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Foot Prints In The Snow!

posted 12/22/2010 10:25:10 PM |
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This past Sunday morning at 1:30 am..I Let Blackie I Normally do...!!!
I Let him Run Free, for a Spell....I Live in Bum Fuck Egypt....and there is no traffic at all that time of nite!
I watched the roads...Noone has traveled up or down My road ..until 9am!!!
I have a "Come Home " Call that he normally hears and comes right back Home!!!
I Did that Call after a few mins!!!
I Called for him for hours!! Nothing!!!
I have Driven around Looking...Nothing!!! I have ask Neighbors...Nothing!!!
I Still Call for my little boy!!!....!! I don't give up!!!
But ya know..... I went to the basement this morning... to get some tools and I was not coping well with him being gone this long!!! and I saw His Footprints In The Snow!!
Tonight when I get home the snow has melted..and his foot prints are gone!!!
I Pray that he is not Gone!!!!
Its Just a Damn dog I know....... but he is Almost all I had left!!!
Thoughts and Prayers are Welcome!!!
To anyone that wants to give me hell.... Go for it!!! You cant give me anymore hell than I have gave myself!!!
Just venting and asking for T&P!!!!! Thanks

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Dec 22 @ 10:34PM  
Awwww Alex!!!!!!!!!! I would be soooo worried too!!! I am so sorry he's not come home yet! How old is he? And when had that snow fallen?

I am going to think great thoughts that he will come home!


Dec 22 @ 10:38PM  
Its Just a Damn dog I know.......

I dont know about you, but I'd be pretty upset. I hope he comes back to you.

Dec 22 @ 11:04PM  
look on the bright side my friend, he might have found a bit of stray tail and isn't finished yet before he comes home to brag about it .
hope it turns out well for ya toady.I'd give ya a re-assuring hug but you know how ppl gossip around here and before ya know it you just know we'd be married off as pervia's gay couple of somethin
chin up my friend

Dec 22 @ 11:11PM  
Damn Toad! I really hate to hear about you dog being missing! Well he knows where home is, less just hope he comes home! SORRY GUY!!

Dec 23 @ 12:00AM  
There's no such thing as "just a damn dog". He's your dog. Keep us posted.

Dec 23 @ 1:04AM  
Alex, I'm so sorry that's he's gone astray. Hopefully he will get too tired to chase her anymore and return home soon. He knows he's got it good there and I'm sure he adores you just as much as you do him.
Definitely sending best wishes Good luck.

Could he have gotten closed in a neighbors garage,basement, barn, etc.?

Dec 23 @ 1:31AM  
I am so sorry to hear that. I hope he returns safe and sound.

Dec 23 @ 2:05AM  
That's a bummer man !!! I had a dog that never returned growing up & to this day I don't know what became of it. It wasn't a good feeling I tell you. I sure hope the best turns out for you.

Dec 23 @ 2:08AM  
There's no such thing as "just a damn dog"
What about Old Yeller ... wasn't he the best damned dog in the west.

Dec 23 @ 2:11AM  
...he found a critter...he will come home when he is hungry....I hope!

Dec 23 @ 2:17AM  
Sunday??? is Thursday??? I would be completely loosin it ...I sure hope you find your pup! My pup is my all my dogs have been. Oh lord...I am prayin for ya!...hey Flavor...your not to be funny at this time

Dec 23 @ 3:03AM  

I'm sorry to hear this Alex. My dogs are like my children. Hope you get him back.

Dec 23 @ 12:59PM  
Hopefully he comes home soon. When my sons dog took off I notified the local vets. It was 3 weeks later but I got a call from the people that had found him. They had seen the lost info posted at the vet when they took him in to get checked.

Dec 23 @ 2:03PM doggie microchipped? If he's lost and picked up by a hopefully kind Samaritan and taken to the vet, he can be scanned.

Dec 23 @ 3:19PM  
Oh honey! I hope Blackie comes back soon. You've got to be feeling pretty miserable just now.

He's not just a damned dog, he's your family.

Dec 23 @ 5:31PM  
Hugs to you and Blackie..

Here's to hope.. maybe some other family is feeding him. Or he is at the local animal shelter.. did you check there?

More hugs. The not knowing is awful.

Dec 23 @ 5:45PM  
Alex, please keep us updated on when he returns home, my friend.

Dec 23 @ 8:11PM  
OMG!!!!!! I know how you feel! My dog King used to do that to me...would disappear overnight...mainly because he picked up the scent of a dog in heat.

I really hope Blackie comes home soon!!!! Definitely thoughts and prayers with you!!!!!

Dec 24 @ 8:21PM  
Thanks everyone for your Thoughts and Prayers....!!! Yall are the Greatest!!! I Love you Peeps!!!!
Blackie is still Gone!!!
Thanks for all of the Tips and Suggestions ...
I have contacted my Counties Animal Patrol......., and he is not there..Yet!

The damned Coyotes have moved in my area this past year!!!! MANY Dogs are Missing!! I did not find all that out till recently!!! I'm sure a Bitch Coyote in heat will turn a Dog on!!!
I'm not giving Up!!!!!
When I had Hunting Dogs.....some would stay gone for 2 or more weeks!!!

Thanks Again. and Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 24 @ 8:51PM  
Well we all still have our fingers crossed Alex! maybe he's just out wondering around with his nose in the air... looking for the girlie dogs!!

Please keep us posted!!!!

Dec 24 @ 8:59PM  
Thanks lady!!!

Dec 24 @ 9:03PM  
Keep checking the animal shelters. I never asked...does he have tags with his name and your address/phone number?

I'm still hoping he comes home soon. I know I would be going crazy if it was one of my dogs. I know...I've been there before with King and his taking off. I used to call him my "jail bird dog" because of how many times I had to bail him out of the shelter. Even got to where I would walk in and ask them if King was "visiting".

I'll keep you and Blackie in my thoughts and prayers. I hope he comes home soon.

Dec 24 @ 9:15PM  
does he have tags with his name and your address/phone number?
I had a Collar with his addy on it....but when we Moved to PA. I changed it ....and I had his Rabies Shot Tag on it!!!
If he has not lost the Collar or tag...We are Good!!!
I wish I could have afforded the Implants!!! (But i don't recall them being offered BFE! )

Dec 24 @ 9:25PM  
Let's hope he still has his collar with his rabies tag on it. That way if someone finds him, they can use that to track down where his home is. Better yet....Blackie shows up home tomorrow for Christmas dinner.

Dec 25 @ 3:09AM  
My AmStaff pulled a three-week disappearance on me once, and I was a complete wreck! Hope Blackie comes home a lot faster!

Dec 25 @ 6:15PM  
I'm so sorry Alex.
I hope your buddy returns soon. You're in my thoughts.

Dec 27 @ 12:19PM  
I hope that your partner in crime comes back to you . we dont want to admit it but we become attached to these 4 legged wonders of the world .. when we dont feel good or have had a bad day they get close and wont leave our side.
The can run us wild being mad at them when they want to play insted of coming when being called..
how do we get thru life with out them..

We Dont

They are family

Hope he comes back dont for get to keep checking the pound incase he has been picked up or turned in

Dec 27 @ 1:38PM  
Try Craigslists lost and found in your area too Alex......

No sign yet?

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Foot Prints In The Snow!