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come on spring

posted 12/23/2010 11:55:51 PM |
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Oh well hell. I'm sitting here bored nearly out of my skull, tho I’m seldom far from leaving it anyway. I've been thinking and naturally, my head hurts like crazy. Tonight, as frequently is the case, two things are gnawing at my mind, what to do, and who to do it with. With no prospects really available and willing. That are close anyway. 1000 plus miles is a lot further than even my wildest imagination will stretch. This is another reason I don't like the holidays most of the time. No one to do anything with, and, these long winter nights are much better suited to being spent with a warm companion, of the human variety, and of the opposite sex.

Yes, I fully admit to being one very horny old goat. When with someone that really enjoys sex, it may not be non-stop, gotta eat something besides one another occasionally, but I don't do quickies. Right now about the only thing I miss not being married is that other warm body next to me at night, and both of us enjoying the pleasures two people can bring one another. But, when that other body turns cold and indifferent, not much reason to stay around is there. But that's another line I may work on one day.

Tonight I just can not get enthused enough to go out in the shop and play around, not much going on other wise. No pending projects, nothing I want to build for the hell of it, and I don't feel like working on a marketing web site to try to sell some of these things. I have looked into one that DC sent me to as a helping hand, and I may well get my ass busy one day very soon and put what I have for sale up on that.

But in the mean time, I sit, I contemplate, I wonder, I question, and for now, I type. But again, winter time I don't get to moving very much. And with all the time I have on my hands, I gotta do something. But what I want to do, takes two people, male and female.

I do have to face facts tho, 62 years old (in a few days), less than movie star looks, an often crusty personality, and being short in stature leave a lot for the female egos to over look. It is a situation I’ve lived with all my life, and learned to put up with it, if not accept it. Fact is, most people are more into looks than they admit. And I’m, no exception. I do have some standards, and preferences, but I guess mine are broader than many peoples are. Movie star quality I'm not, but look deeper, and find what is behind the face, or persona that is projected and see what “me” is really like. And a very active lido to top it all off.

I will make one deep confession here, I do have dentures. I never wear the damned things because they don't fit, and are more of a pain to deal with than they are worth. Don't matter how much glue I use, 2 hours tops and they are falling out, again. Not worth the trouble, so I don't wear them. Ok, got that out in the open now.

Have a great holiday folks, stay safe, and have fun

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Dec 24 @ 12:33AM  
Mike. I just want to wish you and your brother a Merry Christmas!,
I'm sorry you find yourself alone and lonely at Christmas time, some time the mind takes a aim at your heart and it sounds like it's got you in the crosshairs! I'm hopeing after the holidays you get to make a fue short runs just to get away for a day or so.A little ride in a truck is all most as healing as a motorcycle ride.

Dec 24 @ 11:16AM  
Some enjoy Winter, I used to. I used to love being out in the freshly fallen snow, to go sledding with my friends, snow ball fights, snow forts. Some part of me still enjoys it...especially when I'm in the backyard with the dogs throwing snow balls for them or just hanging and watching them enjoying the snow....they are such clowns out there, rolling in it, burrowing their noses through it and "tossing" it up in the air only to jump up after it.

But....then the parts of winter that are a bummer hit...high heating bills, and shoveling out the driveway. Plus...seems it's cloudy more than sunny....kinda blah. I also miss having someone to snuggle with on winter nights. I'm one of those hopelessly optimistic people who feels we all have that one person out's just a matter of finding one another. Yes, I had Mick, and it was wonderful while it lasted, but, he chose to not stay in this life....I'm not going to be alone the rest of mine. I hope someday to find someone...and in the meantime, I plan on enjoying life.

Yes, there are days where it's a bitch.....who doesn't have a bad day once in a while? I know I've had my share. (my dogs usually stay well out of my path on those days. ) You just got to look around and realize, it isn't so bad. You have shelter, your warm, you have food, a hobby, friends who care.....there are people who are out there right now with no shelter or food, who would gladly trade places with any of us. I find when I get in one of those moods, that watching a good comedy or just talking with someone helps to alleviate it. Or, sometimes, a good walk. I know it's cold out...but a brisk walk will keep one warm. Gets the blood flowing.

Well....kinda long winded here. Sorry about that. I hope you and your brother have a wonderful holiday.

Dec 24 @ 2:40PM  
there is a site called etsy and they are a cool site and easy to set up to sell your stuff on, as for the dentures go back to another dentist and get you some new ones, and if they don't fit give the dentist fits till they do,

I think lonliness hits all of us out here, I have my dogs and I am going doing the pushing myself out the door kind of thing and that has helped a lot. What I am dreading right now is that it is raining and bam hard to put the dogs out in the rain so I feel a little stuck today... But hey I may just let them out to pee and leave em in the house anyways..

Anyways you old goat this too shall pass... I am also looking forwards to spring I dislike winter so much..

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come on spring