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What's The Most Impressive "MacGyver" Thing You've Ever Done?

posted 1/5/2011 5:28:41 PM |
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tagged: life, imagination, fun, question

During the last two weeks of December...I got to spend a lot of time with my son...and I got reminded of just how silly we both can get when we're in the same room together. During one of our silly conversations...I was talking about just how handy a glue gun can be...and I quickly popped off and said just how "MacGyver" I really was...and that he should be honored to have such a resourceful Mom. Yeah I know...everyone in the room got a good laugh from that comment.

For those of you who don't know...or don't remember who MacGyver's your description.

Angus Macgyver is a secret agent with a difference. He is quiet, mild mannered, deeply principled and refuses to carry a gun on his missions. Fortunately, the last detail is unimportant when compared to his astounding mind. Drawing on a vast practical knowledge of science, Macgyver is able to make use of any mundane materials around him to create unorthodox solutions to any problem he faces.

Anyway...this conversation got me to thinking about how we are called upon in everyday life to use our imagination and become resourceful when we need to get the job done. I don't know about you peeps...but I didn't have a Dwayne Schneider or Tim Taylor living in my house just waiting to fix things for me. This gal had to do it herself.

So Pervia...What's The Most Impressive "MacGyver" Thing You've Ever Done?

Me? stated before...I'm pretty darn handy with a glue gun when I need to be...but my talents don't stop there. I have also put together an impressive amount of small furniture pieces with a butter knife or a coin as my only tool. Ya...I cool am I?

Your turn...

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Jan 5 @ 6:20PM  

A man pulled a Slot Mach. out of the East River from back in the 20's and took every nut bolt and screw out of it to clean it. But didn't know how to put it back together. He sold it to me for $2. Within three days, I had it together, working good and looking like new. It was dated Jan.22, 1922. A Nickel Mach.
I was 14 yrs. old at the time.
I also invented a cpl. of tools for AiroJet General, Airo Space Center to speed up
their production lines. I was 24 yrs old then.
But then, I have done many such things.

Jan 5 @ 6:31PM  
Does baling wire and duct tape count?

Jan 5 @ 6:32PM  
Let me think. The drain pipe to the upstairs sink is repaired with gauze dipped in rubber cement and has been holding for the last 5 years. I have rewired light switches and a couple of plugs in the house by following the directions in a fix all book and the dryer has a lint trap made from an old nylon window screen. The kids get a kick out of mom's repairs to things. The kids say the house is held together by a pack of gum and a ball of twine.

Jan 5 @ 6:39PM  
I have used some wire to improve a radio and police scanner signal, and believe it or not I got more range out of both of them.

Jan 5 @ 7:08PM  
My final project in a structural physics class.

Everyone had the same resources:
3 meters of 3mm balsa wood
1.25oz of Elmers white glue

Everyone had the same task:
Build a structure with the minimum dimensions 10"h 12"l 3"w
This must be done in 4 days or less
There would be a weekend long "drying period" for the glue
Once completed, the structure would be tested for integrity using a hydraulic jack
The top 3 structures got automatic A grades
Anyone using resources besides those given would get automatic failures

I'm pleased to say my little construction held 66 kilos (about 145 pounds) before being crushed. It was second best that semester, and ranked as the fifth best ever done for that professor.

Jan 5 @ 7:08PM  
I was driving a beater, and I'm not kidding. I was in the closest large town, 3 hours from home when my ENTIRE exhaust system fell off the car. Yup.. the whole damned thing.

I didn't have any real tools with me other than my leatherman, without which I rarely leave home. and I had some baling wire, some duct tape and a leather belt...

Yup, I put that exhaust system on the car, under an overpass, in traffic, using nothing but baling wire, a duct tape wrapped leather belt and my leatherman tool.


Sure, I had to stop every half hour and redo the tape cuz it would burn through.. but what the heck.

Jan 5 @ 7:18PM  
Does baling wire and duct tape count?

I'm lovin' the stories peeps. I never knew I was hanging out with such a resourceful bunch of people. Cool beans!

Jan 5 @ 7:57PM  
I probably got a few, but one I recall in particular...

It was 2004, I think it was the year of Hurricane Floyd, worst one on record that year. Anyway, me and my family were living in a mobile home in a heavily wooded lot, which everyone knows that if the wind puffs too hard, voila- instant sky light. Mom says, off to a hotel room we go since there was no power...everyone except me. Sister was being a thunderc*nt per usual, so instead of being somewhere safe with her around, I decided to take my chances in a vulnerable structure in a vulnerable area. So yeah, got hungry and no stove, what do? My mom had a square ceramic candle-holder, I found a candle, lit it, placed it inside the holder, got a rack from the oven and put it ontop. Filled a pot with water and waited until it began to boil and cooked ramen that way. The closest I ever came to camping that night. Obviously no tree fell on me. The end.

Jan 5 @ 8:38PM  
I've somehow survived for almost three quarters of a century by being able to
adapt to most situations and make do with what I had at the time

I just installed and tuned a motorized dish antenna on my roof with
very little help other than a good neighbor carried it up the ladder for me
No meters to fine tune it so I was up and down the ladder probably a 100 times total..
Not too bad for an old man who can hardly walk 100 feet without resting

Jan 5 @ 8:48PM  
Dang it. Now I just sound like a nerd. Lady Ramrod was right about me!

All I'm good for is building computers and rewiring electronics and tinkering with cars and repairing home appliances and all that stuff is just useless! Simply useless!

I'm just a weak pathetic nerd! Now I'm going to go pout while I do my power workout.

Night, RJ, Straddle,Skwirl, Luna and Rev...ultra cool stuff. Love it!

Jan 5 @ 9:33PM  
This is not as impressive as the other posts although I admit I once was handy stringing up dangling mufflers. The say necessity is the mother of invention. Driving along with 10 feet of sparks shooting in back of you from a muffler dragging on the ground is a real motivator...LOL.

My "McGyver" story is from about 2 years ago. I met a Dom at a hotel, and among my many requirements I was to have chilled bottle of Corona beer for him. I didn't know he had plans for the bottle...but that is another story

I was about to serve it to him, when the cap wouldn't twist off...Damn,, I didn't know I would need a bottle opener. He is staring at me,, obviously he didnt have a bottle opener, and he wasn't about to let me off the hook. Clearly he was letting it be my problem. I called to the front desk but they didn't have a bottle opener either. I desperately rummaged thru my purse for anything that looked like a bottle opener. Keys.. no.. then the carabiner-like thing I had on my key chain..Would it really do the trick? It sort of looked like a bottle opener if I held it open. Hmmm. So I gave it a try and I opened the bottle on the first try .. I remember thinking I was as clever as McGyver.

Jan 5 @ 9:35PM  
If you had a picture of that structural physics class project on your profile, it would be as good as porn for me!

Jan 5 @ 10:12PM  
I have education in electronics, instrumentation, calibrations, manufacturing, robotics, computer programming, and networking. I work in information technology in an industrial city. Safe to say every day is a MacGyver day for me.

Some computer geeks spend their lives behind computer screens, never wandering into the real world. I spend most of the day trying to figure out how I'm supposed to keep a PC from dying in a plant where dust, moisture, and electrical surges are unavoidable. I come home some days from working on computers looking like I have just rebuilt a V8 in a mechanic shop. Its all good. I'm a gear head also.

Oh, and I have tactical training as well, considering I was once in law enforcement.

Honestly, I bet MacGyver sits and home and wonders what's the most "Shadow" thing he has done....

Jan 5 @ 10:15PM  
I made a 380 square foot patio out of trashed wooden fence sections and scabbed two by four batons also from scrap at a cost 98 cents (plus tax) for dry wall screws. It lasted nine years.

Jan 6 @ 1:31AM  
I worked for an international computer company located in Melbourne, FL as a service tech on the mini-computer office equipment in the 80s! The mini set ups usually were a group of 4 minis (each controlled 4 terminals) tied together with an electronic board called a multiplexer, that collected the data input from each mini and sent it to a main frame computer!. The multiplexer was located in the primary mini computer so that, if the primary mini's power supply went bad, the rest of the minis were knocked off line too because the multiplexer board lost power! This happened a few times within my first 9 months with the company!

I designed and built a simple electronic voltage monitoring circuit that monitored the power supply's voltages in the primary mini and if any one of the voltages dropped, it automatically switched the multiplexer board over to one of the other minis, so the rest of the minis could still operate until the primary mini's power supply was replaced!

I got a district award with the recognition that went with it plus a check! It sat in engineering for a year before they gave it back because the company decided to discontinue the product line! Oh well!!!

I have a couple other ideas I came up with for a company and I do have some ideas I hope to start working on soon but it's late and I'm tired and besides, I'd have to kill all of the AMD members!


Jan 6 @ 1:56AM  
i only do macgruber things

Jan 6 @ 1:58AM  
theres a Melbourne in Florida ?
I'll be in Melbourne Australia next week for 2 weeks

macgyver stuff huh

I get out of bed of a morning and put house keys, trucks keys,a pocket knife and a cigerette lighter in my pockets...and i don't even smoke.

I do macgyver stuff everyday, who can afford store bought junk all the time.
the latest contraption i finished this afternoon consists of a 60 litre steel oil drum with the top and bottom cut out of it,bolted into a plastic tub converted into a self feeder for our American Bulldog and her dried dog food she eats, its like a bird feeder on steroids.
i also fitted an old cupboard door as a lid to the top of it to keep the weather out.

Jan 6 @ 2:41AM  
...if it fits the screw...i say...use it. It cracks me up how many times I had to rig something till I could find the right tool or material. I hear you...and it is fun figuring it all out. I bought an old house for 6500.00 and completely gutted 3000 sq ft. with a crowbar...a shovel and a 5 gallon paint won't believe what I did next.

Jan 6 @ 8:11AM  
i only do macgruber things


Jan 6 @ 11:16AM  
B9, I betcha if you lived more rurally and had the same kinds of issues as I did .. you'd have put your car back together with wire and duct tape too.

I once had an old datsun pickup that was mostly wire, tape and visqueen.

Jan 6 @ 11:33AM  
I once had an old datsun pickup that was mostly wire, tape and visqueen.

That reminds me of another one. I cleared out an area of my garden plot. I ran a hose to it that branched off in a series of Ys using old blown out half inch hoses that were terminated with bolts secured by hose clamps. I covered the area with visqueen. At five foot intervals I cut holes in the visqueen along the hose lines, cut a notch in the hose, and added a hefty dose of fertilizer. I then planted watermelons and cantaloupes in the mounds I created. Lastly, I covered the visqueen with leaves. The results were superb;, no weeding, no evaporation and a bumper crop that grew over night when I watered it in the evening. The only drag was that I lost a lot of the crop to rats that live between the fences.

Jan 6 @ 1:34PM  
I remember back in my younger days, I was about 19 at the time, and a few friends and I were heading off to the park to smoke a few, drink a few, kick back and enjoy a nice summer day when the muffler fell. Hell, I loved the sound of a "hot rod", but, knew it could get us pulled over. One of my friends, Steve, asked if I had a hanger in the car..which I did. He rigged up the muffler, quieted the car somewhat.

Also, hangers are pretty good at unlocking the car when one is bombed and leaves her keys locked in it overnight.

I've used nails for hanging blankets for curtains when I've had to. The globe cover to one of my ceiling fans was broke when I accidentally hit it with the broom handle, so, I took some string and the glass plates from an old floor lamp and designed a "new" globe for it. Kinda has that "Tiffany lamp" look now.

And I have one interior door that doesn't quite latch..and to keep the animals out of that room, I've taken a piece of cardboard and put it in the door jam...keeps it latched.

Jan 6 @ 1:54PM  
While doing handyman work for other PPL....I see some Pretty Wild called repairs!!!
Mostly it helps the person......not the Problem!!
Take a Leaky faucet for instance.....
I have lost count of the number of times a Customer will say...."Well I tightened the Lil round thing at the end of the spout"!!! But its still leaking!!!!
Ummmmm PPL...if you tighten that or stick a rag up in will not help...Sorry!!!!
Sugar...for the door that dont latch...check the screws on the Hinges...they may have worked loose!!! That's the number one cause for that!
Kinda has that "Tiffany lamp" look now.
got home owners insurance? Boink!!!!
Hell, I loved the sound of a "hot rod"
I remember one time...a bud and I went on a Long 3 day canoe trip...over 70 miles! Our wives were scheduled to pick us up at Noon...and we arrived exactly at Noon!!! but they were nowhere in sight! They got there like 3 or 4 hours later..and the Muffler and everything had fell they just tossed it in the trunk...!!! They thought they were Bad asses.... It did sound good!!!!

Jan 6 @ 8:50PM  
Hmmm have to think about this .... one of my hobbies is turning trash into treasure so I am always cobbling things together into something it wasn't intended to be. Benches out of bedsteads, an old drop leaf table into a potting bench with shelves out of the leaves, etc but I think the most MacGyver thing I ever did was use a battery jump starter to get me home one night when my battery died. I didn't have any idea if it would work or not but I just hooked it up in place of the battery and it got me home !!

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What's The Most Impressive "MacGyver" Thing You've Ever Done?