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posted 12/21/2010 1:13:01 PM |
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I'm sitting here this morning trying to get my eyes working, and my brain in gear. I've so far had less than required half gallon of coffee before I attempt to do more than put on a fresh pot. And believe me I make COFFEE, not colored water. Anyway, just some musings on the season, the weather, and what is going on.

I still want to hibernate from the middle of November, until at least the middle of February, I don't do holidays well any more. And neither does my brother. So we sit here like hermits it seems, and let the rest of the world go on about its' commercialized and over hyped way. No joy of the season left I guess. And even new years eve is nothing to crow about. My birthday, and guess where I’ll be? Right here in front of the computer, playing hearts and free cell, maybe an occasional blog post or something, but that is my night. Might go out in the shop if it isn't too cold and play some, but no projects going so anything I do will be experiment or clean up.

As with a lot of the country, we are having some colder than usual weather. Makes keeping that uninsulated building expensive, so I haven't been out there like I would in warmer conditions. Been fortunate tho, we haven’t had the precipitation that had been forcast. Tho it may catch up later this week. Good thing i'm not out driving in it. Checked the propane tank this morning when I went out to feed the feathered free loaders, that is in good shape, we should be able to go until the end of February the way it sits right now. But better put a few more bucks in the bank to cover another load, just in case.

I will have a year end bonus of sorts, I’ve got a couple of fill in runs between now and the end of the year. The regular drivers are taking time off, so I get to drive a little. Just short runs, nothing over the road, but something. And it looks like the roads will be drivable and not icy. That is always a good thing. I'll keep my fingers crossed anyway, and hope they don't ice over.

And today, I”m thinking of making a trip into the Cape. Just to get out of here for a little bit. I'm thinking of wandering around Hobby Lobby and seing what kind of artificial fauna I can find, stopping at Lowes to get a little more material, other than the oak I have in abundance, and trying to avoid wally world. I might even splurge and get at least one larger propane tank so I don't run out as quick out in the shop. Those little 20 pound tanks dont' last long in cold weather.

So what else is going on? Not much of anything really. I have more ideas than I can work on at one time, not much else to do, other than the usual squaw work here in the house that has to be done at some point. And it don't do any good to complain about not having all the things I’d like to have, or think I could use. Not much room left anywhere around here for more “good stuff”.

So, ya'll be careful, enjoy all ya can, and be nice.

any female types that would like to keep me warm and happy for a birthday present?

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Dec 21 @ 2:03PM  
believe me I make COFFEE, not colored water.

I am with you, I won't say my coffee is espresso, but it is stout. When I had a day job, women would bitch that it was too strong...damn, put some water in your cup first...geez. To keep the cackling hens happy, I had to make adjustments. First I made it my way and filled my 16 oz. mug with the first 16 oz. Then I turned off and added 16 oz. of water and turned it on to make more. They were happy with their brown water. If I needed a refill, I beefed it up with instant.

I brought my own coffee maker in to make "my" coffee and got bitched at for being a prima donna and not being a team player. One of many reasons, albeit this one is minor, as to why I blew off being a wage slave.

I’ve got a couple of fill in runs between now and the end of the year. The regular drivers are taking time off, so I get to drive a little. Just short runs, nothing over the road

Reading between the lines, Mike. I think this addresses two issues: pocket money and boredom


Dec 21 @ 2:28PM is 55 degrees here today...I am burning the fuck up...have the door wide open to the back yard and Talulah is happy playing ball...I am drinking double brew and getting jacked up for work....

Dec 21 @ 4:10PM  
Well an early Happy Birthday Mike....I can't come keep ya warm but I can root for you to find someone to do that for ya....

The weather here is crappy...windy, some freezing drizzle and colder that a well digger's ass! Gonna be nasty overnight and tomorrow then more snow Thursday and maybe Friday...what a winter it's been so far.

Glad you're getting some work to line ur pocket a little and stave off the boredom.

I've had quite the day know, filled with and and I'll write a blog about it later.

Be safe 'n stay warm....

Dec 21 @ 6:26PM  
If'n ya wasn't clean crosst to teh other side of the world.. I'd give ya a happy birfday!

Dec 21 @ 6:55PM  
Early Happy Birthday to you Duster.

This week has been a busy one for me....only getting one day off...Friday, and my supervisor is saying next week will most likely be the same as this week. I'm not complaining...I need the $$$$, and I know after January 1, it's going to ground to almost a standstill at the hotel.

I used to enjoy winter, then I learned just how "fun" it is to keep a vehicle on those snow covered, icy roads. (I ever mention..I took driver's ed in the winter? ) And, it really stinks busting ass digging out the driveway and all the while listening to my dogs having themselves a blast playing in the backyard.

I'd like to relive those days of sledding down the hills..trying to avoid the creek at the bottom....snow ball fights and snow forts. When winter was fun.

This growing up stuff isn't as great as I thought it would be when I was 10.

Dec 21 @ 8:06PM  
Hear in the land of Starbucks we always have strong coffee. Though Starbucks by far is not the best around. Mine is delivered bedside before I will even get up. We to are way colder than normal causing alot more effort to keep the shop warm. I could so live without a white Christmas. Happy early Bday my puppies should be here then.

Dec 21 @ 8:07PM  
bruce, my brother used to drink "colored water", he never has liked good stout coffee. i feel for those that think they have to to starbucks to get good coffee, mine is just as strong but i think tastes better.

the fill in runs i've been doing for a little while, and i think i mentioned them once before. they do help, but they don't come around very often. and it does put me "in the seat". even if it is just a short delivery run. the world looks a lot different up there than it does down at car level. i love it.

winter, well can't do anything about it, unless we move someplace warmer, and every where has it's draw backs. so we either find something that is livable or move. and even florida gets a bit of cold. so yup, winter do suck a big one, but gotta live someplace, even it isn't paradise year round.

as for my b-day, new years eve. and skwirl girl, i'm sure you'd do a heck of a job keeping me warm and cozy, the rest of the winter. hugs.

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