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What type of gun (and color) do you own, or would consider owning?

posted 12/21/2010 7:01:29 PM |
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What type of gun do you own? Having gone through the police academy years ago I started out with a blue steele .38 special revolver. After the police academy I got me a .45 semi automatic. I had that one for maybe a year before selling that one to a friend entering the police academy. After I sold that .45 to him I bought me another gun from a catalog. I got me another blue steele color and it was a 9mm German Makarov pistol. It's the type the East German Secret Police used to carry on them over there.

I remember while in the police academy that our instructor was from Oakland ,California, and it used to piss him off that people would refer to rounds as bullets. He told us that rounds go into the gun and comes out as bullets. Believe it or not, a lot of people don't know this and call "rounds" bullets before the ammo is even loaded into the gun. Another thing that pissed him off was when people called the magazine (where you put all the rounds in) a clip for a semi automatic. To him a clip was something you smoked a joint with.

So, What type of gun do you own, or would consider owning?

Bonus question:

Do you prefer the standard silver color, or blue steel for a gun?

This is somewhat of a repost (I added a few more to this blog than what was in the original post) that I did back in Feb. 2007. Enjoy!

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Dec 21 @ 7:32PM  
After what happened with Mick, I don't have any guns. What Mick had, I gave to my Dad.

Dec 21 @ 7:55PM  
I have a .40 Ruger built around a modified 1911 action that was designed for law enforcement. It's double action, has a decocker for carrying hot without the fear of blowing off your foot if something hits it (glocks and other non safety pistols are accidents waiting to happen), and the front of the slide is smooth to allow it to slide in and out of a holster easier. It is blued.

Hey... you know... us computer geeks need protection.

Dec 21 @ 8:09PM  
Bersa Thunder 380 dual tone. Its pretty and fits in my hand nicely

Dec 21 @ 8:12PM  

Dec 21 @ 8:22PM  
all mine are black weapons are

Dec 21 @ 8:28PM  

I think a better question is " what kind don't I own." lol

Dec 21 @ 8:30PM  
I have many Guns!!!
2 Pistols......that I Inherited....which I Hate!!! One is a 32 and the other is a 22 !
I have a 30.06 Rifle, a 50 caliber Muzzle loader!
I have a 10 Gauge single barrel, a Double barrel 12 Gauge, also i have a Semi automatic 12 Ga. that was my Grand Dads. and I have others!!!
I am a Hunter!! Not a Killer!!!!!
The most Deadly weapon I Own, is a 345 FPS Cross Bow!!!!!
Finish on a Barrel really don't matter to me!

Dec 21 @ 8:59PM  
You know how I know this is America?

J/K, J/K don't shoot me

Dec 21 @ 9:49PM  
My current weapon of choice is a Glock .40 caliber semi-automatic. Prior to that was another .40 that was very heavy. I have had S&W Chief's Special, Ruger .357 Security Six, S&W 959 9mm and various make and models of .22 pistols. I have had the Glock for almost 2 years and keep a shell in the chamber, but in a Detention Officers class 2 holster.

Dec 21 @ 10:43PM  
Where to start?

Old man has a Sauer .32 that he inherited from his dad, who won it in a poker game in France During WWII. He also has a Lee Enfield .303, and a Mosin Nagant (sp?) from WWII. I have an AK-22 and a Hi-Point 9-mil, and the 10-year-old has a little .22 Marlin.


Dec 21 @ 10:59PM  
My sister and i keep a 9mm in our house for protection, we never had any need to use it but i feel much safer with it here, the make is a star and a silver color

Dec 22 @ 12:00AM  
Heheh...while I've used quite a few I don't believe in owning handguns. I own a few replicas and that's about it.

But if this is the "what would you really wish for" kind of question, I'd want the Swamp Angel Parrott Rifle.

I could use a "noon day gun".

Dec 22 @ 12:11AM  
Two 9mm semi-auto- both registered as required, scoped .308- great for picking off terrorists but, it is one helluva loud rifle, 12ga. pump and a .22 mag rifle.


Dec 22 @ 1:56AM  
...glock40caliber semi automatic...color...doesn't make a bit of difference what color it sexual orientation is just dandy too. I don't have to defend myself to know my pussy is tight...I have the right to own and am always going too. I practice regularly. 8 crimes committed against me and that's all I am going to say about that...

Dec 22 @ 4:31AM  
LOL I am Liberal and I own at least one gun ha ha ha probably cause I am a Texan... my fav is a 9mm semi-auto black its not an expensive one like many own but she will get the job done... Smile.. I have a friend who just bought a pretty little blue gun... if I could paint mine hot pink and lime green.... Oh I so would..... That way when that feck breaks in my house he will know it is a girl gun that killed his raunchy, theiving don't go past go, do not collect $200.00 ass not something else... Smile cause in Texas we can kill to protect our property... and now we don't even have to drag his ass back inside and spoil the carpets..

Dec 22 @ 7:24AM  
A 120 mm smooth bore ( camouflage )

Dec 22 @ 1:23PM  
Your Academy Instructor should have told you, that a 'gun' is not always a pistol, revolver, or rifle.
I've seen many pushups done, by those using the term, Gun.

As for what I 'carry', it's a pre-war Walther PPK in 7.65mm that I've had for
about 30 years. Traded an Essex 1911A1 that I put together from a parts
kit for it, guy said his uncle 'liberated' the '007' from a German Officer in WWII.
90% original blue.

For my house, I keep a Mossberg 500 12 GA. 181/2 IN 3 IN double ought.
80 original blue.

To sleep well at night, I have an EAA Witness in full house 10mm 135 JHP @1500 fps. Factory new, blue, but wanted Stainless.

What I actually fire the most, is a Daisey Model 8 with subsonic .22LR
Black plastic single shot bolt.

Dec 22 @ 2:18PM  
My dad tells this story about when he was in the navy in the Pacific during WW II. Apparently, a marine mistakenly called his rifle a gun. He had to march around nude except for his boots and helmet with his rifle slung over his right shoulder and left hand holding his cock repeatedly saying, "This is my rifle. This is my gun. One is for Japs. One is for fun."

Dec 22 @ 11:36PM  
only gun i own is a mutton gun these days

but m'aaan you should see the damage it can do

my missus swears its added 3 inchs to her hips after 2 kids

Dec 31 @ 3:16PM  
Well My pistol is 0.30 Ruger Blackhawk w/ 7.5" barrel (girl inches) Black /wood

Rifle 270 Weatherby, black

Hoyt bow... Camo

So what does that say other than being right eyed... I am only in my right mind when aiming at a moving target??

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What type of gun (and color) do you own, or would consider owning?