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All Grown Up......

posted 12/28/2010 8:58:43 PM |
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For the past 21 years I've watched my baby boy grow up. I've seen him in and out of the hospital with more broken bones in one year than most people suffer in a lifetime. I've seen him in and out of trouble. I've watched him go through girlfriends and cell phones like most people do socks. I watched him get on a bus and leave home for basic training. I later watched him walk across a tarmac when he graduated from that basic training. I watched him leave on a plane, knowing he was soon to be headed for a foreign land to serve our country. I will never forget how it felt to see him step off the plane in that same airport when he came home from Iraq. All these things are implanted deeply in my memory.

The one thing I didn't get to see was his final strides into manhood. Tonight at 5:20 p.m. pacific time, my "baby" boy walked down a hallway a boy, but walked out a married man! I was really upset that I couldn't be there and he couldn't understand why it would bother me so much. I tried to explain that it wasn't the wedding I had envisioned for my baby all these years. That's when he laughed an reminded me it was his wedding, not mine! As he just informed me of this blessed event last Friday and as usual I'm just about as broke as you can get, hopping on a plane for a quick trip was unfortunately, out of the question.

However I came to grips tonight when my phone rang immediately after the ceremony! He sounds happy and that is all that matters to me. He seemed a little surprised when I congratulated them and told him to tell her welcome to the family! Before we could finish the conversation I was getting pics from her parents! I'm so glad they were there to take them!

So, tonight, I didn't lose a son. I gained a beautiful daughter!
My baby boy is all grown up!

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Dec 28 @ 9:02PM  
Huzzah for him, you , and your growing family!

Dec 28 @ 9:04PM  
Just wish I could have been there.

Dec 28 @ 9:07PM  
Rite of passage, Stormy. Welcome to the other side of life.

Dec 28 @ 9:10PM  
Awwwww.. this was sweet! lady!!! You are very lucky to have such a wonderful son! I know you miss him! And would have given anything in the world to be there, and he knows that too. Perhaps sometime in the future, you can plan a wedding ceremony for them.... nothing extravagant.... just something he can share with his family!!

I hope the new daughter in law is a good one!!!!!!!

I guess grandbabies could possibly be in the near future.....

Congrats to you, your son and his wife!

Dec 28 @ 9:12PM  
As I said I got a beautiful daughter tonight tho! she looks nothing like the women he's dated in the past. In the past he's always had a thing for redheads with big boobs. Not when it came to settling down tho! He married a black haired small chested beauty! She makes him happy and that's all that matters to me!

Dec 28 @ 9:20PM  
hey Stormy you KNOW i wish them ALL the best n good things in life......just not so sure their odds in this day and age under the circumstances.....

Dec 28 @ 9:21PM  

Dec 28 @ 9:34PM  
Thanks y'all. Yes, they are young. But he's older than I was the first time I got married. And they are both older than my grandparents were when they got marriedl. It lasted just a few months shy of 50 yrs when my grandmother died of cancer. I know the odds are against it lasting. But every now and then it's kind of nice to think it could.

Dec 28 @ 10:28PM  
This is an event that turned out to be a happy one for all concerned, even if you couldn't be there- as far as that goes, I can understand how you felt as I almost missed my daughter's wedding! It took two autos and many hours of driving from Little Rock, AR to a suburb North of Detroit to get there- it's a long story!

Before we could finish the conversation I was getting pics from her parents! I'm so glad they were there to take them!

That right there, tells you the wonderful in-laws your son married into! You being happy now and the consideration given from his wife's parents, getting pictures of the wedding to you- well... it sounds like a great family between you and your new in-laws!



Dec 28 @ 10:59PM  
Actually Som.....her step dad introduced them. He's one of my son's team leaders in the Army. He came up to him one day and asked if he had a girlfriend. Kiddo looked at him worriedly and said no.........why? (he thought his crazy ex girlfriend was emailing his Captain again!) Any way, the guy said, well I want to introduce you to my daughter. She needs a good man in her life! This surprised kiddo to the point he replied "and you're talking to me about this why???" LOL
Turns out she had been dating a "shit bum" in dad's words. He thought she and my son had a lot in common and would hit it off. He introduced them and they not only hit it off but she kicked shit bum b/f to the curb. Kiddo and her dad helped "shit bum" move back to OR. She and kiddo hit it off so well they wound up moving in together several months ago. They've been living with her family on a big farm and everyone in her family just loves him! They've accepted him and made him part of their family and that means so much to me when he's so far from home and can't be with his own family!

Dec 28 @ 11:32PM  
I'm on my 2nd marriage and my wife is on her 3rd!
one day she casually remarked it took getting married three times to find the right person.....

after 15 years, I hope she wasn't dropping me a hint

Dec 28 @ 11:43PM  
since he is done with those big boobd redheads.......could he toss em my way

Dec 28 @ 11:51PM  
Yeah Tassie, I keep holding out hope. IF I ever did it again it would be my third. Not sure I can handle that! LOL

Mr. KUW......... The redheads? Trust me, girls so stupid you wouldn't want them if they were wearing sheepskin suits!

Dec 28 @ 11:56PM  
its ok........i will wear blinders

Dec 29 @ 10:20AM  
Just wish I could have been there.

I know that feeling. I have not beed at any of my kid's weddings because they just ran down and did the courthouse thing.

Congratulations on your son's wedding. I hope they have a long and happy marriage.

Dec 29 @ 4:20PM  
First, I'm really sorry that you couldn't have been there. I know what that means.

Secondly, congrats on your new daughter! I know I sure love my Son in Law..

Dec 29 @ 6:05PM sorry you couldn't make it for your son's big day. But, congrats on gaining a new family member. And that is so great that her parents were able to send you pics!

Dec 29 @ 7:14PM  
As of 10 last night she was already calling me mom and asking when I could come out and visit! LOL Now that's a rare daughter-in-law! But she's beautiful in a very natural (albeit pierced) way, and he's so damned handsome these days, I'mma gonna have some beeeeuuuutiful grandbabies!!

Yeah I wish I could have been there, was there for his older half siblings weddings. Well their first weddings anyway. Did all the flowers and cooked most of the food for his brothers. Did all the flowers and the hair for his sisters. So this one was a major let down in that whole, "didn't get to participate" way. However it made me feel good that her parents were there, and sent me some awesome pics! Still getting used to the idea, but I'm a pretty happy camper about it!

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All Grown Up......