:30PM  
I can't decide if that's disgusting or just plain pitiful. Like RJ's grandson my grandson ~ who just turned 3 ~ unrolled almost a whole roll on the bathroom floor because he thought it was fun a couple of weeks ago. I wouldn't care how broke I was I just can't see doing that LOL.

Jan 6 @ 9:38PM  
I think I see the point, correct me if I am wrong. Even in high times of affluence, my mind set is that economic glory is fleeting. I remain a smart shopper and bargain hunter. 50 percent off steaks and dented canned vegetables, you bet. One problem I never had was too much money.

The good economic times are never quite so good, and the bad economic times are never quite so bad. It is like a card game in that it is all about your perspective within the good and bad times and how you choose to play your cards within those circumstances with the hands dealt. Over time, it comes to bear and balance out.

Jan 6 @ 9:56PM  
toilet paper

Well, shit (pardon the pun) maybe I missed the point of the blog, not the first time. In that case, one square in per shitting, fuck you! Since I have gotten older hair has disappeared from my head and showed up in places I didn't want it to. One of those areas is the cheeks of my ass. Okay, yeah, TMI. But we are talking about shitting here in my alternative interpretation of the blogs intent.

Okay, fine, I am going to use as much damned TP as I see fit to get the job done. I will reel off about two and half feet, fold it in half, in half again, in half again, and in half again... depending on the TP being single or double ply that is five to sheets. That Charmin bear is a liar as he has more hair than I do.

Hell, when I worked for the state of Texas, the bid for TP went to lowest bidder. No problem. I reeled of three and half feet and did the folding. After all, I was idle and didn't have anything else to do while sitting there. Sometimes it was step and repeat...but ain't that just like the government, losing dollars chasing dimes...yeah, it really is a bunch of shit sometimes.

Jan 6 @ 10:01PM  
I'm speaking of Money here... Please don't beat me up!!!!!

yeah,yeah , get in quick with the dis-claimer while they're sharpening their knifes and re-grouping

Jan 6 @ 10:03PM  

Trying to get money out of me... Is like trying to poke melted butter up a wild cats ass with a hair pin.

Jan 6 @ 10:03PM  
As I learned from my momma.. I'm so tight with a nickle I can make the indian ride the buffalo.

Jan 6 @ 10:10PM  
WoW.... "The point of the blog" to have fun with it!!!
I offered up a True Story...anyone else got one?

Tassie... (I'm sure they are.. )
Thanks for the comments Everyone!

Jan 6 @ 10:19PM  
Well I buy my TP by the case so I can use as much as I want. I have a friend who sells tp and paper towels to hotels and motels so I get it from him at about 40sent a roll. I don't consider myself cheap but frugal.
I'm with you on leaving this lady alone, I think it might just be to shitty for me too.

Jan 6 @ 10:41PM  
Most of my clothes are from high school days, granted I wear them around the house. Bras held together with safety pins and some clothes are mended because I figure new clothes "is an unnecessary expense".

Jan 6 @ 11:11PM  
Since I have gotten older hair has disappeared from my head and showed up in places I didn't want it to. One of those areas is the cheeks of my ass. Okay, yeah, TMI.


Funny stories eh? Hmmm....this story is going back quite a few years...but this was back when I was maybe 6 or 7-years-old...and I was at the babysitter's house one evening. She had one of those ridiculous rules about toilet paper ...and since I didn't want to get in trouble...when I was finished...and since I had used waaaaaaaay more than I was supposed to ...I switched out the old role for a new role before leaving the bathroom. And to think...I never thought the babysitter would ever find out.

One square is just plain nasty. Hey...if you want to win this gal's'd better not mess with her toilet paper supply.

Jan 6 @ 11:38PM  
I prefer to use the word frugal than " tight". Compared to many, I would venture to say I am pretty frugal. I watch the price of toilet paper. I prefer that folks don;t waste it, but I don;t go postal over guests who use lavish amounts of TP

My mother was ultra-frugal and would drive my sister crazy with her need not to throw food away. My mother would happily clean up after her great grand children and eat the apple with a single bite out of it, the discarded vegetables on a plate, the half-eaten chicken leg, etc. She was as uncomfortable with my sister's willingness to throw food away left on plates of finicky grandchildren, as my sister was uncomfortable with my mom's compulsion to NOT throw anything away.

I know a guy who lives in a spacious luxury apartment. I spent the night and we were made breakfast the next morning. I like pepper on my eggs. He produced a glass with pepper packets from fast food restaurants. That just floored me. There were several other ways in which he was frugal in a manner the was out of sync with his style of living. That made me realize then and there that we were not very compatible.

Jan 7 @ 12:23AM  
I'm very frugal in many ways, but I'm not anal about it (pun intended!). Saving money helps do things I wouldn't be able to do otherwise... and when times are lean it's the only wise thing to do.

When it comes to TP I do not skimp on the amount I use, but I had a house guest during Thanksgiving and was amazed how much she used when normally I wouldn't think anything about it. I had to change the empty rolls out at least twice a day... wtf did she do with all of that TP?

Jan 7 @ 3:00AM  
I'm SCOTTISH for cripes sake. The only things in my life that aren't cheap are my alcohol and my women.

Need more proof? Here:

Three Scots and three Brits are at a train station. The three Englishmen each buy one ticket and watch as the three Scots only buy one for the three of them.

"However are you three blokes going to travel on only one ticket?" asks one of the Brits.

"Aye, watch and you'll see, ye daft English prat."

They all board the train. The Englishmen get in their seats but all three Scots cram into a toilet and close the door. When the conductor comes around collecting tickets, he knocks on the toilet door and says, "Ticket, please."

The door opens just enough for a ticket to slide through. The conductor takes it and moves on.

The English saw this and say to the Scots "That was clever. We should try that on the trip home."

"Go right ahead." Says one Scot. "We won't stop ye."

When the English get to the station, they buy a single ticket for the return trip. To their astonishment, the Scots don't buy a ticket at all.

"How are you going to travel without a ticket," asks one perplexed Englishman.

"Aye, watch and you'll see, ye silly idgit."

When they board the train the three Brits cram into a toilet and the three Scots cram into another one nearby as the train pulls away from the station.

Just before the conductor comes around, a single Scot sneaks out and walks over to the bathroom where the Englishmen are hiding. He knocks on the door and says, "Ticket, please."

Jan 7 @ 10:38AM  
1 square of TP for one sitting??? Hell no!!! That's just not clean.

Money is so tight for me here....I have enough for paying bills, putting gas in the van, and making sure I have food in the cupboards for myself and my pets..that is it. So....I scrimp and save where I can. That's why I like Suave so much..for a bottle about the same size as Pantene, I can get Suave for $2 whereas the Pantene would cost about twice that much.

Now...if they had generic gasoline that was $1.50...I'd have it made! (yeah I know...that's some serious dreaming there!)

Jan 7 @ 2:22PM  
Trying to get money out of me... Is like trying to poke melted butter up a wild cats ass with a hair pin.

Ok one sheet is just NASTY. Things I do not skimp on would be anything in the personal hygiene category. If I am broke I might buy the store brand TP rather than name brand but thats as far as I go.
Heck I went with the guys 2 hours north to Spokane just to get my haircut yesterday. They wanted to make a trip to the dispensary and I became the DD so I could get my hair done by my favorite stylist.

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