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Christmas & Family & Marijuna Oh My!

posted 1/3/2011 4:56:07 PM |
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tagged: family, christmas, life, thoughts

Well peeps...I've been knee deep in family poo-poo for the past few weeks...and I haven't had any "me time" lately...let alone any time to play and frolic in good ole' Blog Land. I've missed you guys and gals a lot...and I sincerely hope you celebrated in style (or at least the way you wanted to) over the past couple of weeks.

My Christmas was very interesting this year. I had family from Oklahoma make the long journey to see me and my son during the Christmas Season. Of course...before they arrived...I was a nervous wreck. With still being on bedrest...nothing was getting done. So what does a reformed perfectionist do in times like these? She freakin' reverts back to her old ways and does the things that need getting done.

Now I've ALWAYS wanted a great relationship with my Mom...but it's always been a tough relationship to manage. Not from my lack of trying mind you...but simply because my Mom had her own stuff going on that I was not privy to. To say the time I spent with my Mom was illuminating and interesting would be a huge understatement. I got so many past questions answered that my head was spinning for a while. All the insecurities and hardships that were realized within our Mother-Daughter relationship were explained in detail. At the end of this lengthy explanation...I was told our relationship struggles were not my fault...but rather my Mom's fault. Say what?????

When I tried to tell my Mom that it takes 2 people to fight or mess up a relationship...she simply wouldn't buy it. She then proceeded to tell me how hard it was to keep confidences when she knew it would hurt me. I guess our separation by geography over the past decade made her view these decisions in a different light.

So this Christmas...I got to work on my listening skills while my Mom told me things I should have been told decades ago. When it was all said and done...I was simply happy just being able to spend quality time with my Mom. So if I were rating the absolute best present I got this year at would have to be the time I got to spend with my Mom hands down. I also got to show her some of my art (until her trip to peeps had seen more of my artwork than her) and smile when she said to me "You're so good!" I won't lie...that was a moment that I will cherish for a long time.

My son was also on cloud 9 during this Christmas Season because he got to spend lots and lots of time with his Grandfather. Zack took him out and showed him around the city the way he wanted to several times during their visit. His Grandfather even stayed at his bachelor pad for 2 nights...while my Mom opted to stay at my that the boys could have their fun.

We heard how Zack and his grandfather had the perfect chilly cheese hotdog...and how they got snowed on while walking the streets of Vancouver...and how Zack showed his grandfather the Vancouver Museum...and proudly explained to him what goes down every 4/20 on the steps of this very prestigious building. To say my son supports the right of everyone to be able to smoke Marijuana is an understatement.

You see...Zack has opted to use Marijuana to manage a medical condition that he could manage by taking a prescription medication prescribed by his doctor. The reason he prefers Marijuana is because he hates the side effects he experiences from the prescribed medication. Guess what? I support his decision 100% because it's his body. I'm not saying that I didn't have to get used to the idea...but I support his right to choose and not feel controlled by his medical condition.

Does his choice sometimes cause problems? certainly does. The most recent problem occurred on Christmas Eve when my son simply could not handle being around certain relatives without the calming effects of Marijuana. Shoot...I could have stood some because some people are simply too stressful to be around during the Christmas Season.

At one point...I was seriously thinking about having a joint myself...but the situation quickly died down and taking a stand really wasn't necessary. But I swear I would have done what was necessary if push came to shove because I've decided that life is too short to be boxed in by rules and what everyone else thinks. I refuse to be judged and graded any longer. I refuse to kiss ass just because you're part of my family. I refuse to be unhappy just to make someone else happy...because my happiness is just as important as your happiness.

You see...this gal is turning over a new leaf...and her goal is to be happy and healthy in 2011...and to cut all the fat out of her life that has been holding her back for way too long. Yea for me!

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Jan 3 @ 5:16PM  
Interesting to say the least!

Jan 3 @ 5:37PM  
I'm happy that you and Zack had a very very nice visit with your mom.

As for the pot, I wish I could have seen all that go down.

Jan 3 @ 5:51PM  
Bravo! You are learning to be more honest with yourself and others... a huge step in self actualization. Some folks see this a being selfish and self serving, but it isn't. When done with discernment you realize what relationships are important and those that are not... how to use your energy wisely, and take care of yourself. You can't help anyone help themselves until you are able to take care of yourself first.... it's a basic principle I wish more people could learn and embrace.

Jan 3 @ 6:21PM  
Welcome back!!!
Its great that your visit went well!!!
Amen to the rest of the blog!


Jan 3 @ 8:04PM  
Congrats on your choice to be happy. More people need to make that decision. and being a medical MJ provider go Zack for choosing what really helps him out. I personally dont think marijuana is worse than morphine which is what my man is supposed to take and doesnt cause of the horrible addiction and side effects

Jan 3 @ 8:12PM  
Good to see you again Kat and I'm glad you mom's and your son's grandfather visits were both positive and sounds like very productive for everyone!


Jan 3 @ 11:16PM  
Well in my experience there isn't a medication that doesn't have a side effect, so as far as I can tell you just have to choose based on what side effects you can put up with.

Jan 4 @ 2:52AM  
Zack should come and check out my next door neighbours greenery bushing out in their back yard
last count i spied 9 bushes roughly 4 ft tall that look like awfully strange tomatoes

and i don't even think they realise i can see them from my yard.

Jan 4 @ 10:46AM  
Welcome back!!

That is great that you had that time with your Mom. And it sounds like Zack had a wonderful time with his Grandpa.

I discovered on my own back in my wilder days that pot did a hell of a lot more for getting rid of a headache than any aspirin on the market. Great for getting rid of hangovers too.

As for standing up for yourself and your happiness......Go For It!!! I discovered a while back you can't please everyone...they all have demands that cannot be met all of the time. And, when all is said and done, it's YOU who faces yourself in that mirror. We all deserve a time of being selfish once in a while.

Jan 4 @ 3:16PM  
I refuse to be unhappy just to make someone else happy...because my happiness is just as important as your happiness.


You should've took a little hit on a J- you were entitled.

Happy New Year

Jan 4 @ 8:10PM  
Glad to see you back Kit

Jan 4 @ 11:02PM  
Thanks for all the great comments...and all the warm welcome backs. I didn't really leave though peeps. I was simply being held hostage by Christmas elves until I finished all my work.'s great to be back playing in the blogs.

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Christmas & Family & Marijuna Oh My!